WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

July 22, 2013
Austin, TX

Rob McCarron

Drumroll, please...
Brad Maddox is the GM that Vince and everyone thought would suck, but he has turned out to be great. Any way you look at it, he is great. He opened the show this week by introducing John Cena and Daniel Bryan for a contract signing for their main event at SummerSlam. Before Bryan came out, Maddox asked Cena why he chose Daniel as his opponent. Maddox questioned his choice, which led to Bryan coming out. Pretty good ovation for Bryan here, but nothing like in the northeast. Cena put over Bryan, saying he chose him because he can see God given talent unlike Brad and his "dumbass" bosses. Size doesn't always matter, Cena said, referencing Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio. Cena said Bryan is the best competition in WWE right now, but sometimes the best isn't good enough. Daniel was about to respond, but Brad cut him off. Daniel was upset, but Brad said he needed to prove himself still. So Brad booked Bryan in multiple matches tonight.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus
Alberto defeated Sheamus via pinfall. Sheamus' left leg was bruised like crazy, and played into the match. Sheamus was going for White Noise when his leg gave out, allowing Alberto to take advantage. During the pinfall, Alberto hooked the bad leg.

In case you missed it, on Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero was named Smackdown General Manager.

Backstage, Renee Young asked Booker T and Teddy Long about what happened on Smackdown. Teddy and Booker were arguing, and Teddy left intimating that at least Vince made the right call removing Booker from power.

Before the next match, Christian came out. I note this because there was some awful directing here. They showed multiple different camera angles of the crowd during Christian's entrance, and it looked like absolutely NOBODY cared one bit about this guy. Maybe a bad crowd tonight overall, but you don't have to highlight it if you can help it.

Christian vs Titus O'Neil
Christian defeated Titus via pinfall with the Killswitch.

Backstage, The Ryback was laughing at what he did to Chris Jericho on Smackdown. The Ryback hates average. He also appears to have invisible braces.

Mark Henry Fires Back
Mark Henry called out the Shield, so they surrounded the ring as Henry awaited. Shield was beating on Henry until the Usos made the save. Usos and Henry dumped Ambrose and Rollins out of the ring, leaving Reigns in. Reigns looked to be headed to certain doom until Ambrose and Rollins pulled him out of the ring. and the evil trio bailed.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was preparing his matches. A graphic showed three opponents to be named, so it appears to be three matches. John Cena came in saying Brad looked nervous out there, and threw out the theory that Brad isn't making these decisions on his own. Brad is Vince's puppet GM, you see. Bryan took this as an opportunity to prove to everyone that he belongs in the title match. He told John to stay away from ringside for the matches tonight.

Dolph Ziggler vs Darren Young
True story, Darren had the highest win percentage on NXT Season 1. And now he's jobbing to Dolph Ziggler. Which is fine. Dolph pinned Darren after the Zig Zag. Young was getting a bit cocky, talking trash to Dolph, when Ziggler surprised Darren with his finish and got the pin. After the match, Big E ran in and attacked Dolph. Dolph fought him off and and managed to escape doom.

Michael Cole had an in depth look at the WWE App.

Miz TV w/ Total Divas Cast
Holy hell this sucked. Eva Marie slapped Jerry Lawler and is a heel. That's all.

A new graphic for Daniel Bryan's multiple matches were shown, now with only two opponents. Booking on the fly.

Backstage, Triple H asked Brad Maddox why he doesn't like Daniel Bryan. HHH mocked Brad being new. He, like Cena, thinks Vince is putting words in Brad's mouth. HHH called Daniel Bryan the future of WWE. When Hunter left, Steph appeared. She said he has an idea to help Brad's predicament, but she doesn't have it fully thought through yet.
It's FANDANGO's Birthday
Cody Rhodes defeated Fandango with the CrossRhodes. Damien Sandow was on commentary, mostly arguing with Michael Cole. Damien tried to attack Cody from behind during the bout. As Damien had Cody distracted, Fandango ran towards him. Cody sidestepped, sending Fandango into Sandow, and allowing Cody to hit the Disaster Kick to set up the finish.

CM Punk Is Still Standing
CM Punk said Brock's biggest weapon is fear. He puts fear into people. Well not CM Punk. Punk ain't scurred. Very heated promo from Punk, who reiterated that he is coming to get Paul Heyman. Punk wants Brock at SummerSlam, so Punk can slaughter the beast. Paul Heyman, via satellite, made fun of Texas and accepted Punk's challenge for SummerSlam.

RVD vs ADR on Smackdown this week.

Rob Van Dam vs Wade Barrett
RVD beat Wade with his 5 Star Frogsplash in a short, but competitive match.

Daniel Bryan in Multiple Matches
1) Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger via Yes! Lock. Swagger hit the Swagger Bomb, then posed and that's when he was caught in Bryan's submission hold.

2) Daniel Bryan defeated Antonio Cesaro via super small package. This match was much longer than the first one, and both men were great. Cesaro was beating down Bryan much of the early part of the match, getting frustrated, as well, when he couldn't get a victory. Bryan was in control most of the end.  Big spot towards the end when Bryan went for a back drop from the top rope, but Cesaro countered and landed on Bryan. The two took an 8 count to each get up, and they exchanged uppercuts until Cesaro took control and laid Bryan out with a lariat. Bryan just wouldn't stay down, though. Cesaro tried to follow up with the neutralizer, but Bryan countered and the match continued. The finish saw Cesaro send Bryan up for his super uppercut, but Bryan countered into the small package for the win.

Backstage, Alex Riley told Brad Maddox that the kid survived. Brad said, "So far... let's see how he does against this next one." So there is 3, indeed. And Alex Riley, wtf?

3) Daniel Bryan defeated The Ryback via DQ. Another great match. And some big spots, with crazy punishment taken by both men. The Ryback was DQ'd when he powerbombed Daniel Bryan through a table outside the ring. The table had been set up by Ryback earlier in the bout, and was teased a couple of times before finally being used in the end. Again, the final hour of this show is worth watching very much.

After the matches, John Cena came out to run off The Ryback. John effectively told Ryback to pick on someone his own size. He challenged Ryback to a tables match, and The Ryback accepted. It wasn't clear when the match would take place, although Michael Cole magically knew it would be next week.

Backstage, Brad Maddox made that match official. Vince was in the office. Vince asked Brad what he'd do with Daniel Bryan next week. Brad made Daniel Bryan vs Kane next week. So Kane's first match back after being attacked by Bray Wyatt will be against... not Bray Wyatt. Cool beans. Oh, no Wyatt Family tonight. That sucked. Daniel Bryan got an ovation from the crowd in the ring as the show went off the air.

Big show next week. Bryan vs Kane, with seemingly some Wyatt Family involvement. Cena vs The Ryback in a tables match. More Brad Maddox being told what to do by Vince. Mark Henry's battle with the Shield shall continue? Stay tuned.

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