Smackdown spoilers from Corpus Christi

otes from tonight's tapings in Corpus Christi:


Justin Gabriel b ?

R-Truth b Alex Riley

Sin Cara b Curt Hawkins

Smackdown started with Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow in a battle of the Money in the Bank winners.  Sandow cut a promo to start the match.  Cody Rhodes was out doing commentary.  Rhodes distracted Sandow by threatening to steal his briefcase and Orton hit the RKO for the pin.  Rhodes then stole the briefcase.

C.M. Punk did an interview regarding Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.  Fandango came out and they argued, ending up with Punk laying him out with the GTS.

Mark Henry & Usos b Prime Time Players & Wade Barrett.  Henry scored the win for his team.

Alberto Del Rio was with Vickie Guerrero.  He said he should be able to pick his opponent at SummerSlam like John Cena did.  Rob Van Dam wanted a title shot.  Del Rio told him to prove he deserved it and Van Dam said he would beat him tonight.  

Alberto Del Rio b Rob Van Dam

Sandow was looking for his briefcase.  He bumped into Mark Henry and Booker T. 

A.J. Lee came out and said Big E Langston challenged Dolph Ziggler.  Lee dumped all of Ziggler's stuff that he had left at her house in the ring.  The segment ended wiht Kaitlyn using a spear on A.J. and Ziggler laying out Langston with a famouser.

Erick Rowan & Luke Harper b Brodus Clay & Sweet T

Sandow was still looking for his briefcase.  He bumped into Vickie Guerrero.

Christian b Jack Swagger with the killswitch

Sandow came out and issued a reward for the return of his briefcase.  Rhodes was shown on the screen holding the briefcase. 

C.M. Punk b Fandango

The show ended with more Sandow looking for his briefcase.  He was outside the building and saw Rhodes throw it into the Bay.  The case was shown sinking to the bottom as Sandow went after it.       

Ziggler b Langston in a street fight.  This was a dark match.

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