Smackdown spoilers from Houston

By Scott Williams

Wyatt's over team hip hop when Eric rowan pinned tensai. After, they beat up clay and Wyatt kissed him on the forehead before hitting him with that finisher of his. Dark match, pretty one sided squash. Matt bloom must be thrilled he left japan for this. Wyatt's are a good act
wwe main event open, JBL and josh come out to announce.
R-truth vs Wade Barrett. Killings controls until clotheslining wade out of ring, then killings misses a charge and hits his head on the steps.  Back and forth til killings goes up top, Barrett crotches him, but truth hits a sunset power bomb. Finish is, Barrett knocked out of ring, truth comes out after him, but Barrett clocks him w/ the elbow. Truth goes down, Barrett rolls back in & gets clean pin.
Next is Usos vs primetime players.

Uses beat Players, Titus got pinned.
Mark Henry beat Drew McIntyre, Pin w/ worlds strongest slam.
Thats it for main event. Announcers come out, Lilian sings anthem and Smackdown is under way.
Show starts w/ Del Rio, to name his summerslam challenger. He says Cena was afraid to name him. Del rio teases naming Lesnar, Booker T, then says he is picking a great performer and athlete, who will get his 1st world title shot ... Ricardo Rodriguez. Vickie comes out and says he is trying to disrespect her. Vickie calls Ricardo a jiggly man child (that was kind of funny). Alberto then offers to pick Brooklyn Brawler. Vickie says he is making immature decisions, and she is making him face winner of tonights triple threat w/ RVD, Christian and Randy Orton. The three stand on the ramp and face Alberto, who is not nearly as entertaining w/o Ricardo.
Up next (matches might air in different order, as we got a graphic for Punk vs Fandango "up next") is Swagger vs Cody Rhodes. Colter starts to say something about how Sam Houston would be disgusted, when Cody starts slugging Swagger and Colter bails. Match is super short, and Cody wins with a sunset flip in about 2 minutes (maybe less).
Back from break, Josh interviews Cody Rhodes about his turning on Sandow. Cody says he is sick of Sandow talking down to him. He compares Sandow entering the gulf to the pollution caused by deep water horizon, the BP platform that blew in 2010. Sandow attacks Cody from behind and beats him down.
Next is Sin Cara vs Big E Langston.  Sin cara gets very little offense, and Langson pins him w/ a power slam after catch in sin cara as the latter tried an Asai moonsault. Sin cara lay in ring for a minute afterward, and ref helped him to the back.

CM Punk vs Fandango is next. Punk gets a nice reaction, and after seeing it live, I can honestly say not since 1996 and Disco Inferno have I hated a gimmick as much as Fandango. Punk firmly in control until it spills outside and the valet distracts him, allowing Fandango to run him into the steps. Crowd chants "you cant wrestle" at fandango. Fandango LOVES the chin lock, because he treats us to a few minutes of it. Finish has fandango up for his finisher, but Punk shakes ropes & crotches him. Punk delivers a top rope superplex and floats over to apply the anaconda vice. Gets a quick submission.
Oh! Forgot, before last match. Kaitlyn promo for tonights match w/ AJ for Divas title. Layla is w/ her, says Kaitlyn is awesome & deserves to win, then hugs her, which seems to telegraph her turning on Laitlyn tonight.
After CM Punk match, all three triple threat guys are backstage, arguing about who will win.

And sure enough, Layla turned on Kaitlyn, keeping her from pouncing on A.J. outside the ring.  AJ capitalizes and puts her out with a submission clamped on after getting her back in the ring. AJ and Layla skip away, holding hands as they prance up the aisle.
Next we get a nice Booker T video (Hall of Fame package), as the Houston city council has declared today Booker T day (COMPLETE with official city proclamation). Booker then comes out, thanks fans and city.
They just announced TLC ppv is here iHouston, on 12/15/13.
Triple threat main event for SSlam title shot is up next.

Some spots in main event. Orton reverses RVDs rolling thunder into power slam, for instance. Finish comes when Orton RKOs RVD, but Christian then backslides Orton for the pin, so it'll be Del Rio vs Christian.
post match, Orton shakes Christian's hand.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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