WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken
Airdate: July 24, 2013
WWE Main Event from Laredo featured Sheamus and his bruised leg against Jack Swagger plus Sin Cara gets to shine and Damien Sandow brings his briefcase along as his singles push continues. Josh Mathews and Miz provided commentary on a show that opened with the entrance of Sheamus and he limped to the ring selling his bruised leg suffered at Money In the Bank. Zeb Colter cut a promo during the entrance of Jack Swagger.
Colter sarcastically asked if he was in the USA or Mexico since Laredo has a large Latino population. From his hotel room, Colter said he saw people sneaking across the border and also claimed to see a few of the same people in the crowd. After running down the crowd, he focused on Sheamus and basically called him an illegal immigrant. Colter said Sheamus had the crowd fooled except for "real Americans" who cannot be fooled. He tried to get the crowd to recite "we the people" to no avail.
Sheamus beat Jack Swagger. At the outset, Swagger backed Sheamus into a corner and went to work on the bruised leg only for Sheamus to get a headlock takeover. Swagger countered the headlock on the mat with a head scissors. They repeated the spot moments later except they switched roles as Swagger got the takeover and Sheamus countered with the head scissors. Swagger got the advantage after again backing Sheamus into a corner and Sheamus sold the leg. Sheamus reveresed the momentum until a distraction by Colter leads to Sheamus being back dropped out of the ring. On the floor, Swagger used a chop block and dropped Sheamus on the ring steps before a commercial.
After the break, Swagger worked over the leg and tied Sheamus in the tree of woe. He put the boots to him as Sheamus was hanging upside down in the corner. Swagger hit a Vader splash and went for a second splash only to get cut off when Sheamus used a power bomb. Sheamus made a comeback and ran wild. Sheamus went to go up to the top turnbuckle but sold his leg being too hurt to climb. Then, he dove from the apron over the ropes with a forearm smash. Swagger punched his way out of the Texas cloverleaf submission and gave Sheamus a gutwrench suplex only for Swagger to get tossed over the ropes to floor.
Back in the ring, Swagger regained the advantage and shouted "we the people" several times. He went for the patriot (ankle) lock but Sheamus got a rope break. Swagger dragged Sheamus to a corner then went outside the ring to ram the bruised leg into the ring post. However, Swagger got sent into the post instead. (As Swagger sold being sent into the post, WWE sign guy Rick Achberger could clearly be heard taunting Swagger from the front row.) When Swagger got back in the ring, he walked into a Brogue kick and Sheamus got the pin.
Afterwards, Sheamus sold the leg and beat his chest as the announcers transitioned into a recap from Raw of CM Punk issuing a challenge to Brock Lesner with Paul Heyman accepting on behalf of his client. Punk vs. Lesner is official for SummerSlam.
Sin Cara beat Drew McIntyre. 3MB came out as a unit and Matthews on commentary said 3MB were upset they were not chosen to perform the SummerSlam theme song. The blue and yellow lights were back but this time they shown on Sin Cara as he got to shine in front of the Laredo crowd. Early on, Sin Cara played cat-and-mouse until McIntyre caught him although Sin Cara made a quick comeback. He jumped off the top rope into a lucha-style arm drag on McIntyre. Sin Cara got a lot of offense in and got to use many flashy lucha highspots. Sin Cara even mocked McIntyre by playing air guitar. Heath Slater tripped Sin Cara on the apron and McIntyre got heat on him until Sin Cara ran wild with more highspots including a handspring back elbow. McIntyre got sent outside the ring and Sin Cara went for a plancha. All three members of 3MB caught Sin Cara on the dive and dumped him in the ring. Moments later, Sin Cara used a hurricanrana on a kneeling McIntyre which drove McIntyre into the mat and Sin Cara got the pin.
Following the match, highlights aired from Raw of Daniel Bryan winning three different matches as his chase of John Cena for the WWE title builds. After that during his ring entrance, Damien Sandow cut a promo and bragged about winning the MITB briefcase.
Damien Sandow beat Justin Gabriel. The work was good but the match was too short to tell much of a story. Still, they kept a quick pace with constant exchanges until Gabriel got tripped up on the top rope and tumbled to the floor. Sandow got heat on Gabriel until Sandow got sent through the ropes to the outside. Gabriel used the ropes to swing through them and hit a double kick. Back in the ring, Gabriel sold his ribs that Sandow had worked over earlier in the match. Gabriel used a springboard moonsault off the top rope. Sandow went for a neckbreaker that Gabriel blocked. Seconds later, Gabriel missed a splash in the corner and Sandow hit a full nelson slam for the pin.

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