WWE results 7-27 Sydney, Australia

By Dan Lennard

Show was good, but not great. The star power was way down on previous years. The best match was easily Daniel Bryan & Kane vs The Shield, although The Miz vs Dean Ambrose was a close second. Main event of Cena vs Ryback was more than adequate for a main event, even if two of the tables broke before they could be used.


1. Zack Ryder b Heath Slater

2. Natalya b Aksana

3. Great Khali b Jinder Mahal

4. Dean Ambrose b The Miz – Sydney street fight

5. Curtis Axel b Antonio Cesaro – probably technically a very good match, but so boring that I tuned out.

6. The Shield b Kane/Bryan – DQ

7. John Cena b Ryback – tables match

I think that was all the matches. Crowd was pretty easy – they even popped for Khali and Natalya.


Dann Lennard

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