WWE house show report 7-28 Brisbane, Australia

By Nathan  Spurling

The place is nearly full.. Scattered empty seats here and there by good crowd.. And quite hot so far

1. Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater in 10 minutes
A fun opener..really good fun.. Slater worked him over for most of the match before Ryder hit the running boot into the corner followed by the Rough Ryder.

2. Natalya beat Aksana in 11 minutes..yes they got more time than the opener
Not that good but it was Flair Steamboat compared to last years Rosa Mendes debacle
The match built to the sharpshooter.. Natalya tried to lock it on twice but failed and then Aksana worked over the knee.. The crowd woke up with the roll around on the mat over the ref spot..while Aksana argued with the ref for 'wandering hands' Natalya locked on the sharpshooter to win

3. Great Khali pinned Jinder Mahal in 7 minutes

Poor Khali..amazing to see how much he struggles just walking to the ring.. Khali won with the overhead chop

A Ryback taped promo promising to win the WWE Title in a tables match later

4. Dean Ambrose beat the Miz in 18 minutes to retain the US title

This was the twitter vote match for Brisbane Street Fight or 2/3 falls..no surprises which won

Best match so far.. Brawled outside the ring where Ambrose was suplexed on the ramp.. Kendo sticks and chairs used.. Just one shot to the head which Ambrose blocked
Miz worked on his left knee leading to the figure four spot.. Ambrose got out and rammed Miz into a chair set up on the corner and hit his inverted DDT finisher
Ambrose is great.. Real Presence and sold the knee well.. Mocked Flair during the match.. After Miz tried to milk applause but was mostly booed.. Ambrose snuck out after to attack him on ramp but Miz hit the skull crushing finale

Really good after intermission
5. Curtis Axel pinned Antonio Cesaro for the IC Title in 20 minutes.
A weird dynamic with heel against heel but it turned into a really good match. Axel got a face reaction at the start but by the end Cesaro was the crowd favourite because of his... well awesomeness.
This was my first time seeing him live... works a stiff and believable style. The crowd was pretty quiet but one spot brought them to life.
I cant remember the name but it's where Cesaro hooked Axel's legs and then spun him around (like Henry did to Cena into the barricades at the PPV).. but Antonio did a full 20 swings before dropping Axel and then collapsing to the mat himself.. crowd ate it up.. never seen this move done to this extreme before.
At the end Axel undid one of of the top turnbuckles and after distracting the ref rammed Cesaro into the exposed buckle and hit the former McGillicuter for the win.
6. Daniel Bryan and Kane beat the Shield by DQ in the WWE Tag Team Title match
They went over 20 minutes and had another strong match. Ambrose limped out with the Shield after his earlier battle with the Miz
Plenty of 'Yes' chants.. it wasn't over the top like in Brooklyn but it was still a great atmosphere and the second best reaction of the night behind Cena.
The Shield worked over Kane first before Bryan made the hot tag and hit all his big moves.. before he was then cut off and played babyface in peril for the next heat segment.
Bryan eventually hot tagged Kane who went to hit Rollins with the chokeslam before Ambrose ran in with a chair shot for the DQ.
After the match Bryan and Kane hit stereo chokeslams.. DB then grabbed the mike and told the crowd he had 2 questions.
1. Would be beat Cena at SummerSlam for the WWE Title. Mixed reaction and mostly Nooooo's.
2. Was his chokeslam better than Kane's? Mixed reaction again.. Bryan said if we didn't think so he'd prove it and went to hit Kane with the chokeslam.. he overpowered Bryan but didn't chokeslam him and instead asked him if he wanted to hug it out.. they eventually did and basically said this was the last time they'd be tagging together. Fun post match
7. John Cena beat Ryback in the Tables Match for the WWE Title.
Average main event that went about 10 minutes.. Cena got the biggest reaction of the night.. usual mixed stuff but the man is a superstar.
Ryback threw the ringside stairs threw 2 separate tables at times throughout the match, before Cena hit him with the AA putting him through a table to win.
Overall a really fun show by WWE.. it nearly went 3 hours with some good wrestling.. in particular from the US.. IC and Tag Team Title matches
Nathan Spurling

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