WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

July 29, 2013
Laredo, TX

Rob McCarron

The opening Raw video was a nice hype up video for tonight's main events: Bryan vs Kane and Cena vs Ryback in a tables match.

Daniel Bryan Faces Off With Mr. McMahon
This week's episode was taped last Tuesday. It opened with Vince McMahon coming out with Brad Maddox. Vince said Brad was on to something when he called Daniel Bryan a troll. Bryan came out after that, and Vince dismissed Brad. Vince said Bryan has a lack of respect for Vince by coming out here, but Bryan said Vince needed to respect Bryan, also. Vince tried to turn Bryan on Cena, saying Cena chose Bryan not because he was deserving of the chance, but because John Cena knows he can crush Bryan. Vince said everyone knows Bryan can't beat Cena. Bryan doesn't have ruthless aggression  says Vince. He said it would be the biggest championship embarrassment in WWE history if Bryan won the title at SummerSlam. Vince then said he hopes Bryan and Cena spontaneously combust inside the ring at SummerSlam. Yep. Vince wins by Cena and Bryan dying inside the WWE ring at SummerSlam. Bryan asked Vince to listen to the WWE Universe, and the Universe wants a new WWE Champion.

Mark Henry & Usos vs The Shield
The Shield won when Dean Ambrose pinned Jimmy Uso with the Headlock DDT. Jimmy went for his splash, but was countered by Ambrose into the finish. After the match, Mark Henry cleared the ring of all three members of the Shield and stood tall.

Backstage, the Ryback fed in catering. He also bullied some poor guy just trying to get some dinner.

Backstage, Kane returned. He was in Brad Maddox's office asking where the Wyatt Family was. Brad said they weren't here. Brad told Kane to send a message to the Wyatt's tonight by showing killer instinct against Daniel Bryan.

WWE Over The Limit in October has been renamed "WWE Battleground."

Rob Van Dam vs FANDANGO
Fandango did not have his entrance curtain tonight. Guess what happened? Fandango walked out of the match when in trouble for a countout.

Backstage, AJ Lee was complaining about being speared by Kaitlyn. Big E just stood there. AJ yelled at Big E for always just standing there. AJ cry-laughed, and said skipped away.

Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee
Kaitlyn pinned AJ clean with the spear in the match of the night. Afterwards, AJ screamed bloody murder. Dolph Ziggler's music hit and we have a match!

Big E vs Dolph Ziggler
DQ win by Ziggler. Big E went for a his finisher, but Dolph countered and sent Big E out of the ring. AJ Lee then jumped in and started clawing at Dolph. This gave Dolph the DQ win. Dolph escaped, fled, and AJ again screamed like crazy in the ring while Big E berated her for interfering. While Big E was tending to AJ, Dolph rushed back in and hit the Zig Zag while AJ continued to go crazy.

Backstage, John Cena was on the phone when Daniel Bryan came up. Vince got in Bryan's head, because Bryan asked John if it was true that Cena only picked him because he was easily beatable. John said Vince was just trying to get in Bryan's head. The two stared off before John left.

Alberto Del Rio vs Christian
Christian pinned Del Rio clean after rolling through the cross armbreaker. Del Rio was shocked. This should help Christian's chances for one more title match.

Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett
Cody pinned Wade after countering Wade's pumphandle finisher into the CrossRhodes. Damien Sandow came out to damn Cody for throwing Damien's briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico. Damien was ashamed of Cody.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan beat Kane clean with a small package, again, in a good match with plenty of time. Hard hitting. After the match, a frustrated Kane chokeslammed Bryan. As Kane was going to raise the fire, the Wyatt Family arrived. The lights were out for the entrance, but came back on with Luke Harper and ROWAN surrounding the ring. Kane quickly slid out of the ring and went straight for Bray Wyatt, who was seated ringside in the rocking chair. Before Kane could do anything to Bray, Luke and Rowan ganged up on Kane and beat him down. Eventually, Bray hit the downward spiral (shellshock/knox out/a million other names) on Kane. Bray finished by telling Kane to follow the buzzards. Well... won't that just lead Kane to himself right now?

Backstage, earlier today, the Bellas called Natalya the ugly duckling of Total Divas.

Brie Bella vs Natalya
Brie beat Natalya via pinfall with a schoolboy. Natalya was trying to finish the match with the sharpshooter when Nikki began making sounds with a duck call, making fun of Natalya as the "ugly duckling." This distracted Nattie and allowed Brie to get the win. Natalya showed a lot of aggression in this match. Kind of liked this.

Backstage, Paul Heyman told Curtis Axel to go out and show why he's the greatest IC Champion ever.

Curtis Axel vs R-Truth
CM Punk ran in and attacked Curtis Axel first to end this match. He then chased after Paul Heyman, but Curtis was able to recover and get to Punk before any damage was done to Heyman. Heyman was able to run away while Punk disposed of Axel and stared in his direction to end this segment.

Backstage, HHH was yelling at Vince for yanking Bryan around. Vince said he wants someone who can beat John Cena, and Bryan can't do it. Vince wants someone like Triple H, but 20-23 years younger. Stephanie intervened, and said Daniel Bryan needs a corporate makeover. HHH said it was worth a shot.

The Ryback vs John Cena - Tables Match
As usual, Ryback took a ton of punishment. The Ryback is a guy who obviously tries very hard in the ring, and does take it very seriously, but I don't feel he gets enough credit for that. Still, with that said, this match was just kind of there. No suspense, as I didn't think at any point Ryback had a shot at winning. That was proven true when Cena put Ryback through a table set up in the corner of the ring with an AA. This match took the last twenty minutes of TV time.

After the match, Daniel Bryan came to the ring. Bryan went in with the WWE title belt, and faked handing it over to Cena. Cena then took it, and told Bryan he'd have to earn the belt. Bryan chanted "YES!" to end the show.

Just a show. Only real cliffhanger for next week as far as I can tell is what HHH and Stephanie mean when they say Daniel Bryan needs a corporate makeover. Oh, and Kane has to follow the buzzards. Bye!

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