WWE house show report 7-29 Adelaide, Australia

WWE RAW House Show report - Adelaide, Australia (29/7)

*Opener - Zack Ryder def Heath Slater with a Ruff Ryder. Not much to write home about here.
*Divas match - Nattie vs Aksana. Nattie won by submission in a good match. (for the divas)

*Khali def Jinder Mahal. Crowd loved Khali
*Ambrose def Miz in a street fight, Great match! Ambrose' flair impersonation, including the strut AND the strut whilst applying the figure-four was pure GOLD!
Miz hit his Skull Crushing Finale after the bell.


*Curtis Axel def Antonio Cesaro -great match !!! 20-25 minutes of brilliant wrestling.

*The last two matches were Team Hell No going over on The Shield by DQ -
Bryan and Kane did a lil' schtick on the mic after the match which ended with
them hugging it out, as was the case on one of the previous Aussie shows, and
in the main event, John Cena put Ryback thru the table to get the 'W'.
Ryback worked hard on the mic to get heat from the luke warm crowd,
which was surprising given that WWE has not been in Adelaide for two years.

Axel/ Cesaro was by far the MOTN.
Daniel Bryan was BY FAR the most over talent on the show.
I wouldn't say it was a great show. but it was a good show.
I had a great time & look forward to the next tour.

Todd Eastman (WrestleHustle Radio, Australia)

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