Fan who hit Orton explains motives

The fan who attacked Randy Orton yesterday at a wrestling show in Capetown, South Africa was identified as 20-year-old Tshepo Sekhabi.

Sekhabi, who called himself, "Jozi, the wrestling machine," was from Johannesburg, where he had quit his job in order to attend yesterday's show, and attacked Orton with the hope it would lead to him becoming a big wrestling star.

Instead, he got a black eye, has been banned from the Grand West Casino in Capetown, where the show took place, and may have charges filed against him according to an article on the web site in  South Africa.

The WWE has claimed that Orton is considering pressing charges for the attack which left him with a sore groin from an uppercut between the legs.  Orton wasn't seriously injured and worked with Wade Barrett on the recently completed show today.

Sekhabi, who trains as a kickboxer, admitted quitting his job as an administrative clerk this week, admitted the attack was premeditated.

"I just don't like Randy Orton," he said.  "This was an opporutnity for me, so I got up there and made a name for myself."


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