Non-Raw and Raw report from Green Bay live

By Josh Hayes

Crowd was hot for most of the night but a good 30% of the people, especially in my area, pretty much had their hands on their laps all night and didn't cheer or boo or react to anything. Some looking like they didn't want to be there. Crowd did start to die as the show went on.
For Superstars
Great Khali beat Jinder Mahal. Khali got a great reaction cause he's with Hornswaggle who is from Green Bay. Bad match, Khali wins with the tree slam.
Prime Time Players beat Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. Decent match, crowd was hot for Ryder and for Titus O'Neil. Titus gets the win with his sitout powerbomb on Ryder.
Raw opens with the Stephanie McMahon/Daniel Bryan bit. This segment went way too long and the crowd was getting restless. Barrett got zero reaction but everyone loved chanting Yes.
RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio. Nobody cared about Del Rio while RVD was loved. Decent match and the post match with Alberto turning on Ricardo finally got him some heat.
Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow segment. Crowd didn't care about Cody or Damien. Afterwards they showed that Mark Henry and Ryback was next and a ton of people fled to the concession area.
Henry vs. The Ryback. Crap. That was followed with Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Nikki Bella's boobs and Eva Santa Maria doing horrible acting. Nobody could hear what they were saying in the arena but cheered when Nattie slapped Brie.
John Cena promo. Same usual reaction for him, women and kids loved him and the men hated him. He came off as such as heel in his promo. He tried to get the fans to chant that he couldn't wrestle, only a few took the bait. He went on his rant about how it's a disgrace to work for anyone but WWE cause in their mind getting fired and going to work for New Japan is disrespectful to WWE. He kept going and going and going that the crowd chanted boring. Randy Orton came out to make this segment even more unbearable. The Shield came out to save it, Bryan came out to even the odds and Maddox made the 6 man tag for later.
Tons of Funk came out and apparently nobody in the arena watches Total Divas otherwise they would be booing Cameron. Wyatts came out to a huge reaction. Harper and Rowan should not be selling to the dancing fatties. Bray Wyatt cut another excellent promo. It seemed to end when Kane's pyro hit catching everybody off guard, he challenged Wyatt to what sounds like an Inferno Match at Summerslam.
Kaitlyn vs. Layla. Apparently nobody in the arena watches Smackdown either to see Layla's turn as nobody cared. Kaitlyn live is oozing charisma and is completely over despite her looking like she's lacking charisma on tv. It was wacky and pretty bad. AJ comes out and gets a huge reaction. Ton of AJ signs in the crowd. Layla gets the win and Team LAyJ skips around the ring together to which the guy behind me asked "Does this mean they're lesbians now?" Nope PG
3MB came out to no reaction and then poor, poor Christian came out to zero reaction. If there's a guy who badly needs to turn heel it's Christian. Match was fine. Christian wins with the spear.
CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel. This match ruled live. Tons of heat. Punk, despite being from Chicago, is loved in Green Bay and without a doubt is the most over guy on this show. Punk goes after Heyman when Brock's music hits and the crowd loses their shit for the guy. Awesome brawl and an awesome segment.
Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston. A good chunk of the audience was Fandangoing but after the Punk/Lesnar segment the majority of the crowd was starting to get tired. Alright match, Kofi wins with his kick.
The Real Americans come out and Zeb gets the easiest heat in the world by calling the Packers overrated. Usos did their dance, were pretty over. Crowd chanted Go Pack Go throughout the match. Weird finish with Zeb distracting the ref and Swagger hitting an Uso with A Punch and Cesaro with the Neutralizer for the win.
Big E vs. Dolph. Crowd was ready to go home. They'd already seen 3 hours of wrestling. Only AJ got any significant reaction. Crowd died during the match only to come alive when Kaitlyn and AJ brawled.
Cena/Orton/Bryan vs. The Shield people got pissed when it went 5 minutes long and it ended on a weird DQ. Orton RKOs Bryan and Cena and tries to cash in the briefcase. Shield came back and Orton bailed. Reigns spears Cena and they triplebomb Bryan to end the show.
After Raw goes off the air The Shield continues to beat on Bryan. Kane's pyro goes off and tries to make the save but the Shield beats him down. Mark Henry comes out and it becomes 4 on 3: advantage babyfaces and they hit a parade of finishers on the Shield to send the crowd home happy. Ends with Daniel Bryan doing the Yes chant.
Best Pops:
1. Brock
2. Punk
3. Bryan
4. Wyatts
5. AJ
Best Heat:
1. Zeb after Packers comments
2. Heyman
3. Alberto after attacking Ricardo
4. Cena
5. Axel

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