Sheamus out 4-6 months with shoulder surgery

Sheamus is expected to be out of action for four to six months due to needing surgery on his left shoulder due to a torn labrum.

The WWE web site repored that the injury actually took place during the Money in the Bank match, but he's been working on it the past few weeks.  The bump it took place on was when he was knocked off the top rope and crashed through the ladder set up between the ring apron and the table.  This is also where the bad bruising on his left leg came from.

Sheamus noted he was getting sharp pain over the past week while in South Africa and notified WWE medical personnel.  He had an MRI done on his shoulder revealing a torn labrum and will undergo arthroscopic surgery next week.  Believe it or not, it will be his first ever surgery, a remarkable bit of luck for someone in their mid-30s with so many years in the business.

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