Mick Foley comedy show review 8-8 Rosemont, IL

Mick Foley at Zanie's - Rosemont Illinois

Mick Foley performed a comedy show at Zanie's, a local comedy club in the Chicago area.  He channeled his professional wrestling talent to transform into a polished comedian.  Mick told stories from his professional wrestling career and adjusted them to fit into a comedy routine structure.  The result was comparable to an amped up Wrestling Observer Radio interview with an emphasis on humor.  Excellent show.  Highly recommended for wrestling fans of Mick's era.
Crowd was 99% wrestling fans and were familiar with details of the Foley character, even getting Al Snow inside references.  Mick pointed out fans wearing  Socko's, a Dude Love shirt, and a championship belt.  Very limited profanity, which actually enhanced the show.
"Victoria" (identified as such) was brought on stage briefly.
From what I can recall, here's some of the stories he touched upon:
*Various anecdotes to do with Hell in the Cell - entertaining
*The Hall of Fame story with the elbow on Jericho (similar to what was told on Observer Radio) and a version of his Santa Claus oriented request to Vince.
*The ear story with the twist being how the referee and ring announcer reacted
*Strippers in Germany with the Rock  
*Ricky Morton, DDP, Earl Hebner, Al Snow, Bob Holly, Terry Funk all received mentions.
Q+A - touched on Owen's ribs, Al Snow's Penis Suplex, differences between TNA and WWE with a hilarious story of Mick and Jeremy Borash meeting Lou Ferrigno and neither having a clue on where to go, what to do or how to pay him. 
David Kaplan

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