WWE Smackdown TV report

By James Shannon

Match Number One: Randy Orton Vs. Rob Van Dam.

The show opened with Orton coming to the ring for this match. He's growing his beard in thicker. RVD got the stronger positive reaction in the opening and Orton slowed down his offence from the last few weeks. He worked over RVD's back, which included an amazing version of his backbreaker out of the corner.

They traded nearfalls out of the split legged moonsault and powerslam. Orton still got the crowd completely behind him when he telegraphed the RKO but RVD countered it with a headkick, He then hit rolling thunder, but Orton rolled away from the Five Star Frogsplash and popped up to hit an RKO for the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton, Pinfall.

The Miz had Big E. and AJ as his guests for MizTV. This was a really schizophrenic segment. It felt like lines were just pulled out of a hat for them to say in no particular order. There was very little logical flow in any of the conversation. AJ said that Big E. was her best friend. She said she's had her heart broken over and over, and it's the man's fault for falling for her. Dolph came out and AJ acted like she wasn't over him, he acted cocky. Kaitlyn then joined him in teasing AJ and when everyone started talking over each other Miz made a mixed tag match for SummerSlam. AJ attacked Kaitlyn but the segment ended with a ZigZag to Big E. and a spear to AJ. Terrible.

Alberto was in the back angry at Vickie for booking him in a match with Christian tonight before facing him again at SummerSlam. Vickie was angry with for disrespecting her. He asked what would happen if he was injured tonight and wouldn't be able to defend his title. She said it was a risk she was willing to take.

Match Number Two: Fandango w/ Summer Rae Vs. Kofi Kingston.

This was a rematch from Raw. Fandango took control with a suplex onto the black mats on the floor. Kofi made a comeback after dodging a shoulder charge from Fandango in the corner, where he hit the steel poke. Kofi was shaping to jump from the top rope onto Fandango on the floor, but Summer got in his path. Kofi got down and jumped over her onto Fandango. Summer pretended to have hurt her ankle. Fandango used that distraction to send Kofi into the post, then hit his top rope leg drop for the pinfall.

Winner: Fandango, Pinfall.

Renee caught Bryan backstage. She wanted his thoughts on Vince's reaction Monday. He said he likes the way he looks, and never changed who he was to make it to the WWE. He will change history though by beating Cena at SummerSlam.

Match Number Three: Daniel Bryan Vs. Wade Barrett.

Barrett's beard was completely gone and he came to the ring with the clippers in hand. Barrett controlled the majority of the match, then got frustrated when the Bossman Slam didn't keep Bryan down for three. He went outside and grabbed the clippers and tried to get to Bryan's beard. That was the beginning of the end as Bryan kicked him away, hit his flying knee off the apron, the flying goat headbutt from the top rope and locked on the Yes lock for the submission..

Winner: Daniel Bryan, Submission.

Bryan smashed the clippers on the steps.

Renee interviewed Sandow in the back. She showed the clip of him jumping in the water after his briefcase. He said he had a solution, a new leather bound briefcase holding a legally binding contract for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Match Number Four: Kane Vs. 3MB.

They recapped Kane's feud with the Wyatt's. They finally explained the Ring of Fire match. It's the same principle as a cage match. Normal match surrounded by fire to stop anyone getting in on or out. Kane pinned Jinder with a chokeslam.

Winner: Kane, Pinfall.

Wyatt killed the lights after the match and cut a promo from the tron. He said he likes Kane's style. He asked if Kane thought a simple fire would control the souls of his brothers. He said Kane would be the one trapped in a ring with a monster.

They had a sit down promo with Brock. It was him staring into a camera like the UFC count downs. He said he's always had a problem with Punk, he just let Punk exist due to Heyman. They had footage of Brock's wrestling days and photos from inside the Octagon. He said Punk holding the title for so long was impressive, but it was because he never faced someone like Brock, because there is no one like Brock.

Match Number Five: Christian Vs. Alberto Del Rio (C), Non-Title Match.

I expected the action here to already feel tired leading up to their PPV match, but the action was all really good. I certainly don't think it will make anyone pay to see the rematch at SummerSlam, but you won't be dreading it if you watch this. Alberto took control for the body of the match when he side stepped a dive from Christian as he jumped from the top rope to the floor, crashing into the barricade. The crowd started a USA chant, I guess in support of the Canadian.

Both men teased suplexing the other from the top rope to the floor. In the end both pushed the other so they fell safely to the floor. After a break Del Rio used his arm breaker in the ropes, holding till the count of four. Why not hold till five and get DQ'd?

Christian came back with a rana on Del Rio as he was on the middle rope, sending him back into the ring. Del Rio countered a Killswitch, and then another to hit the back stabber for two. Christian then got a nearfall with a spear after avoiding a superkick. Del Rio motioned for Christian to back off before sending him onto the post. I think it's the third time it's happened tonight. Del Rio then tried for the armbreaker but was rolled through for another near fall. Christian then played a bit of possum after being superkicked and got the pinfall with a small package

Winner: Christian, Pinfall.

Del Rio threw a tantrum ringside after pushing the referee. When he got back in the ring to go after Christian, Christian hit the Killswitch and left him laying. Damien Sandow then came down with Del Rio was out. He had his new briefcase and a referee. He prodded Del Rio with his toe, then handed the case to the ref. Before the bell could ring, Cody flew in off the top rope. He beat on Sandow and left him laying next to Del Rio with the Cross Rhodes to end the show. 

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