WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken
Airdate: August 7, 2013
WWE Main Event from Rockford, IL featured a six man tag team match that got the crowd hot with the Shield against Mark Henry and the Usos. Likewise, Natalya carried a solid match involving Aksana plus Paul Heyman on guest commentary during a Curtis Axel match. Despite last week being on a longer than usual tape delay and being mostly filler, this episode was very good and back to the usual one day tape delay. The Miz returned to commentary to join Josh Matthews on a show that opened with the Shield coming to the ring through the crowd followed by the entrance of the Usos then Mark Henry. 
The Shield beat Mark Henry & the Usos via pinfall. The crowd was hot for this match and while it benefited from being on early during the TV taping, the match itself was still good. The Shield may have cooled off from their initial monster push but they looked solid here and seemed a strong heel trio. Jey Uso squared off with Seth Rollins to start the match and after some early exchanges they quickened the pace with a few leap frogs before Jey clotheslined Rollins and tagged Jimmy. The Usos did a double team back elbow and a double elbow drop. Moments later, Dean Ambrose was able to back Jimmy into a corner only to get back dropped after an Irish whip into the opposite corner. Jimmy tagged Jey who almost immediately tagged Mark Henry. Ambrose backed away as Henry stalked him. Henry started to pummel Ambrose when Rollins and Roman Reigns distracted him which allowed Ambrose to deliver a chop block and ground Henry. Reigns tagged in and used repeated clotheslines into a corner before running into a boot from Henry and getting thrown over the ropes to the floor. Rollins jumps off the top rope and gets caught with a chop by an Uso. After the Usos use the Rikishi splash on Rollins, Henry teases doing it too. Henry charges into the corner but Ambrose and Reigns pull Rollins out of the ring to make the save before a commercial break.
After the break, the Shield began to get heat on Jimmy. Rollins cuts off a comeback with a scoop slam only to miss a senton which allows Jimmy to make the tag. Jey runs wild briefly but Rollins cuts him off with an enzuigiri before tagging Reigns who tagged Ambrose moments later. Jey attempted a few comebacks but got cut off each time as the Shield got heat on him. After escaping a double team sulpex, Jey nailed Ambrose with a superkick and hit Rollins with a spin kick. Henry made the hot tag and ran wild then sandwiched Ambrose by whipping Rollins into him with an Irish whip. Henry splashed both in the corner and tagged Jimmy. After a Superfly splash on Ambrose, Rollins runs in and uses a curb stomp which allows Ambrose to cover Jimmy for the pin.
Afterwards, the Shield cut a promo from backstage and Ambrose said the win was easy. He put over the tag champs and said the trio sets the standard from now on and the rest need to catch up. Rollins said no one could catch up to them and listed stars they have taken out. Reigns basically said there is no end to justice and believe in the Shield.
Natalya beat Aksana via submission. Either Aksana has improved greatly in the ring or Natalya was great at carrying her through the match. Probably both are true but Natalya is more of a ring general than the rest of the divas roster. The pace of the match was slow but deliberate and it was laid out well to fit Aksana's skill level. Natalya went for the sharpshooter early but Aksana got a rope break which played into the finish. After some early exchanges, Aksana started to work over Natalya's leg. When Aksana began to play to the crowd, Natalya used a rolling reversal and applied the sharpshooter. Aksana tried to get a rope break but Natalya kept applying the leglock and pulled her back to the middle of the ring before Aksana tapped out.
Before the divas match and afterwards, Total Divas got plugged and an ad also pushed the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan match at SummerSlam earlier in the show. Following Natalya's win, the "Raw Rebound" featured the Brock Lesner run-in during CM Punk's match against Curtis Axel from Monday and the subsequent brawl that ensued. 
Curtis Axel beat Sin Cara via pinfall. Paul Heyman came to the ring with Axel and joined the broadcast booth as guest commentator. The match was just a backdrop for the announcers to debate with Heyman about the Punk and Lesner feud. Heyman even tried to dodge a question by asking why the announcers were failing to pay attention to Axel and his match. Axel got the early advantage and Sin Cara used lucha-style reversals. Axel got thrown to the outside and Sin Cara did a suicide dive through the ropes to the floor before a commercial. After the break, Axel regained the advantage until missing an elbow drop. Sin Cara got a comeback and used a missile dropkick off the second rope and a handspring back elbow then a cross body off the tope rope for a nearfall. After another nearfall, Axel gets caught with a kick when he jumped off the second rope. Sin Cara went for a moonsault but Axel got his knee ups to block it. Moments later, Axel used the hangman's facebuster for the pin.

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