Smackdown spoilers from San Jose

For Main Event on Wednesday:

Alberto Del Rio b Cody Rhodes with the armbar clean

Usos b Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre

Big E Langston b Justin Gabriel with the Big Ending

Smackdown on Friday

The Wyatts came out and got a big reaction.  Wyatt cut a promo sitting in his rocking chair in the ring.  Kane came out to attack him but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan beat him down again.  Wyatt kissed him and gave him the downward spiral and left him laying.

Christian b Damien Sandow with a roll-up.  He also speared him after the match.  Del Rio attacked Christian.  Del Rio went for the armbar but Christian reversed on him and hit the killswitch.

Renee Young interviewed RVD, Big Show and Mark Henry, who face The Shield later.

A.J. Lee & Layal b Kaitlyn & Natalya when A.J. pinned Kaitlyn after a shining wizard.

Ryback was backstage bullying and beating up a backstage worker

Henry & RVD & Show b The Shield when Show knocked out Ambrose and RVD pinned him after a frog splash.

The Miz b Jack Swagger.  They kicked Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro out from ringside.  Miz won with a schoolboy.

Curtis Axel b Zack Ryder with the McGillicutter. 

Daniel Bryan b Wade Barrett in a no DQ match.  Bryan had the Yes lock on when Vince McMahon pulled the ref out of the ring as Barrett was tapping.  Vince called Maddox out and while Bryan was distracted, Barrett hit the bull  hammer elbow.  Bryan kicked out.  Vince pulled the ref shirt off Mike Chioda but then HHH came out. Bryan put Barrett through a table and hit the diving head-butt and HHH counted three.  The show ended with Randy Orton on the ramp giving Bryan the evil eye.

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