WWE NXT TV Report: Bo Dallas vs Leo Kruger, Dean Ambrose vs Adrian Neville

Emerson Witner

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Remember the greatness that was WCW World Champion David Arquette? Well I went into the way back machine for a special induction of Arquette vs Tank Abbott.

Before the first match, we find out that Tyler Breeze has entered the building. That's good. I was worried he couldn't find the place. Tom Phillips took credit later on for mentioning Tyler was in the building. I call shenanigans! Byron Saxton announced it.

It's A-Job for A-Ry as Alex Riley has joined Tom Phillips behind the announce desk this week.

NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville defeated WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose by DQ

This is actually Ambrose's first singles match on NXT, as he did a couple 6-man tags earlier this year, but that is about it. The highlight of the first half of the match was the ECW Unreleased Volume 2 commercial that aired. The second half started wacky as Dean hopped back and forth, while Neville was lying down, trying to find the proper position to slap on a Surfboard. This match was boring, which was shocking considering the respective talents of those in it. The finish saw Neville actually hit The Red Arrow for a 2.9999999999999, but Seth Rollins flew in just in time to cause the dq.

After the match, Rollins and Reigns started beating down Neville until Corey Graves and Xavier Woods quickly made the save.

Backstage, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy met with Sylvester Lefort and Scott Dawson about Dawson's match with Mason Ryan. Sylvester said it was all about the money. Up ran Some Guy With Dreadlocks, who fist pumped behind Enzo and Colin, while they talked about their mothers.

It was now time for the FIRST EVER NXT DANCE BATTLE! Summer Rae and Emma doing battle with the winner becoming the #1 Contender to the Woman's Championship. On NXT, that just makes perfect sense. God, I love doing the Emma Dance. I need to post video of me doing it sometime. The rules are each diva will get to dance four times back and forth, with the winner decided by the crowd. Summer's only chance is if she brings Fandango out.

Summer would do three or four seconds of a dance step, which Emma would reply by doing dances wackier than it sounds when I say I would post video of me doing the Emma dance. The fans chanted YES! YES! YES! at Emma and NO! NO! NO! at Summer. Emma's next to last dance was called The Advanced Shopping Trolley. Summer responded to that by having the Fandango theme play while the fans sang the theme. Emma won handily. Summer, bitter at losing the first ever dance battle, attacked Emma after, leaving her in a heap.

A Leo Kruger video package aired. This man could be your champion in 20 minutes.

Tyler Breeze defeated Danny Burch

I don't know if this is what happened last time, but Tyler's Titantron video is his walk to the ring on his camera phone. Also, Tyler is the second person tonight to be from the Storm Wrestling Academy. Do you think Lance taught him his moves? Tyler with a jumping enzigiri before picking up the win with a Spinning Heel Kick.

To the back where Renee Young is with Smilin' Bo Dallas. He smiles more than Bob in the Enzyte commercials. Bo called Antonio Cesaro a good kid with a bright future (his first title defense was against Antonio) and his loss last week was because of Sami Zayn and his inexperience of teaming with a champion. He walked off singing “Don't Stop Bo-lieving”. God that man is awesome.

Next week:
  • Mason Ryan vs Scott Dawson
  • The Shield vs Xavier Woods, Corey Graves and Adrian Neville
  • Paige vs Summer Rae
Wait. What?!?! Emma apparently is quite injured after her beating at the hands of Summer earlier, so she will not be cleared to compete in 7 days, so Summer challenged Paige and Paige accepted.

Tyler Breeze has left the building. Did he not wait to shower or anything?

NXT Champion Bo Dallas beat Leo Kruger

This match actually had more heat than the Ambrose match because the fans just despise YOUR champion, which drove them nuts every time Bo would kick out or go on the offensive. Leo went for a superplex and when Leo hooked on the front chancery, the fans chanted for Bo to tap. The match was six minutes old and Riley went on and on about how fatigue makes cowards out of all of us and when you are in there for 20+ minutes it shows what kind of man you are. A-Ry lost track of time I guess.

Kruger had the fans jumping out of their seats when he hit The Slice, but Bo kicked out. Leo locked on the GC3! Are we going to crown a new champion?!?!?! Bo is fighting towards the ropes, but Leo has it locked in tight! No! Bo makes it to the ropes, but Kruger may be seconds away from becoming the champion. Leo to the top for a big splash, but Dallas gets his knees up. Finally Dallas locked on his own version of a top wrist lock for a submission!

Bo is still your champion! With that in mind, we will see you next week.

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