WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken

Airdate: August 14, 2013

WWE Main Event from San Jose, CA was part of the go-home week of programming leading to SummerSlam. Therefore, much of the show was a hard sell for the pay-per-view and this show also had matches involving participants on the SummerSlam card. Josh Matthews and the Miz provided commentary on a show that opened with the entrance of World Champion Alberto Del Rio. The entrance of Cody Rhodes followed as the two squared off in the featured match.

Alberto Del Rio beat Cody Rhodes via submission. After a lock up and some early exchanges, Del Rio went for his armbar finisher but Rhodes escaped. They quicken the pace then Del Rio grabbed a headlock that Rhodes reversed. Rhodes looked to take control but Del Rio used a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and grounds him. Rhodes comes back with a springboard off the top rope into a missile drop kick. After doing the drop down uppercut spot like brother Dustin, Cody drapes Del Rio on the ropes and kicks him with a low blow. Moments later, Rhodes hits a disaster kick and Del Rio rolls out of the ring before the first commercial.

After the break, Del Rio had the advantage and Rhodes is tossed over the ropes to the apron before getting knocked to the floor. On the outside, Del Rio throws Rhodes into the barricade and the side of the ring before working him over back in the ring. After working over the arm, Del Rio ties Rhodes to the tree of woe (upside down in the corner). Propped up on the corner, Rhodes blocked a reverse suplex and hit a moonsault before hitting a running knee. Throughout the offensive flurry, Rhodes kept selling the arm. Rhodes went for his cross roads finisher but Del Rio blocked it and used a running enziguiri into the corner. Del Rio had the cross armbreaker finisher in the ropes but had to break. Rhodes hits a disaster kick and both are laid out.
After both get to their feet, they began to set up for the finish. Del Rio signaled for the his finisher but Rhodes escaped only get caught with a German suplex into a bridge for a nearfall. Selling frustration, Del Rio pulled down his knee pad to expose his brace. Rhodes ducked the loaded knee and hit the disaster kick then both were down on the mat as the referee started a double count. They both got up and Rhodes got thrown into a corner. Del Rio applied the cross armbreaker and Rhodes tapped out. Del Rio teased not breaking the submission hold but did eventually break the hold then celebrated with the big gold belt.
Afterwards, a tremendous video package aired that recapped the feud between Brock Lesner and CM Punk. It highlighted the history between Punk and Paul Heyman including the turn by Heyman and various attacks by Brock Lesner before ending with Punk attacking Lesner from last Monday. This was a hard sell for SummerSlam and a good one at that.
Jimmy & Jey Uso beat Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre via pinfall. All three members of 3MB came out and Jinder Mahal was in the heel corner for the match that started with Jimmy Uso and Heath Slater in the ring. After some early exchanges, Jimmy got the advantage and tagged Jey, who came into the ring with a double ax handle off the top rope. Slater got a boot up when Jey charged into the corner. Slater began to work over Slater and tagged Drew McIntyre. They started to get heat on Jey but he tagged out and Jimmy ran wild. He used a slingshot sunset flip and a flying headbutt. McIntyre got tossed over the ropes onto Slater and Mahal on the floor before a break.
After commercials, 3MB was trying to get heat on Jimmy but he tagged Jey, who made another quick tag to his brother. Jimmy ended up on the apron surrounded by 3MB but he kicked each one away only to get a big boot from McIntyre that knocked Jimmy off the apron to ringside. 3MB worked over Jimmy on the floor and got heat on him back in the ring. Jimmy made a comeback after catching McIntyre with a Samoan drop then made the hot tag to Jey. Slater also tagged in and Jey ran wild on him and used the Rikishi splash in the corner. McIntyre got back in the fray and got sent through the ropes to the outside. Blind tag by Jimmy before Jey hit a plancha over the ropes onto McIntyre and Mahal. Jimmy dives off the top with a splash on Slater for the pin.
Afterwards, announced for the online pre-show prior to SummerSlam was Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States title. Also part of the SummerSlam hype, a recap from Raw aired highlighting John Cena and Daniel Bryan cutting promos on each other in the go-home segment before their WWE title match on Sunday.
Big E Langston beat Justin Gabriel via pinfall. AJ Lee came out with Langston and stayed in his corner. Gabriel tried to use his speed to avoid Langston. He went for a splash in the corner only to get caught in the air by Langston with a urinage. After a splash, Langston applied the abdominal stretch before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Following several backbreakers, Langston missed a splash and Gabriel made a comeback that included a springboard moonsault. However, Langston cut off his comeback and then used the big ending finisher for the pin. AJ came in the ring to celebrate and pose as Langston stands over a prone Gabriel to close the show.

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