WWE Smackdown TV report

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A recap of the Kane/Wyatt feud played while the Wyatt family made their way to the ring. When the lights returned, Bray was in his rocking chair in the ring with his brothers behind him. Bray said their actions had been misinterpreted. He clarified through a parable that he didn't want Kane to hide who he was any more. He's very good.

Kane's pyro exploded but he was nowhere to be seen. He then pulled Harper and Rowan out of the ring from behind. He took a long time before engaging Bray though. Bray charged him but was swatted aside. That didn't build interest in seeing them go one on one. Finally the numbers game caught Kane and Bray hit a great looking forearm to put him down, then hit the downward spiral. They ended the segment standing over the downed Kane. Other than having Kane and Bray touch, the segment was entertaining, mostly due to Bray.

Match Number One: Damien Sandow Vs. Christian.

Sandow cuffed his briefcase for safety before the match. They hyped that Sunday may be Christian's last chance at winning the title as he came to the ring.

Sandow controlled Christian for a surprisingly long time, working on his torso. Christian came back and his offence, as always, was great. He was cut off again but Sandow took too long to hit the elbow of disdain. Christian rolled away and as Sandow followed to pick him up, Christian small packaged him for the pin.

Winner: Christian, Pinfall.

Sandow tried to attack Christian who avoided it and speared him from the ring. As soon as Christian popped up Del Rio took him out from behind. He talked about how Christian would never be the Champion again and I started really liking his chances on Sunday. Christian then reversed an arm breaker attempt to hit the Killswitch, which did not help his chances.

Renee had RVD backstage who was teaming with Show and Henry against Shield tonight. She asked what he thought of his chances on Sunday. He said it'd been a while since we've seen him with gold around his waste and he thinks it's about time again. She asked if he was worried about the other members of the Shield getting involved. The camera zoomed on his face and he pondered, but when it zoomed back Show and Henry were on either side and he said he wasn't worried. Renee asked what brought Show back, he said it was unfinished business with Shield. Henry said they're gonna need a Shield, cos they've got a giant.

Match Number Two: Kaitlyn & Natalya Vs. AJ (C) & Layla.

It was better than Monday. It wasn't good though. AJ and Layla got the heat on Natalya before Kaitlyn was ever in. Kaitlyn got the hot tag. Not much happened and the match settled down again, but then ended when the ref was distracted, which allowed the non-legal Layla to hit Kaitlyn from behind which led to a shining wizard and pin from AJ.

Winners: AJ & Layla, Pinfall.

Renee asked Ryback if the reason he wasn't on SummerSlam was due to his brutality against opponents. He then mockingly repeated the question like a child would. He laughed at his joke. He said he lived for brutality and said it had nothing to do with that before being distracted by something off camera. He walked up to a stage hand and bullied him, punched him in the gut and slapping him. He finished by throwing him over a table. Ryback as the highschool bully is no good.

Great hype video for Punk and Brock.

Match Number Three: The Shield Vs. Mark Henry, Big Show & Rob Van Dam.

The Shield controlled the match by singling out RVD before Big Show came in and cleared house. But as he was running the ropes Reigns pulled them down and he crashed to the floor. Henry took Reigns out by throwing him over the announcers table, but then Rollins took out Henry with a plancha to the floor.

Ambrose was alone in the ring and hoping to win by count out when Show slipped in at nine. Show hit the KO punch and tagged RVD to pin him with the Five Star Frogsplash. Still not a fan of The Shield losing just because they can. I guess it means they keep all their titles, but they could have kept all their titles without losing a six man, which is what's meant to set them apart, on the go home show.

Winners: RVD, The Big Show & Mark Henry, Pinfall.

Match Number Four: The Miz Vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb & Cesaro.

Zeb cut a promo on Miz calling him a fake. He's not the first to accuse him of that. Swagger took control by powering through him. Miz made a brief comeback before a distraction from Cesaro let Swagger back on top. The ref recognised it though and kicked both out. Miz then jumped back in during the confusion and stacked Swagger for the pinfall as he was distracted.

Winner: The Miz, Pinfall.

Match Number Five: Zack Ryder Vs. Curtis Axel (c) w/ Paul Heyman, Non-Title Match.

Before the match even began the commentators said they were expecting to hear from Heyman about what happened Monday after this match. Axel then won a short match as the crowd chanted for Punk.

Winner: Curtis Axel, Pinfall.

Then the important part came as an agitated Heyman took the mic. He straight up said he got out smarted by CM Punk. He said all Punk proved was that Heyman was telling the truth when he hyped him as “The Best, CM Punk”. But that's changing as Punk is now the target of revenge.

They played a hype video for SummerSlam's WWE Championship match. There was more McMahon/Maddox/Hunter than either of Cena or Bryan.

Match Number Six: Daniel Bryan Vs. Wade Barrett, No Disqualification.

JBL and Cole brought up Cena's damaged elbow and wondered whether Bryan would target it with his submissions or not. Barrett took over the match when Bryan took the time to get a table. Barrett used a Kendo stick for a time but ran out of the ring as soon as Bryan got control of it. Bryan followed him by diving out of the ring onto him, then hit a top rope dropkick. Bryan was then distracted by Vince's music.

They cut to an ad as Vince was walking down the ramp and Bryan stood puzzled. They came back and Barrett was in control after Bryan hit a chair that was placed between the turnbuckles. Vince was still just standing ringside mocking Bryan. Bryan took control and beat on Barrett in front of Vince and yes'd in Vince's direction. Vince yes'd back when Barrett regained control with a suplex on the floor.

Barrett took to Bryan's back with a chair in the ring. Barrett took the chair to the middle rope and jumped off with it but Bryan rolled out of the way, so Barrett's elbow took the force of the chair. Very clever way of showing what Bryan will be able to do to Cena's elbow on Sunday. Nope, too much bullshit left to come in order to get that over. Bryan came back with some dropkicks. Barrett tried to school boy Bryan when he missed a head kick but Bryan turned it into the yes lock. Vince pulled the ref out of the ring so he couldn't see Barrett tap. Bryan yelled at Vince who said he was just doing his job. Barrett hit his elbow and Vince called for a second ref, who was Maddox. Bryan kicked out at two and both Vince and Barrett were upset with Brad for not counting fast enough.

Bryan came back with a headkick but Vince told Maddox not to count. Bryan turned his sights on Maddox as Vince slipped Barrett the Kendo stick. Right here was the problem. Bryan's being screwed three on one, still finding a way to hold his own and stay on top. Were the crowd chanting Yes? No. They were chanting Triple H.

Back in the ring Bryan ducked the blindside from Barrett so Maddox took the Kendo stick shot. He then sent Barrett through the table that had been in the corner for most of the match. Vince pulled the shirt off the original ref and was about to put it on when Hunter's music hit and he came out in his own ref shirt. Bryan loved it and pinned Barrett after his diving headbutt.

Winner: Daniel Bryan, Pinfall.

Hunter raised Bryan's hand, then took him over to face Vince and do the finger pointing yes with him. Hunter then disappeared and Orton's music interrupted Bryan's. He held his briefcase as Bryan shook his head. It's Vince's company, he can do what he wants, but I hated this. 

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