Notes from WWE Fan Axxess

By Robb Block

Went to the 11am - 3pm Axxess out at Nokia today.

hey really ought to move this inside somewhere nearby as it is just too hot not only for the people waiting, but for the WWE Superstars as well.

I met Wade Barrett and he was complaining of the heat even though he at least had a partial cover above him. He said being English he wasn't built for sitting out in the sun.

Some of the signing that took place included John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and the Shield which were all VIP sessions.  Others signing were Barrett, Eva Marie, Curtis Axel, Sin Cara with Rosa Mendes, The Usos and Tamina Snuka, I think the Miz might of been signing as well.  Brodus Clay was doing a photo op.

They also had a Scooby Doo character and the van to promote the WrestleMania Scooby animated film.  They were also giving out Fruity Pebbles at a booth.  I could hear some of the stuff going on in the ring which were several NXT matches including a Championship, Tag Title, and Womens Title match.  They also did the big reveal for the WWE 2K 14 game and ran off a bunch of the names in it which included Big John Studd who I think you missed in your post.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were there for that.  Damien Sandow came out as well and Ric Flair came out for a little confrontation with him.  It is just entirely too hot in that location outside.  One lady had to be helped by the paramedics, but she was walking so I guess she was okay. 

Larry King jump ahead of everyone in the Shield signing with his three sons and people started an Injustice chant since we were all waiting a long time in the hot sun and he just jumped in and spent a while talking to them.

Rhey were doing surveys on the way out of Axxess so you can tell them your opinion.  I wish they would allow space for a real opinion on how to make this much better for everyone, but I guess they rather just get generic feedback like the surveys they keep sending out on a weekly basis about the Total Divas show.  As soon as it was done I needed to get to some air.  That's my report.  Will be at Summer Slam tomorrow. 

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