WWE SummerSlam Twitter Predictions: Cena vs. Bryan, Punk vs. Lesnar

Compiled by Josh Nason

With WWE SummerSlam upon us, we asked on Twitter what you thought the finish would be in the John Cena/Daniel Bryan WWE Championship match, as well as the CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar bout.

Here's what you came up with for who you think will win and what might happen in the process.
  • Bryan clean submission win. Triple H attacks, Orton cash in. Lesnar pinfall win after F5 and mild interference from Heyman. - @jusbuscus
  • Bryan wins, HHH attacks Bryan after (turning heel), allowing Orton to cash in. Punk wins w/Lesnar looking strong. - @Enzo_Marino
  • SummerSlamBryan and Brock win. Orton heel turn, cashes in after Bryan wins - @br26
  • Brock and Heyman, Bryan wins but Orton cashing in for Vince #SummerSlam
  • Bryan wins, Orton cashes in. There’s your main event feud until Cena’s back. Brock beats Punk. - @jeremysexton
  • I have Bryan over Cena with Orton cashing in. Punk over Lesnar, Heyman and Axel interfering somehow but punk still coming out on top - @loon03
  • Bryan and lesnar win hopefully setting up a match between them at Survivor Series - @vitaminDwrestle
  • Bryan wins on a fluke pin; Orton cashes in. Lesnar wins to set up future rematch. - @TreyLouthan
  • Bryan wins, Orton cashes in successfully on him. Punk wins via anaconda vise - @basedmichaelKA
  • Cena thanks to Triple H turn then Orton cash in/punt. Punk beats up Heyman but Brock catches him with F5 for the win. - @CommanderClark8
  • My picks are @WWEDanielBryan and @CMPunk since #CenaSucks and #TheBeastIsNotTheBest - @IAmDarsie
  • Bryan clean w/ small package, HHH pedigrees both immediately, Orton cashes in to become corporate champ. Brock semi-clean w/ F5 - @JoshuaFrederich
  • I'm going with @WWEDanielBryan and @BrockLesnar. - @jake_grenard
  • HHH turns on Bryan. Builds to HHH vs. Bryan at Wrestlemania 30 with VKM finally embracing Dragon as "his" guy. - @Fraylicious
  • Bryan wins, Orton cashes in after HHH pedigrees him. Punk wins when Heyman screws up. - @Vom_Kriege
  • Cena loses..hhh screws up..bryan loses to orton. Punk send lesnar out in ambulance til wm xxx. - @Empire365
  • I predict no MMA fighters will end matches using a hammer - @johnreport
  • Watch Lesnar use a sledgehammer - @JJFTweets

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