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Hello again everyone.
Dave Bryan and staff keep up the good work!
Thumbs up
Best match Punk v Lesnar
Worst match Brie v Natalya
SummerSlam 2013
Watching the replay.Pulling a near Sempervive'isq effort to stay up late here on the east coast for this after 11 hours of work.
Miz opens with Fandangoo.
Then cut to the Hollywood type opening video.
JoJo to sing the National Anthem . To bad Hogan works for that rasslin company in Nashville. Brooke could of done this. Well she still could of but I guess she has to wake up early to file for unemployment :)
JoJo did a nice job ! Also thankfully she looks much older all jazzed making me less guilty.
Ring of fire match. Winner by pinfall or submission !
Kane could be in a prominent position in congress one day so we don't want him to set anyone on fire. And this is PG.
Bray Wyatt wins.
Shawn Michaels has a Nordic beard like Daniel Bryan. Hope he doesn't get any Doritos caught in there. Im sure there is a ton of them floating around the arena.
Newsflash Punk vs Lesnar is a no DQ ! How very Russo of them. No big deal.
Sandow vs Rhodes
Sandow may have the best profile speaking wise or cadence when he speaks of anyone coming up in a long time.
Cody needs new music. " Whoooaaaaa " What is that about ? From one particular camera angle Cody's tights are unflattering even for a guy in as good of shape as he is. *Watching the replay I kind of jumped for a second when the twitter stuff came up as im avoiding my regular twitter and message boards.Good match ! Both guys looked good especially Cody.
Christian vs Del Rio
Christian if he can stay healthy is entering that " hes been around so long so hes more over than most in a important match " period.
Cute spot by Del Rio having Lillian intro him in Spanish .
Crowd hot for Christian early. So happy for that. When he returned a few weeks ago it was so lethargic from a booking standpoint. Christian was tapping but it was after ADR held him on the ropes past a 5 count. Like where they are going. Lots of near falls. This is awesome chant for Christian v Del Rio. Christian tapped . Hope they get more time on a future ppv.
Good post match promo by Del Rio. I was think Rey Misterio would show up but I suppose hes still on the shelf.
WWE like the Armed Forces spot.
wonder what Kane's ideas are on National guard funding.....
The Divas match from Access spot. No brown spot on this show ? Fandangoo interrupts Miz/Maria .
Brie vs Natalya ? K
Natalya looks like a younger less robust Holly Halston.
remember the Matt Hardy will not die stuff ? This crowd will not let this show die !!!!
Stan Hansen just soiled his recliner somewhere in Borger after that Brie Lariat . where did I hear that before ?
Alabama slam then Sharp shooter and Brie taps.
1/2 *
Id love Lawler to get behind a good Diva start cutting promos on the Natalya and the Harts like he did on Bret back in the day. Then Uncle Bret could could show up to counter him.
Ryback did some Houndini type stuff with the big pot of soup.
Punk vs Lesnar!
Mixed tag is the buffer? Cool.
Brock is huge. I guess Punk is OK with this guy being a part timer ?
The Brock bump on to the floor was so awkward. not like o he hurt himself. Brock tumbles so well.
Intense. Chioda following them outside the ring.... Lol Brock throws Punk over Chioda lol.
Brock over using his shoulder to the stomach in the corner. Somewhere Dave Batista is PO'd over gimmick imfringement .
Brock needs a fucking headband . He sweats like a death row inmate.  Brock doing the Arn Anderson. Excellent submission stuff. 3 Amigos . Brock going for a chair. F5 on a chair !Brock Lesnar wins ! Thank god. Not I wanted Punk to lose ANOTHER big profile match but he will get his due.
If Steve Austin was ever serious about a final match it should be with Punk. But he isn't. he only likes to gleam into that possibility on occasion to boost his own self worth.
Dolph Kaitlyn vs Big AJ
RUSHED intros
Population of LA just went up by 3 when Big E and his pecs entered.
Big E is like Mark Henry with wheels, if anyone gets that let me know.
The AJ Kaitlyn stuff had some good heat before a couple of weeks ago. In hindsight better match placement than I was thinking. Cowrd isn't dead but they are letting the girls work the most of the match.
Good match. should of been two separate ones but this isn't a 4 hour show. But they do have 3 hours of Raw.... every.... single..... week.......
Fandangoo makes Miz look like a badass.
Michaels giving Punk Lesnar props and then Booker interrupts about ADR and Christian. :)
The W E title match.
HHH must be on an off cycle
HHH wearing some baggy DX'isq pants. Is X Pac hiding in there ? #SWERVE
If Vince Sr. made Backlund grow a beard that may have changed the world as we know it.
Suplex on the floor from the stairs. You still suck chants to Cena. HHH playing good ref. Don't even notice him really.His gut is obvious , is that a sledgehammer or are you happy to see me ?. If Ryback has a different opinion about the catering they should have  sitdown.
Bryan breaks out the German suplex's !!!!!!!!!! Flying Headbut . Daniel Bryan is FOR REAL.
Cena With a clothesline from the Hell of Hell ! Bradshaw just did a different bodily function I wont mention.
Is it just my tv or is the HHH mic very very lightly dubbed in ?
Bryan wins with a big kick to the head and a running low knee !
Cena escapes near death and no sells everything even the elbow 100 seconds later. Congrates to Bryan.
Ahh hell we got some confetti !
Cash in .
Orton kicked the rest of the McMahons in the head and hates the fans and likes to poop in bags. HHH will walways be a big mark for him.
I loved the show and I like Orton . Im afraid to read feedbacks and message boards now.
Sam Adams

Thumbs way up
Best: Tough call but Punk/Lesnar. Almost want to say Christian/Del Rio since it seems to be underrated in the talk of "two" great matches, but can't in good conscious.
Worst: Wyatt/Kane, though I did find the psychology of "how will they bypass the flames to interfere" interesting to a point... but yeah, not good.
Three ****+ matches (yes, I really liked Christian/Del Rio) with two nearing 5 makes this the best US event in years and the best SummerSlam since 2002. Undercard bouts were good for cool down periods, but Cody/Sandow was enjoyable and the Ziggler/Langston interaction was good too.
Keep up the great work,
Stephen Gray

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Punk vs Lesnar

Worst Match: Kane vs Wyatt

Haven't ordered a Summer Slam in many, many years. Ordered for both Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Bryan and was not disappointed in the matches.

Edwin Guerra Jr.

UFC of FS1 - thumbs up. Best match: Overeem vs. Browne, only because I was sooooo happy to see Overeem get KO'd. No worst match. This was a great show and a home run for UFC on their first night on FS1. 
SummerSlam: Thumbs up. Best match: Punk-Lesnar. Worst match: the girls match. Another great show! Pretty much everything delivered. A better card than Mania and one of the WWE's best cards of the last several years.
Mike Jenkinson
Edmonton, AB

Thumbs up

Best Match: Punk-Lesnar

Worst Match: Kane-Bray Wyatt

My thoughts: Great show, I thought Christian-Del Rio was also a good match. I hope Christian isn’t going to get buried too far. Kind of a weird dynamic with Sandow losing his match and holding that briefcase and a heel with the belt. Kind of a dead scenario all the way there.

Kane-Bray Wyatt was weird. They obviously wanted kane to be strong and dominate the match but lose and get knocked out of action for the movie. I don’t think Bray Wyatt showed much of anything here. He showed he could get beaten up for 8 minutes and saved by his family members. On TV he can still be portrayed as a killer, I guess. I loved the postmatch stuff. Disconcerting to say the least.

The Ziggler-Langston ending came kind of quick. Kind of under cuts any build for Big E

Punk-Lesnar was incredible. Tons of heat in the building for every near fall with the loud 1-2-3. It was obvious that Lesnar was going over as Punk hit him with everything and Lesnar kept getting out of it. They went though about 5 different endings where Punk could have won, which was his excuse for when he lost because of the Heyman interference. These 2 beat the hell out of each other with those chair shots. I agree with Shawn Michaels when he said “thank you.”

I thought Cena-Bryan was also awesome. I’d say 4 or 4-1/2 for Punk-Lesnar and 4 for Cena-Bryan. They worked all the different submissions and let them breathe too (didn’t wriggle out too quick, didn’t hold them too long to stretch believability). The ending with the high kick was almost out of nowhere, but it told the story that the kick knocked Cena out. Nice touch with HHH having to explain to Cena what happened.

Great postmatch celebration. Handled perfectly … until HHH jumped Bryan. That made no sense to me at all. I know they are going in some type of McMahon family angle direction. You had HHH jumping Bryan – who he’s been trumpeting on TV for weeks – and allowing Orton to walk away with the belt. Orton has been cold for about 2 years. Why is he the hand-picked company champ?

Better yet, HHH-Orton in the last 10 years have had TWO huge blood feuds (when HHH kicked Orton out of Evolution and then when Orton attacked Stephanie, HHH went to his house and vowed to break his neck). How am I supposed to believe HHH and Orton are now buddies or associates? If you’ve been watching for years, this makes absolutely no sense.

Credit to Cena in the way he lost. When he’s back they have a ready-made 3-way title program. I assume Orton has to sneak past Bryan at Night of Champions, too, to keep the program going. Bryan is going to be this year’s Ryback – cheated out of it time and again until NOBODY cares about him any more … or maybe he gets to come through in the end?

Raw will be interesting to see what Trips has to say for himself. Seriously, what logic can they invoke to make sense of this? If they didn’t want Bryan as champ, they should have just vetoed the match when Cena brought it up. Right?

Steve Helwagen

Pataskala, Ohio

Steve Helwagen


Thumbs up:

Best Match; Punk vs. Lesnar

Worst match: Divas match


This was the first Summerslam event I have watched/purchased since 2007. I thought this PPV was better than this past Wrestlemania. Everyone had their working shoes on tonight. The Wyatt/Kane match was clumsy and they kind of made Wyatt look weak during the match, but the spectacle and Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family being an awesome gimmick made the match enjoyable. Rhodes vs. Sandow was a well worked match for second on the card. Sandow does too many jobs. Even though ADR and Christian are both boring and sleep inducing characters, both worked hard and put on a good match that kept my interest. Bella and Natalia worked hard in their match, making is passable. I really liked Lesnar vs. Punk. Both guys put on a hell of a performance. I am not the biggest Punk fan, but I will say he will be sore today and give him props. The Langston/Ziggler match was much better than your typical buffer match, but Ziggler is too talented to be in a "buffer" match. Bryan/Cena was very good. Enough of the marks saying Cena cannot wrestle. I am not a big fan of Cena, but he does not bother me. I am sorry, but I just cannot get into Bryan as a world champion. He is an excellent worker, but looks like a bum I may see on a Detroit street corner. His beard and hairstyle is bush league (no where close to a Duck Dynasty look). He should just shave that crap off already. His looks is beyond bush league. If the I-C title meant anything, that is the level I see Bryan. I knew HHH was going to pedigree him and Orton was going to cash it in. The execution was very good in this angle. Another heel run by Orton is nothing exciting to me, but I will see how this angle plays out. The talent works hard, but I am not much into any of the characters except Wyatt and Lesnar/Heyman.  RVD/Ambrose was a solid pre-show match. I wish Ambrose got a different name from WWE creative. Dean Ambrose sounds like a flower shop salesman. It is funny seeing HBK as a redneck. Next time he comes to the ring with his theme music it will look ridiculous. It is time for WWE to compose a new redneck theme song for HBK.


Mike Malesev

Allen Park, MI.




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