WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

August 19, 2013
Anaheim, CA

Rob McCarron

After a pretty great SummerSlam, WWE rolls into Anaheim for Raw as we look for answers to some actions of last night. Daniel Bryan beat John Cena, without interference, for the WWE Championship last night. Afterwards, however, Triple H pedigreed Bryan, which allowed Randy Orton to cash in his contract for the title and win the belt. Tonight, will either Orton or HHH explain themselves?

John Cena Opens Raw
I can't stop looking at Cena's elbow. Cena claimed to have a torn tricep, and needed time off, but did not want to use it as an excuse for why he lost last night. The crowd erupted with "YES!" chants when he said he was leaving for the next 4 to 6 months. So, guess who's winning the Rumble?

John then introduced Daniel Bryan. Bryan didn't rush to the ring this time, disappointed that the title was ripped from him. He also ditched the "The Beard is Here" shirt.  Before Bryan could speak, Stephanie McMahon came out. She claimed that while Bryan earned the title, HHH was just doing what was best for business. Bryan took issue, as did the crowd. Bryan called Steph trash, which she let slide, but he got even angrier and said he's not afraid of being fired. Stephanie said he won't be fired, because he is valuable. Just not the most valuable. Steph ripped his look, saying it wasn't championship material. She called him a solid B+. Bryan ripped the mic from Steph and threw it away, but she got another one. She told Bryan to calm down, and had security remove him from the arena. I loved this.

Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes pinned Damien Sandow with a sunset flip out of the corner, winning for the second time in two nights against the Money In The Bank holder. Last week I called Sandow's MITB briefcase wooden. It is apparently leather. Looks like chocolate either way. During the match, Jerry Lawler revealed that, before Raw went on the air, Damien was telling Mr. Belding all the things he did wrong as a high school principle. Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding on 'Saved By The Bell', was in the building for the show.

Backstage, Brad Maddox read some comments from Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler said he didn't trust Triple H, and never has. Brad booked Dolph vs The Shield for later.

Backstage, Paul Heyman, arm in sling, arrived in the building.

Paul Heyman addresses CM Punk
Paul Heyman was in the ring as we came back from commercial. He said that the time for forgiveness is here, and he forgives CM Punk. He offered to guide CM Punk back to the WWE Championship if Punk would apologize. JBL called it a noble gesture.

Backstage, the Bellas wished Cameron & Naomi good luck in their match tonight. GIRL, BYE!

Randy Orton will have a championship coronation tonight!

Cameron & Naomi vs Layla & AJ Lee
Another messed up finish, and again not the referee's fault. Naomi schoolboy'd Layla for the pinfall victory, even though Layla's shoulders were not down for a 3 count. Oh well, it was harmless. AJ and Naomi worked the whole match until the finish, when Layla got the tag and ran to the opposite corner to attack Cameron on the apron. After she hit Cameron, she was caught by Naomi with the pin. She screamed in humiliated horror that she lost.

Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield
The Shield won when Roman Reigns pinned Dolph after a huge spear. Dolph held his own most of the match, almost getting a victory on Reigns prior to a broken up pin as the numbers game was just too much. The trio hit a triple team powerbomb on Ziggler after the win. The story was that Dolph was punished by Triple H for making the comments that Brad had read earlier in the show.

Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio
Sin Cara's career in WWE is officially comedy at this point. Early in the match, Sin Cara went for a dive onto Del Rio on the outside. Well, something didn't go right, and during the sequence Sin Cara managed to dislocate a finger or two. Sin Cara called for the ref, who immediately rang the bell to end the match. Del Rio was furious, telling the ref to "Get the f*** out of the ring." How do you not just let Cara go at this point? Triple H would have worked through a dislocation. Christ.

After the match, Del Rio told all Latinos that they finally have someone to cheer for. Ricardo showed up. He is proud to now represent Rob Van Dam. Yup. RVD and ADR got into a brief fight before Del Rio bailed.

The Real Americans vs Primetime Players
Darren Young pinned Antonio Cesaro after the Gut Check. Zeb Colter cut a promo first. Same old stuff. Can't believe he's still here after all these months. Darren Young worked this match like it was his big coming out as a babyface. Cole put over the PTP'ers as a top tag team contender.

Backstage, Big Show said he and Henry are going after the tag titles. Brad Maddox came in, bringing up remarks Big Show has made against Triple H. Brad booked Big Show vs The Shield in a tornado match.

Backstage, some guy in a Foot Locker uniform was shilling some new shoe to Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. He promoted a Foot Locker giveaway, until FANDANGO and Summer Rae came in and danced.

Backstage, some geeks were putting pads on, as if they were preparing for a match. In what universe? The Ryback came in and bullied one of them. Ryback made the geek fill his gearbag with water, and this was great comedy to the bully.

Big Show vs The Shield
All three Shield members pinned Big Show for their second victory of the night. Roman Reigns was taken out early with a spear from Show, leaving Rollins and Ambrose to work most of the match. Later, after Show took out both of them, Reigns came back in and hit a spear of his own on Show. The three then hit their triple powerbomb on Big Show for the win.

CM Punk responds to Paul Heyman
Well, first things first, CM Punk made a fool out of some heckler in the crowd before getting to his main point. Punk then asked Paul Heyman to come out, because if an apology is what he wants, he may just get it. Paul came to the stage with Curt Axel. Punk said he was sorry... that he took his eyes off of Lesnar last night. Sorry he didn't break Paul Heyman's arm and face. Punk said he's still coming after Paul.

Paul responded, saying Punk has took him too far. He told Axel to tape up his hands for a fight.

CM Punk vs Curt Axel in a fight
CM Punk "won" an unsanctioned fight against Curtis Axel, finishing Axel off with a GTS onto the steel steps. This was a wild brawl, with each guy having the advantage at times. Both guys took a lot of punishment. Punk went after Paul a few times which led to Axel's advantages. Punk stared a hole through Paul Heyman at the end of the brawl.

The Wyatt's Are Here
Bray Wyatt pinned R-Truth with the spinning reverse STO in a squash. Poor Truth looked like he was killed with a bullrush from Bray early on in the match. Crowd at one point was dead silent. Like, scary quiet.

Vignette: The returning Primo & Epico are now matadors. Los Matadores to be more specific.

3MB vs Usos
Jinder Mahal took the fall securing the win for Jey & Jim. Not that the match went long, it just went way longer than I thought it would.

The Miz vs Wade Barrett
I guess they couldn't keep Miz out of the ring forever. Wish they would have. The match ended in a DQ as FANDANGO rushed in and delivered a top rope legdrop onto Miz, who at the time had the figure four locked in on Wade. The crowd danced along to Fandango's theme as we went cut backstage to Brad Maddox, who ran into Stephanie. Brad told Stephanie that Daniel Bryan found his way back inside the building. Stephanie then walked into Vince's office.

Orton's Championship Coronation
We came back live to Raw with Mr. McMahon and Stephanie McMahon already in the ring, and all the wrestlers on the stage. Triple H came out to join his family. The Shield were there at ringside, protecting the ring. Vince praised Hunter for finally seeing the light. The Game said he did what he did for everybody's best interest, including the fans, the McMahon family, and their children. He said it was a business decision, to keep the business going. He says he likes Bryan, and didn't want to hurt Bryan, but Bryan would kill the business, you see. He mentioned that Daniel Bryan is a good wrestler, but not WWE Champion. The crowd chanted "YES!" but Hunter said the crowd deserves better, and shouldn't settle for Bryan. Hunter says Daniel Bryan is B+, but Orton is A+. Triple H then said he didn't enjoy giving the title to Orton, either. He buried his personal feelings for business, though. Hunter called Bryan selfish for thinking WWE is all about him. Hunter had to set aside his personal preference to do what was best for business.

Hunter introduced the future of WWE, Randy Orton. Orton, the 10 year veteran, came out, to applause from the McMahons but an ashamed grin from Booker T. In the ring, Orton shook hands with Hunter, Vince, and went for a handshake with Steph. Steph, however, smiled and hugged the Viper. That's putting the past behind you. Orton said he owed everything to Hunter, and thanked him for having his back.

Triple H offered Bryan a chance to come out and air any personal beef. Hunter told The Shield to move aside, because Bryan is probably scared to come out because they are intimidating. Bryan finally made his way towards the ring. Vince mocked Bryan by pointing the the WWE title as Orton held it up. The Shield attacked Bryan before he could get to the ring, but he fought them off. The wrestlers were still on the stage just watching all of this. When it looked like Bryan would finally get in the ring, Roman Reigns recovered and speared Bryan. The trio then tried to give him the triple team powerbomb, but Hunter stopped them. Hunter calmly, albeit mockingly, asked the beaten Bryan to get in the ring and discuss his issues.

Bryan finally got in the ring, only to be RKO'd by Orton. All three McMahons, and Orton, posed over Bryan's prone body in the ring as we went off air.

The final words spoken, from Lawler, were "This is a black day for WWE."

Like SummerSlam, everything involving Punk and Bryan on this show was pretty good to great. Everything else was just kind of there.

I'd like to wish Sin Cara the best in his future endeavors, because by this time next week, I may never have another chance. Next week, how will Bryan react to his bosses holding him down? How will the Usos and PTP'ers continue their rise in the tag team ranks? And how will CM Punk try to get his hands on Paul Heyman finally? Thanks for reading, and we'll be here next week for Raw.

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