WWE NXT TV Report: Shield vs Graves, Neville & Woods, Axel vs Langston

Emerson Witner

We are joined by Paul Heyman, who sauntered to the ringside area, telling us that he is scouting NXT talent to find a new Paul Heyman Guy. Heyman put over NXT and while he appreciates the people who chant ECW at him, he is not here to live off the past, but build for the future. Someone in that locker room is not just the next Paul Heyman Guy, but the next Brock Lesnar or the next Intercontinental Champion. With that, we are joined by Curtis Axel.

Paul said they are here just to say hi and Curtis, despite being in his gear, is not here to wrestle and defend his title because there is no one in the state of Florida who is man enough to take the title.

Big E. Langston disagrees. The former NXT Champion says he is man enough to win the championship. Curtis accepted the challenge, but said it would be on the Thanksgiving episode of NXT or the Christmas episode. Big told him to shut up and defend the title or be a pussy.

Big E. Langston defeated Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel by disqualification

This impromptu match is for the most prestigious of all the Intercontinental Championships. Curtis should study history, since his father lose the IC Title in a sorta-impromptu challenge. Axel hit Big with a clothesline to the back of the head. Remember when that was Bobby Roode's finisher? Remember how crazy the idea of Team Canada's Bobby Roode as World Champion was? Or Chris Sabin, who would always be in those wacky random 4-way X-Division matches on TNA pay per views with no real upward momentum? Hell or James Storm. Or Bubba Ray Dudley. Anyway, while I took a walk down memory lane Big gained momentum, hit his full body attack and went for The Big Ending when Heyman jumped into the ring for a title saving DQ.

During the post match shenanigans, Big dropped Axel with The Big Ending and covered him for the 5 count.

A promo for SummerSlam aired. I predict Daniel Bryan wins the title with the running knee to the face. After some pyro and ballyhoo HHH turns heel, Pedigree's Bryan and Orton ends up champion. In reality, I really liked the finish of Raw on Monday. I know the internet exploded, but still.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Sami Zayn regarding Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter wanting to have him deported. Sami wants to up the ante and have a 2 out of 3 Falls Match with Cesaro.

Mason Ryan pinned Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester Lefort)

While Mason walked to the ring he stood with his back to the crowd, wanting the fans to slap his back and cheer, but this woman right behind him looked away in disgust. Sylvester Lefort said that in order to make money you need to spend money. Turns out the reason why Garrett Dylan stopped appearing a month ago was because he was fired. The match was alright for 30 seconds until Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy made a full entrance, complete with music. That made the match so much better. In spite of that Mason won 30 seconds later with a cobra clutch slam.

-Nikki Bella is soooooooooo the fat twin. Notice how man o's I used.

NXT Woman's Champion Paige defeated Summer Rae

These two have been feuding since February when Summer was the ring announcer and Paige walked backwards into her. Yes, that was all it took for this non-blood feud to kick off. Emma won the top contender spot by winning the first ever Dance Battle, but Summer laid out Emma with her finisher, which injured her so bad that the doctors knew she wouldn't be approved to wrestle a week later. Summer looked like she was going to cry when Paige was stomping a mud hole into her. Don't worry Summer, Steve Austin would have also cried. Why would Summer want to be NXT Woman's Champion? She is already on the main roster. Paige thought the same thing, so she won easily with the Paige Turner.

To the back where Renee was with AJ Lee. AJ said she would be here next week. She is already here this week. Anyway AJ said she likes things being unpredictable, so she could wrestle the camera guy, the boom mic guy, her mother or Renee Young and Bayley ran up and hugged her. The greatest meeting ever happened with AJ and Bayley being perky towards one another. Bayley said she had no idea why people thought she was crazy.

AJ started to get That Look, which got even better when Bayley said that when she won she hoped they could still be friends. These two need to be a full time pairing.

Next week, Dolph Ziggler is on the show.

During the commercial break, Emma ran in and beat the shit out of Summer Rae. Not sure why she was in her gear when she wasn't cleared to compete.

The Shield defeated Xavier Woods & NXT Tag Team Champions Corey Graves and Adrian Neville

This is the second 6-man tag that Shield has had on this show. The first was back in March. Rollins was the first NXT Champion, pinning Jinder Mahal in the finals. This match was quite good, as you probably expected, but the crowd did not think for one second that The Shield would lose this match, as you probably expected. If you think it is annoying when Michael Cole says “The Hounds of Justice”, you haven't heard Tony Dawson say it. They got the heat on Graves. It kind of got dull as Corey played dead for almost a full 5 minutes.

When they started getting the heat on him, you could have walked to your kitchen and made a grilled cheese and come back just in time for Graves to make the hot tag to Neville. Neville kicked some ass and went for That Flipping Move, but Ambrose got his knees up. Woods tagged in, as did Rollins and Woods almost got the pin with a high cross body. Xavier hit the roll through lariat for a 2 count when Reigns broke it up. Chaos broke out and Reigns picked up the win for his team with a spear to Xavier.

That, however, was not the end of the show. The show ended with Antonio Cesaro walking up to Renee Young backstage and accepting the challenge of Sami Zayn to a 2 out of 3 falls match and a giant brawl breaking out with the two of them.

That is it for this week. Until we meet again, say your vitamins and take your prayers.

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