WWE Superstars TV Report: Christian vs. Langston, Kingston vs. JTG

James Cox

This was a show with Christian v Big E Langston that was of Raw quality, one that saw JTG on a WWE television show and one that recapped SummerSlam and Raw.

We kick off with Christian coming out. Yes, Christian. On Superstars. No joke – the guy who just wrestled at SummerSlam for the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio is now without a storyline. Out next is Big E Langston. This should be a good match as Big E moves extremely well for the huge guy that he is and, to say that he’s only been wrestling for 3 years, he’s tremendous in most areas.

Christian v Big E Langston

Alex Riley says that Big E is still a rookie. I’d agree but this guy was on the card at both WrestleMania and SummerSlam this year and he’s slowly but surely doing very well. Christian and Langston lock up and Big E just straight of the bat just slings Christian out of the ring through the ropes! They go to lock up again but Big E whips Christian into the ropes and barges him to the floor. Langston takes Christian to the corner and hits him with shoulder lunges to the mid rift then slings him into the opposite corner. Christian, none too impressed by being so easily dominated, walks to the middle of the ring to face Langston and slaps him round the face. What a dick!

Christian, like a weasel, rolls out the ring so that Langston chases him, rolls back in and runs the ropes. Langston is quicker than Christian thinks and is already up and ready to meet Christian and uses a high knee to knock the wind out of his sails. While Christian sells on the mat, Langston picks him up and beats him down, using the bottom rope to choke him out. He then picks him for a press slam, Christian counters, wriggling out, and pulls the toe rope down so that Big E tumbles out of the ring. Christian postures to the crowd and then runs the ropes and hits Langston with a missile drop kick through the ropes.

Back in the ring, Christian goes to the second turnbuckle with the intention of using a jumping DDT but Langston merely pushes him off so that he lands face down on the mat. Some of these moves are reminiscent of Lesnar’s on Punk on Sunday. Big E then hits a lariat on Christian over the top rope and goes to the outside to throw Christian, shoulder first into the dasher boards. He then throws him face first into the steps as we go to a break.

After the commercial break, Big E is still in control. He press slams Christian, goes for a splash but Christian rolls out the way. The two get up and Christian gets up on to the second turnbuckle and hits another missile drop kick. He goes for the pin but Langston kicks out at 2. Christian then hits him with a flying back elbow but Langston gets up and hits him with a vicious clothesline for another near fall. Langston then tries a belly-to-belly followed by a splash but again comes up short with a 2 count. He then busts out of his singlet, picks up Christian and runs him into two corners before hoisting up onto his shoulders for the Big Ending. Christian wriggled out and, ludicrously, put him in the Kill Switch and pinned him at 7:53. This finish made me angry but this was a Raw quality match on Superstars for sure.

The Raw Rebound is next which treats us to Daniel Bryan and Steph’s segment from the start of Raw on Monday.

Out next is Kofi Kingston. He’s still looking very small. He’s never really regained the weight that he had before his injury and his non-repaired torn pecs make him look even smaller. JTG comes out for a rare WWE Superstars appearance – I have no idea why they keep this man in the company or why this man stays with this company.

Kofi Kingston v JTG

No hard cam for this one as is often the case in these pre-Raw tapings. Kingston and JTG lock up and JTG does an imitation of Kofi’s ‘booms’ ridiculing him by doing them slowly. Kofi counters by rolling him up to try and steel the quick win but JTG kicks out at 2. Kofi then stands up and does his booms properly and says “that’s how you do it”.  He takes JTG down to the mat, moves into an Irish whip and JTG gets in some offence until Kofi hits him with a clothesline and goes for a pin. JTG then uses a drop toe hold into the middle rope, grabs his hair and lands a modified German suplex into a neck breaker which looks really good.

After another near fall, Dawson and Alex Riley are discussing HHH’s turn while JTG chokes Kofi out on the middle rope, slides out the ring and slaps him. He postures to the crowd to a shower of boos, rolls back in the ring and Kofi rolls him up for another two count. JTG puts Kingston in a reverse chin lock – the go-to move of WWE superstars – who reverses it into a neck breaker.  Kofi then rolls outside and hits a top rope springboard clothesline on JTG followed by two quick drop kicks as he powers up for the Boom drop, which he hits.

The finish sees Kofi set up the Trouble in Paradise which JTG dodges. JTG tries to hit a running bulldog which Kofi blocks allowing him to hit the Trouble in Paradise for the pin at 4:35. A quick, decent little match. JTG isn’t too horrible in the ring and he can generate some good heat but his character isn’t over in the slightest.

The show ends with the Orton WWE Championship coronation from Raw in full.

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