WWE house show report 8-23 Fresno

By Charlie Oliver

Swagger v Ryder-- Zeb cut a promo on Fresno prior to Ryder's entrance for major heat. Surprisingly good match; long, with multiple near falls. Ryder won at the end.
Shield promo - not sure what they said because audio was hard to hear but essentially it just set the table for the later matches.
Tamina v Alicia Fox - As awful as it sounds. No heat to speak of. Alicia wins.
Ambrose v RVD-- good (not great) Raw quality match. Ambrose wins.
Rey Mysterio promo--he says he will be back in September. Huge crowd love for Rey.
Shield (Rollins/Reigns) appears to surround and menace Rey but then Show and Mark Henry run in to stop them. Without warning a match begins (after Rey is clear). match was really not very good. finish had Ambrose run in and hit Henry with chair shot, ending match by DQ. Rvd run in to keep the Shield from using their numerical advantage against the slow fat men.
Wyatts  v Usos -- I love the Wyatt gimmick and want to say that they looked great but they really didn't. Very mediocre match that ended with an Uso loss and Bray entering the ring to do his move. No mic work sadly. Crowd not into Wyatts very much.
Fandango v Miz--Started off as a dance off due to a text vote. Miz commented that it was a ridiculous outcome. No worry--Miz attacked when his turn came to dance and then a match ensued anyway. Miz was loved (inexplicably in my opinion) by Fresno crowd and won with his figure four.
Daniel Bryan v Orton--huge pop for Bryan but Orton is still beloved as well. Great match--finish had Bryan slapping on the yes lock but Shield interfering for the DQ before Randy tapped. Mark Henry, RVD, and Big Show made the save (although Big Show made the slowest, most walkiest run in I've ever seen. Good guys did their finishers on Shield (Orton fled immediately and watched from the ramp). Good guys all got music and Bryan and Henry made a point of slapping hands and working crowd. Big Show and RVD just left without any crowd work.

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