WWE house show results 8-25 Ontario, CA

By Brandon Chow

The crowd looked pretty small, but I'm used to going to Anaheim and Los Angeles, so this may be normal. The audience was overwhelmingly full of kids and families.
1) Zack Ryder pinned Jack Swagger via roll-up.  This was probably the 2nd best match of the night and actually was booked pretty evenly.  It wasn't the 'slip on a banana peel' fluke kind of victory for Ryder.  This result shows just how far Swagger has fallen a few months after Mania.  Colter asked the crowd how many real Americans were in attendance and got a good reaction, but when he asked how many were illegal immigrants he got just as strong a reaction.  
2) Alicia Fox beat Tamina via botched axe kick finisher.  It looked awkward, like she was going for the cervical or neck area but landed it on Tamina's mid-back.  Guess I can't blame her though since when was the last time she got to use it and win? Worst part of the match was the first couple minutes, which they spent stalling.  Not the best way to get the crowd to care when they didn't want to see the match to begin with since neither are on TV much or featured when they are on.
3) Dean Ambrose pinned RVD after rolling through a cross-body by RVD.  It was like he grabbed the tights but based on RVD's outfit it's more difficult to do that and the 'cheating' done by Ambrose wasn't picked up on by the crowd so the finish was sort of flat.  The match wasn't very good, lots of RVD just getting the crowd to say his name along with him.
**Rey Mysterio came out for his interview with Justin Roberts.  He said he was disappointed he couldn't wrestle yet but was going to give us a return date.  The Shield's music then hit and they came out from the crowd.  Instead of leaving (since he's injured) or blurting out what his return date was, he just waited 2 minutes for The Shield to make their way down.  Before The Shield entered the ring though, Mark Henry, then Big Show, came out.  Again, instead of The Shield attacking Rey during this time, they stopped and waited for the long separate entrances of Henry and Show.
4) Mark Henry & Big Show beat Reigns and Rollins by DQ.  This was almost a comedy match, and not in a good way.  Rollins teased that he was afraid of the big men often.  Big Show did his chop spot on Reigns but the 3rd time Reigns finally raked him in the eye to stop it.  RVD came in for the save after Ambrose interfered.
5) The Wyatt Family beat The Usos & Justin Gabriel when Bray pinned one of the Usos.  Surprised that The Usos and Gabriel got as much offense as they did, considering where they are on the roster compared to the Wyatt's.
6) The "Dance Off" between Miz and Fandango was turned into a match by the referee, which Miz won via figure four leg lock.  They did a tweet/text vote early in the show, saying you could vote for a match, or a dance off between these 2.  Every time they showed results on the screen, match was winning by about 65% or more.  But when they came out it was announced that dance off won.  The crowd booed.  The Miz even asked the crowd what was wrong with them.  Boy he's such a great babyface.  When Miz got his turn to dance, they played "Sexy and I Know it" by LMFAO, he only danced for about 3 seconds before Fandango attacked him.  The ref then called for a match, thereby overruling the WWE Universe that voted for the dance off.  Summer Rae was involved in the match a lot.  It was decent and good in some spots.
7) Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton by DQ due to the Shield's interference.  Mark Henry and RVD made the save.  No Big Show though.  It was weird, the crowd booed Orton when they showed the clips from Monday's RAW, but when he came out and during the match, he got about 40% cheers as many still saw him as the biggest star.  Whenever Bryan would get offense in and something going, Orton would cut him off and counter.  That was the story of the match.  Almost made Bryan look ineffective, but it did build to the finish with Bryan finally overcoming it and getting in the Yes Lock.  Too bad the psychology of the match was lost on most in attendance.  Of course, the best match on the show, but the finish was still pretty cheap since they more or less did the same thing in the tag title match.  Since they'll apparently be doing this finish everywhere, they need to find a way to mix things up on the undercard so it's not as redundant.
Brandon Chow

Zack Ryder b Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter.

Alicia Fox b Tamina.

Dean Ambrose b Rvd.

In ring promo with Rey Mysterio The Shield interrupts shortly after that outcomes Show and Henry b reigns/Seth Rollins via DQ interference due to Dean Ambrose, all shield members attacking show and henry, rvd makes the save and all baby faces fight off the heels crowd goes crazy.


The Wyatts b Justin Gabriel/Usos (had family ringside)

The Miz b Fandango w/ Summer Rae  via figure four.

Daniel Brya b Randy Orton via dq by the Shield attacking DB, Henry and Rvd made the  save helping DB as they fought the shield off.

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