WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

August 26, 2013
Phoenix, AZ

Rob McCarron

Randy Orton is The Future
Raw began with the Shield guys standing between the ring and the entrance ramp, as Triple H made his way down to the ring. The Shield's new gimmick is acting as Triple H's security. It is a nice touch that HHH is afraid of Daniel Bryan at least enough that he needs security. HHH narrated the storyline between him, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton until Orton came out. Triple H presented Orton with a gift - a new Cadillac Escalade. Before Orton could check out his new gift, Daniel Bryan interrupted the party. Bryan joked that Orton's Escalade was way cooler than Bryan's Honda Fit. Bryan thanked the fans for believing in him, and John Cena for allowing Bryan to have the title shot at SummerSlam. He lastly thanked Hunter for showing his true colors at SummerSlam. He called HHH a sellout in a suit. Bryan said he would regain the WWE title at Night of Champions. Triple H mocked his sappy speech, and said that size matters. Orton is an A player, while Bryan is a B at best. Hunter booked Bryan against Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns in a gauntlet match in that order.

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel tonight is the #RAWActive match. Paul Heyman banned, Paul Heyman as special referee, or Punks gets Heyman in the ring if he wins were the stips for fan voting.

Cody Rhodes vs FANDANGO
Cody Rhodes pinned Fandango. Fandango's music hit during the match while Cody Rhodes was selling, and out came The Miz and Rosa Mendes doing a mock dance. While Fandango was distracted, Cody rolled him up for the pin. While Miz was dancing, JBL said "he dances like a lame Cassandro." All four men ended up brawling, leading to Brad Maddox coming out to book a tag team match.

FANDANGO & SANDOW vs The Miz & Cody Rhodes
Rosa appears to be a babyface now, possibly sticking with The Miz as his valet. But who cares. Miz pinned Sandow with the Skullcrushing Finale with the help of Fandango. By help, I mean, Fandango walked off, as per usual, to leave Damien for dead.

A vignette aired for the debut of Los Matadores.

Backstage, Josh Mathews asked Christian his thoughts on Triple H's actions. Christian gave a longwinded explanation about not speaking out, and Orton stepped in mocking Christian for being a loser. Orton vs Christian for later.

CM Punk did an interview on WWEApp, begging fans to choose the Paul Heyman in the ring stip. Paul Heyman called Punk a deranged politician, begging for votes while Heyman's health is at risk. McGillicutty told Paul to calm down, saying Punk won't have the chance to get Heyman since Punk won't win the match. He asked if Paul believed in him, and Paul smiled, saying "like my life depended on it."

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel
81% of fans voted for Paul Heyman having to get in the ring if Punk wins. Punk won, landing the GTS out of nowhere to win a lengthy match. Paul looked stunned. Paul tried to leave, but referees Rod Zapata and Jason Ayers forced him to stay. However, they didn't bring him all the way to the ring, so Paul tried to escape again. This time, four security guards forced Paul to the ring. Punk was about to lay a beating on Paul when Axel came back and delivered a low blow on Punk. Paul, all sure of himself now, gave some handcuffs to Axel, who then locked Punk's hands together. Paul mocked and slapped Punk, asking what Punk was going to do. Punk got to his feet, kicked Axel, and laid a few kicks on Heyman before Axel came back in with a chair to end Punk's valiant effort. Axel got a kendo stick, and before he hit Punk with it, he gave the stick to Paul. Paul whipped Punk several times with the stick, while Axel held Punk up for him. This was a great angle, but Axel just seems badly out of place in this. Referees escorted Paul and Axel away so physicians could attend to a beaten CM Punk.

Natalya vs Brie Bella
JoJo performed ring announcing duties. Not much of a match. Natalya had Brie in the sharpshooter, but Nikki pulled her sister through the ropes to escape. Somehow, Natalya sold Brie's escape like an offensive move was hit on her, so Brie came back in and delivered an X-Factor for the pinfall victory. Really, Natalya's selling was quite ridiculous. JoJo is super cute.

Speaking of super cute, AJ Lee came out. Not in that way. She mocked Total Divas and all the participants on the show. Crowd started to get behind AJ. AJ said she sees a bunch of cheap, interchangeable, useless women in the ring. AJ's done in one year what none of the divas have been able to do in their entire careers. AJ said none of those women could touch her, and she skipped on out. Crowd applauded her.

Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio
RVD pinned Del Rio with his leg rollup. Ricardo was at ringside cheerleading for RVD. The title match is set for Night of Champions.

John Cena Update: He had surgery. It was successful.

WWE at MSG DVD comes out tomorrow.

Backstage, The Ryback bullied Josh Mathews.

Backstage, Axel and Paul were leaving. Renee Young asked about what happened. Paul, nearly crying, with bloodshot eyes, talked about how he just put his prodigal son in his place.

Christian vs Randy Orton
Orton pinned Christian with the RKO after blinding Christian with a thumb to the eye that the ref somehow never saw. Good match, super hot ending, with the crowd very in to Christian nearfalls at the end.

After the match, we saw Daniel Bryan on the Tron. He was backstage, hanging out with Orton's new Escalade. He spray painted "yes" all over the new car. Super hot, anti-authority, babyface defacing the heels new car. Cool. Cole called Orton's new car the Cadillac YEScalade.

Backstage, after break, Triple H, Brad Maddox, and Randy Orton surveyed the damage to the Escalade. Hunter demanded that Maddox gather all the Superstars and Divas and get them onto the stage to watch the main event. He said any superstar who interferes would be fired.

Jack Swagger vs Titus ONeil
Titus pinned Swagger clean with the Sky High. O'Neil was blown up big time at the end. Literally struggled to blow the whistle in the post match celebration.

In a taped vignette, Bray Wyatt said words. Word after word. If there was a meaning to any of it, no one cared.

Backstage, CM Punk refused medical attention. Punk demanded Heyman. Brad Maddox made Punk vs Axel & Heyman in a handicap elimination match for Night of Champions. If Heyman tries to back out, he is fired. Punk threatened Maddox that he better deliver.

The WWE Superstars were all coming out onto the stage. Before the match started, Renee Young tried to interview Big Show on the stage amongst all the other wrestlers. Big Show wouldn't answer her question, afraid of the consequences. Same for Dolph. Young went to Miz, who started to answer, but stopped before saying anything bad about what will happen to Daniel Bryan. Renee Young, frustrated, said Miz didn't want to answer to avoid being fired.

Shield vs Daniel Bryan
Bryan vs Rollins was first. Daniel countered a flying clothesline attempt from Rollins with a rolling half crab, which was pretty cool. Bryan pinned Rollins after the Boma Ye. Immediately, Dean Ambrose came in and pounded on Bryan with Lawler screaming that Bryan should get a breather in between. Not in this world, Jerry. Quickly, Bryan countered the Ambrose onslaught and locked in the Yes Lock! Before Dean could submit, Roman rushed in and beat on Bryan causing the DQ. The three Shield members triple teamed Bryan, while all the wrestlers looked on in shame on the stage. With Bryan beaten, Triple H entered. Big Show was afraid to look Hunter in the eye on the stage. Hunter made sure no one was going to help Bryan, and then Randy Orton came out and Hunter gave him his blessing to go to the ring. The Shield held Bryan up, and Orton gave him the RKO. Big Show was great here during this with his facial expressions. Orton walked back up the ramp, celebrated, and he and Hunter walked to the back while the wrestlers still looked on ashamed. The Shield celebrated over Bryan's prone body to end the show.

For whatever reason, this show didn't feel that long. I suppose that's a good thing. I wish Ted DiBiase the best in his future endeavors, and with his departure, maybe Evan Bourne can step into the role of guy who isn't used well for years. Until next time, bye!

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