Non-Raw notes from Phoenix


I was at Raw tonight in Phoenix

For Superstars

The Usos and Justin Gabrial def 3 MB with Gabrial winning with his 360 splash from the top rope.

Also There was an amazing match between Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro taped for Superstars. This was a great back and forth match PPV quality. Cesaro won the match where the threw ziggler in the air and hit with a upper cut as Ziggler was coming down. then Cesaro won the match with a gotch style face buster. This was a four star match.

Overall the show was Great

My Highlight from Raw are the following

The Match between Christian and Randy was really great and the crowd got in the Match when Chrisitan got the very close near fall for two.

Being there live was fun for this Match there was two kids around ten years old chanting back and forth one was going for Randy and the other for Christian.

Also the Paul Heyman and CM Punk segment came off well. I could really hear the cane shots in the Arena.

After Raw went off the Air there was a Dark Match with the Sheld vs. Mark Henry, Big Show and Rob Van Dam. As the match was getting started Daniel Bryan was still outside the ring, four officals helped him up, yet he made his way up the ramp own his own power. The crowd went home happy as Mark Henry hit is World Strongest Slam for the win.

This was a fun night for RAW. The crowd reminded me of a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show where the crowd wanted to be a part of the show like they see on TV.

Two other items of note

The upper level of the arena was tarped off

Also above the ring the was a huge outline of a man that looked like it was designed to come down and light up. It looked like Fandango. This was not used at all tonight.

Dave the article in the New York Times was amazing.


Daniel Prokosch

Hey Dave, 
Some notes from Raw (live)
Gabriel and the Usos beat 3MB when Gabriel pinned Drew with a 450. Eva Marie did the ring announcing. 
I was shocked that they had Dolph on Superstars. I was even more surprised when Cesaro beat him clean. It was, however, a very good match.
Dark Match: Show Henry and RVD beat the Shield. 
Big reactions for Bryan, Punk and Ziggler. 
The reactions for Orton and HHH were strange as the crowd popped for them as baby faces but then started to boo them when they began the angles. Almost as if the fans want to cheer them but they know the story is for them to be heels so they go with it. 
RVD and Big Show got good reactions as well. 
Tony Vicencio

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