WWE Main Event TV report - Rhodes vs. Axel

By Chris Aiken
Airdate: August 28, 2013
WWE Main Event from Las Vegas showcased three good matches and the continuing push of several wrestlers like Curtis Axel and the Prime Time Players. Likewise, the show also featured Kofi Kingston, Fandango, Cody Rhodes and the Real Americans team. 
The show opened with a fairly lengthy video package that recapped the events leading to a beatdown on a handcuffed CM Punk with a kendo stick by Axel and Paul Heyman from Monday on Raw. Then after the usual canned intro, Josh Matthews introduced Axel Riley as the new commentator on Main Event so he may be replacing Miz as the color analyst.
Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) beat Cody Rhodes via pinfall in a non-title match. They began with chain wrestling sequences until Rhodes grounded Axel with a hammerlock. Axel reversed into a waistlock only to get tripped up by Rhodes. Axel bailed out to consult with Heyman at ringside and, after the consultation, Rhodes offered to hold the ropes open for Axel but Axel declined the invite. Back in the ring, Axel took over and turned the match into a slugfest then clotheslined Rhodes from behind over the ropes to the floor. On the outside, Rhodes started to make a comeback but Axel cut him off by reversing a whip into the barricade before the first commercial break with Rhodes down and seemingly out.
After the break, Axel had the advantage when Rhodes fought out of a chinlock but Axel nailed him with a clothesline. Rhodes climbed to the top rope but Axel grabbed his arm and pulled him down and he crashed to the mat. Rhodes took a whip into the corner sternum first like Bret Hart. Moments later, Axel dropped an elbow off the second rope much like Hart. Rhodes fought out of a chinlock and ducked a clothesline before getting clotheslined from behind. Axel hit a running uppercut then charged into the corner and caught a boot by Rhodes. Rhodes did a moonsault from the top rope to start his comeback. Rhodes used Goldust spots like the drop down punch and the kick to the gut with the opponent draped over the ropes. After missing the disaster kick and blocking a fisherman's buster (Perfect-plex), Rhodes used the Alabama slam for a nearfall. Axel reversed a headlock with a side suplex but he got caught going up to the second rope and Rhodes hit a muscle buster. Axel tried to crawl out of the ring and Rhodes tried to drag him back to center ring. Axel grabbed ahold of the ring apron itself and a brief tug-of-war ensued before Axel kicked free of Rhodes' grasp. Axel then hit the hangman's facebuster for the pin.
Following the match, the announcers plugged Axel vs. Punk at Night of Champions. Likewise, an ad teased more strife for Daniel Bryan next Monday on Raw. Also, a vignette hyped Los Matadores.
Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil) beat Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter) when O'Neil pinned Swagger. Colter came to the ring but did not cut a promo. Young started off strong against Cesaro and tagged O'Neil, who whipped Young into a spear on Cesaro in the corner. Moments later, Young tagged back in and jumped off the top rope with an ax handle as O'Neil held Cesaro. Young got whipped in the corner and did the Harley Race spot of taking a bump over the turnbuckles and tumbling to the floor. Swagger clotheslined Young on the outside after tagging in. Young used a series of headbutts then a sunset flip to make a comeback. Cesaro cut him off with a cheapshot clothesline from the apron and Swagger hit the Vader splash. Cesaro tagged in and did a leap frog over Swagger into a double foot stomp on Young. Cesaro used the delayed gutwrench sulpex and. The Real Americans used a double team slam and Young bled from the mouth as the heels got heat on him.
Leading to the finish, Young  made a comeback after getting a boot up when Cesaro charged into the corner. Young hit a spin kick as Cesaro held his leg and made the hot tag to O'Neil. Swagger also tagged in and he fed into O'Neil then O'Neil picked him up and threw him over his head like a fallaway slam except O'Neil remained standing. O'Neil ran wild and Swagger begged off before O'Neil got a nearfall with a big boot before punching Cesaro on the apron. Swagger grabbed him from behind and slammed him down to the mat. Young made the save on the pin attempt and got a dropkick from Cesaro. Young clutched at his left knee after taking the bump. Then, O'Neil hit a sit-out spinebuster for the pin.      
Afterwards, a recap from Raw highlighted the angle from Raw with Daniel Bryan "YES" tagging Randy Orton's new SUV given to him by Triple H. Likewise, the recap highlighted the gauntlet match with Daniel Bryan and the Shield. Basically, it condensed the main angle on Raw into a few minutes. Instead of the usual WWE-style video package recap like that opened the show, Josh Matthews read the voiceover live as the clips aired. In the commercials that followed, a Main Event ad for the second straight week once again plugged John Cena, who will be out for months with an injury and not appearing on the show for some time.
Kofi Kingston beat Fandango (with Summer Rae) via disqualification. They exchange holds at the outset and Fandango gets a rope break when Kingston grabs a hammerlock. After several reversals, they began to hit the ropes and Kingston did two leap frogs before hitting a jumping back elbow. Kingston grounded Fandango but he fought free and sent Kingston into the corner with an Irish whip. Fandango went for a monkey flip out of the corner but Kingston landed on his feet and gave Fandango a monkey flip. After a baseball slide to the outside through Fandango's legs, Kingston tripped up Fandango on the apron. Fandango springs Kingston over him onto the apron and Kingston hit a springboard cross body from the second rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Kinston got distracted by Summer Rae and Fandango rams him shoulder first into the ring post before a commercial.
After the break, Fandango had the advantage but Kingston fought out of a top wristlock and mounted a comeback. Fandango reversed a modified sunset flip into a kneedrop on Kingston's arm. Fandango worked over the arm and used a fireman carry slam while still holding the arm. Kingston got a boot up when Fandango charged into the corner but Fandango used a spinning leg lariat moments later. Fandango floated over after a snap suplex then went back to a wristlock. Kingston made a comeback after a jawbreaker then ran wild before hitting the boom drop all while selling his arm. Kingston backed into a corner when Summer Rae grabbed his leg for the DQ. Live reports indicated the finish looked bad to the crowd as the referee apparently was not looking at Summer Rae but still called for the DQ. On television, it was not so noticeable. Afterwards, Fandango sold being upset at Summer Rae and she sold being remorseful.      

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