Non-Raw report from Des Moines

by Bradley Schaller

Hey Dave, I just got back from my first RAW live event since Jericho made his debut in 1999.  Hard to turn down comp tickets in the corporate suite.
Superstars tapings:
Ron Killings b Drew McIntyre  Good heat. Decent match
Curtis Axel b Kofi Kingston Same response. Loud "ECW" chant at Heyman at one point.  It wasn't announced as a title match, just that he was the IC champion.
After the show a few refs help up Bryan but he snaps out and walks himself to the back.
By this point a good percentage of fans walked out thinking it was over but then Main Event is announced as a 2 on 1 with Axel and Heyman versus Punk.
Heyman cuts a promo saying they don't want to wait until Night of Champions for Punk and says it will be no-DQ.  Gets cheap heat by saying they'll leave Punk as useless as someone who lives in Des Moines. Punk comes out to have a really short match that consists mostly of Punk whacking Curtis and Paul with the kendo stick.  I believe Curt's only offense was a low blow to stop him from hitting Heyman, the Punk ended it shortly after with a GTS and a pin.  Punk stay around longer to high five all the ringside fans and spend a couple of minutes with a quartet that dressed up as Jake the Snake, Ric Flair, Hogan, and Savage. 
There were really loud "Randy Savage" chants during the Orton-Rhodes match to which security told the guys to knock it off.  Also Miz played to them by strutting like Flair and doing the Hogan "hand to the ear" gesture while Fandango was being attended to.  Finally, the Macho Man clone (his outfit was really good) got some attention during Stephanie's confusing promo when she made the comment about having a "Friend in the back" when she was 12 years old.
No National anthem, no grand entrance, and only pyro for Kofi and RVD.  Commerical breaks were filled with a couple of RAW 20th anniversary segments (car stuff, "two word" promos over the years), WWE 2k14, the matadores vingette, and trailers for WWE produced films including one for No Holds Barred that went way too long and it seemed like they were really plugging Hogan.
-Brad Schaller 

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