WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | @lariatrope
Airdate: September 4, 2013
WWE Main Event from Minneapolis featured a match involving Fandango and Justin Gabriel that may stretch the limits of what constitutes a main event on a show titled as such. Still, the wrestling itself was good to decent and the show also featured the Wyatt Family being put over a team that was supposed to be getting a push. In another somewhat upset, R-Truth got a win over the holder of the only remaining valid Money In the Bank briefcase.
Alex Riley returned for another week on commentary to join Josh Matthews for a show that opened with Summer Rae dancing her way on to the stage and the entrance of Fandango followed. They did their usual dance routine before Justin Gabriel came to the ring.   
Fandango (with Summer Rae) beat Justin Gabriel via pinfall. In the closing match last week on Main Event, Fandango got beat by Kofi Kingston. This week, Fandango was in the opening match which is supposed to be the main event. Go figure. Likewise, Gabriel lost several times in the closing match (and elsewhere) on the show. Nevertheless, they had a good match that stretched through a commercial break. After an impromptu dance-off at the outset, they locked up and Fandango bailed out of the ring after Gabriel hit a shoulder block tackle. At ringside, Summer Rae fanned Fandango's arm so she may have emergency medical training besides being a ballroom dancer.
Back in the ring and following a few exchanges, Gabriel got a hammerlock but Fandango reversed it with a drop toe hold only for Gabriel to reverse back into a hammerlock. Fandango used a cheap shot knee strike as the referee called for a rope break. Fandango used some chops in the corner and a fireman's carry slam. They quickened the pace with flying exchanges then they exchanged chops. Gabriel began using elbow strikes when Fandango bailed out again to take a powder. They locked back up in the ring and chain wrestled for a few moments. Fandango looked to gain the advantage but Gabriel reversed a whip then hit a dropkick and Fandango once again bailed out of the ring. Gabriel hit a suicide dive over the ropes to the floor and took a nasty bump when he landed before the first commercial break.
After the break, Gabriel went to the top rope but Fandango shoved him off and he crashed down to ringside. Gabriel barely got back in the ring to break the count and Fandango put the boots to him. After a snap suplex, Fandango grounds Gabriel with a headlock. Fandango blocked an attempt at a sunset flip then choked Gabriel on the top rope. Gabriel gets pummeled in a corner and does a big sell for an Irish whip into the turnbuckles. Gabriel reversed a headlock with a side suplex and Fandango missed a charge into the corner. After a few leg kicks and two roundhouse kicks, Gabriel splashed Fandango in a corner then hit a springboard cross body for a nearfall. Gabriel got another nearfall with a cradle but got caught charging towards a corner then Fandango hit a spinning heel kick. Gabriel landed on his feet after a German suplex only for Fandango to block Gabriel's attempt at a German suplex with an kick. Fandango climbed up the turnbuckles and hit a legdrop off the top rope for the pin.
Afterwards, a Night of Champions ad plugged the handicap match with CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel. Also, a recap from Raw highlighted the angle involving Big Show being forced to deliver a KO punch to Daniel Bryan.
R-Truth beat Damien Sandow via pinfall. Truth rapped his way to the ring and Sandow cut a promo during his entrance. He said he was going to talk about the truth and said Rhodes was "justifiably" fired. He also claimed to be the uncrowned world champion and vowed to cash in his Money In the Bank briefcase at some point. Before the match, Sandow handcuffed his leather bound briefcase to a turnbuckle. Truth got the early advantage with a headlock. Sandow fought his way free but went down after a shoulder tackle before Truth got a backslide. After Truth went back to a headlock, they exchanged a cradle and a roll up attempt. Sandow bailed out of the ring and Truth gave chase only to get caught re-entering the ring. Sandow took over control and grounded Truth with a chinlock until he fought back. Truth danced into a leg drop and clotheslined Sandow over the top rope to the floor before a commercial break.
After the commercials, Sandow hit a swinging neckbreaker before Truth began a comeback that Sandow cut off by knocking him off the apron to the floor. Truth tumbled into the barricade then Sandow began to get heat on him and grounded him in the ring with a body scissors. Truth tried to start another comeback but got sent through the ropes and out to ringside. Back in the ring, Sandow used a side Russian leg sweep to set up the Elbow of Disdain. After hitting a backbreaker, Sandow missed a moonsault off the second rope. Truth began a comeback with a few clotheslines, a tilt-a-whirl into a headscissors takeover and a leg lariat for a nearfall. Truth avoided Sandow's attempt at a flip into a neckbreaker then Truth hit a scissors kick for another nearfall. Sandow blocked the Lie Detector finisher by holding on the top rope. Moments later after a roll up nearfall, Truth hit the Lie Detector for the pin.
Afterwards, Sandow announced himself as still the uncrowned world champion despite losing this match. Following the match, a recap from Raw featured the firing of Cody Rhodes due to a stipulation set by Triple H in a match where Rhodes lost to Randy Orton. Likewise, announced for Smackdown was a "town hall meeting" involving Triple H and the WWE roster.
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyatt) beat Darren Young & Titus O'Neil when Harper pinned O'Neil. Although the Prime Time Players were supposedly getting a push (and got a win last week on Main Event), they lost a quick match here. The Wyatt Family did their usual entrance complete with a darkened arena and a lantern guiding them down the ramp. Bray Wyatt sat in his rocking chair to watch the match which started with a slugfest between Rowan and O'Neil. Rowan was gaining the advantage when O'Neil knocked him down with a big boot. Rowan reversed an Irish whip and splashed O'Neil in the corner before he tagged Harper, who slugged it out with O'Neil and grounded him with a chinlock. O'Neil got back to his feet and guided Harper back in to a corner for Young to make a blind tag. Young ran wild with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex and a clothesline in the corner. O'Neil runs in and nailed Rowan out of the ring. Harper hit Young with a big boot in the ring and Rowan threw O'Neil in to the barricade at ringside. Harper used a tornado clothesline for the pin.
After the match, Bray Wyatt left his seat in the rocking chair and entered the ring. He stalked Young then delivered Sister Abigail (downward spiral). Wyatt kneeled before a prone Young, outstretched his arms, looked towards the heavens and shouted "follow the buzzards" to close the show.

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