WWE house show report 9-7 East Rutherford, NJ

By Mike Omansky


From Mike Omansky

Entire upper level unsold/blocked off

Good show overall – 2 hours 40 minutes including intermission

DEAN AMBROSE W ROB VAN DAM, pin (clean) in an excellent opener to retain U.S. title.   Strong throughout, fast paced. Ambrose dominated in first half of match; Van Dam in second half. Finish: RVD leaps off of top ropes onto Ambrose, who flips position midair, and hooks legs coming down. ** ½

SAMMY ZANE & BO DALLAS W ANTONIO CAESARO & JACK SWAGGER when Dallas pinned Antonio with a crocodile clutch. Finish: Zane throws Swagger outside of ring and dives on top of him, while Antonio tries to lift Dallas who flips and locks in clutch for pin. Decent match; Dallas looked good. * ½

VICKY GUERERRO out. She introduces THE BIG SHOW. She said that she spoke to HHH, who wanted SHOW to sit and watch the Orton-Bryan main event tonight, but not interfere.

>NATALYA W BRIE BELA. Submission, sharpshooter. Adequate. Earlier in the evening, they had fans text whether they wanted a match or a dance off. Fans voted for dance off. They started, but Bella attacked Natalya, and the ref started a match anyway. ½*

Promo airs on screen with Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel, talking about IC title match later. Customized for market: Heyman also talks about the stench of New Jersey.

THE SHIELD W USOS, pin, to retain the tag belts. Rollins with a running knee and pin. Solid match as you would expect. **

TYSON KIDD W DREW MCINTYRE, neckbreaker off top rope and pin. DUD.

CM PUNK W CURTIS AXEL (with Paul Heyman), pin, in a no dq. match. Match had been advertised on TV each week (in local markets) as a title match; but Heyman announced that he found a clause in the contract that because of the no dq stips, this really wasn’t a title match.

Punk came to the ring with a kendo stick and started hammering Axel when the bell rang. Heyman intereferd, and as Punk was about to hit him with the stick, the low blow came. Good back and forth with Punk and Axel.   Later in the match Punk finally hit Heyman with the stick; then GTS and pin. Good match. **

BRAD MADDOCKS came out with a chair, and invited BIG SHOW to sit and watch the main event. He reminded SHOW that he could not interfere.

DANIEL BRYAN (with Big Show sitting watching at ringside) won on DQ over RANDY ORTON In the WWE title match, due to outside interference by the Shield. Very good, almost 25 minute match. Match started out okay, but built nicely and both men worked – each did their moves (except no RKO). As Bryan finally locked in the submission, Shield charged out for the DQ. At first, they beat Bryan down 3 on 1 as Show watched helplessly; then SHOW had enough, charged ring, and the faces cleaned house to close the show. ** 1/2

No return date announced.

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