WWE house show report 9-8 Hamilton, ONT

by Chris Cooper

WWE Live - Hamilton Results

Sounds like it was the same show as Windsor. 
1.  Dolph Ziggler won a battle royal to earn a title shot against Alberto later in the night.
Ryback and Big E took turns body slamming everyone until the were the last two standing.  They teased a fight but Sandow jumped Big E.  Ryback scared off Sandow who ran off and hid.  At the end Dolph eliminated Slater and Jinder and celebrated.  Sandow returned and Dolph eliminated him.  After the battle royal Sandow got on the microphone and made an open challenge which Big E accepted.
2. Big E Langston pinned Damien Sandow.  
3.  Prime Time Players beat Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal
4.  Naomi pinned AJ in a non title match.  Huge reaction for AJ.
5.  R-Truth pinned Fandango.  This started out as a dance contest but turned into a match after Fandango attacked Truth while he was dancing.
6.  Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper beat Brodus and Tensai.  Rowan was ringside for this.
7.  Ryback pinned Xavier Woods
8.  Dolph beat Alberto by DQ.  Before the match Alberto ripped up a kid's sign, Dolph later gave the kid his shirt and Alberto's shirt.  Alberto shoved the ref and then put Dolph in the arm bar.  It looked like Dolph submitted and Alberto celebrated.  The ref then disqualified Alberto for shoving him.  Dolph recovered and gave Alberto a Zig Zag on a chair.  This match was awesome, the best thing on the show by a mile.   

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