WWE NXT TV Report: Jack Swagger vs. Sami Zayn

Emerson Witner

Before I begin, I need to get some important news out there. After Jay Bradley magically won 7 points in the BFG Series, I have taken it upon myself to award myself 10 points! So while I finished outside of the Final Four, my 10 points puts me in 11th Place, ahead of Bradley and Hernandez.

Charlotte and Bayley defeated Aksana and Alicia Fox

Charlotte and Bayley are teaming up a few months after they had a match in Charlotte's debut. They are both on Raw about as often as Alicia Fox is, while I don't think Aksana has been on Raw since Antonio Cesaro dumped her. Bayley tried to start the match with a Hug It Out, but Aksana drove a knee into her stomach. Every time I see Alicia all I can think of is when she did an interview, saying that WrestleMania was about what you were going to wear. Bayley got no offense in for three minutes before she grabbed Aksana for a hug and turned it into a belly to belly suplex. Charlotte got the hot tag, did some wacky flips and climbed to the top. Of course she is Ric Flair's daughter, so she got flipped off. We had a screwy finish were Bayley tagged herself in, somehow Alicia booted Aksana and Bayley did a roll up for the win...I think.

-Monay! Backstage Sylvester Lefort is talking to Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev about Rusev's match with Mason Ryan. Rusev broke a board with Mason's name over his knee.

Corey Graves (w/Rib Tape and Adrian Neville) defeated Rick Victor (w/Conor O'Brien)

Graves is wearing his DDP rib tape under his breasts. Victor stole Graves' NXT Tag Title belt last week when Ascension violently attacked him with a large piece of metal. Graves had no problem beating on Victor, as he took most of the match. Victor only got the heat when Graves was dumb enough to attack Victor with his ribs. Rick ripped off Corey's rib tape, which actually had a small portion of the audience yell “OH!” Alex Riley needs to think before he talks. He said he knows what it's like to have someone steal his championship, before adding that he has never won a championship. Corey almost went limp as Victor slapped on a rear chin lock. Graves made his comeback, which included a Breast Grabbing STO. Adrian Neville and Conor O'Brien began fighting and Graves won with a small package

-After the match Graves got his title belt back.

-Sasha Banks is applying lip gloss backstage when Summer Rae walks up and tells her she better have her head in next weeks match with Paige. Summer tells her this is the biggest match of her life, saying Paige thinks she is too good to be a diva and thinks she is better than Sasha and Summer.

Summer asked Sasha if she knows she has that inner rage. I love Sasha. Have I said that yet this week?

-After the break Renee Young asked Paige about the match next week. Paige said she is the champion despite Sasha being good. Paige said she is not a cover girl, but she covers girls.

Alexander Rusev (w/Sylvester Lefort and Scott Dawson) submitted Mason Ryan

Frenchie has That Jacket on again this week. Despite breaking the board with Mason's name on it earlier, Alexander has it back in one piece and broke it a second time. Remember when Mason was in Nexus? That was an amazing 3 months. Well maybe not. A-Ry told us that this will not be a technical wrestling battle. Aw, man, but Mason is the second coming of Bret Hart! Jesus H Christ! Rusev, who is a squat 300 pounder took to the air with a spinning heel kick to Mason. That should have been his finish. Mason didn't leave his feet during his comeback, using punches and a clothesline into the corner. Scott Dawson jumped up on the apron and got beaten. Sylvester hopped up on the apron and Rusev hit a huge corner splash, before submitting Mason with a Camel Clutch!

-Backstage Leo Kruger has laid out Xavier Woods! We don't know anything else that has happened, we just see Leo standing over Xavier's beaten body.

-Tonight on Total Diva's Nikki Bella gets injured and it's that god awful moment when Jo Jo sang the Tons of Funk entrance.

Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) submitted Sami Zayn

Zayn kicks off the main event by assaulting his much larger foe, much to the fans delight. Sami is easily the most popular wrestler in NXT at this point. Zayn flew all over the ring and the ringside area until the former World Champion finally ran over Sami to take over. Alex Riley continued his fine commentary by talking about how Swagger will put you in a hold to ware you down, which Jack followed by hitting a belly to belly suplex and a regular suplex. Swagger with a clothesline that made Sami flip ass over teakettle and nearly land on The All American American. After teasing it earlier, Sami hit his giant big ass flip over the top rope, taking out Swagger. Remember when Swagger, just five months ago, was in a World Title Match at WrestleMania? Swagger with a huge power slam for a 2 count. Swagger actually hit the Gut Wrench Power bomb, but somehow Sami kicked out, so Jack locked on the Patriot Lock, but Sami scratched and clawed to the ropes. The fans leapt to their feet as Sami hit the Mafia Kick in the corner, but Swagger again kicked out. Another awesome spot as they fight to the top rope and Zayn hits the Sunset Flip Power Bomb for another near fall. Out stomped Bo Dallas to “cheer for” Sami, which distracted Zayn long enough for Swagger to lock on the Patriot Lock for the submission.

Bo just shook his head as the show ends with Swagger and Colter celebrating.

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