WWE announces Jim Ross retirement

The WWE's web site announced Jim Ross is retiring from the company to pursue other personal business endeavors.

Ross met with Vince McMahon today where the decision was made to end his run with the company, which had had a few stops and starts, dating back to the 1993 WrestleMania show.

The decision, which was made by McMahon, was first told to us by a source in the company that it was possible, if not likely on the day of SummerSlam, stemming from the now-infamous 2K Sports symposium where Ric Flair spoke at length about a variety of subjects.

Ross took heat from management for not cutting Flair off and keeping the symposium to what it was scripted to be.  Even though it was a 2K Sports symposium, and 2K Sports people had no problem with Flair's behavior, those in WWE were not happy with certain subjects and how they were brought up.

Since nothing had happened for three weeks, many expected that the heat and blown over.

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