WWE Main Event TV report

Airdate: September 11, 2013
By Chris Aiken | @lariatrope
WWE Main Event from Ottawa featured great wrestling in a match with Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston during the go-home week of programming leading to Night of Champions. Besides being a hard-sell for the pay-per-view, the show also had R-Truth almost landing on his head doing a dive in match with Big E Langston. Plus, the Prime Time Players and 3MB had a match to hype the upcoming tag team turmoil.
The Miz returned to the broadcast booth to join Josh Matthews on commentary. Throughout the show, they teased Miz may be back on commentary for a few weeks. On a related note, the ad plugging Main Event that usually airs during the show featured Miz this week, which is much more relevant than the version that aired the last several weeks with John Cena (since he will be out for awhile). In addition, a replay of the show from the previous week had been airing before the new episode but no encore showing before this show. 
In a previous episode of Main Event that aired on May 1, 2013, Cesaro and Kingston had a highly praised match that received rave reviews. On this episode, the two had another great match. Though arguably not as great as their previous Main Event match, it was still very good. The match back in May benefited from being longer as it went through two commercial breaks while their match only had one break this week.       
Kofi Kingston beat Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter). Cesaro jumped Kingston as the bell sounded. He pounded on Kingston and grounded him with a headlock. After two leapfrogs, Kingston landed a leg lariat. Cesaro grabbed Kingston by the tights and sent him crashing into the second turnbuckle. Kingston got whipped into a corner but slid through the second rope and nailed Cesaro with a kick. Kingston did a springboard clothesline off the top rope. Kingston grabbed a front facelock then Cesaro lifted him up and over the ropes to the apron before giving Kingston a backdrop back in the ring. Kingston blocked an attempt at an Irish whip with headscissors takeover. Cesaro rolled out of the ring and Kingston sailed through the ropes with a dropkick. On the outside, Kingston got whipped towards the steps but he leaped over them then Kingston turned and jumped on to the steps into a flip dive. Back in the ring, Cesaro used a trifecta of delayed gutwrench suplexes. Kingston tried to reverse the momentum when it briefly turned into a slugfest. However, Kingston got sent crashing to the floor over the top turnbuckle after missing a splash in the corner.
After a commercial break, Cesaro had Kingston grounded with a chinlock. The pace of the match began to pick up as Kingston started a comeback that led up to the boom drop. Cesaro blocked the Trouble In Paradise finisher and Kingston got a roll up before he hit a double springboard crossbody. Cesaro blocked an attempt at a hurricanrana before he tossed Kingston in the air for an uppercut. Kingston sold being dead weight then attempted a small package but Cesaro blocked it with a dead lift spot. In doing so, Cesaro lifted Kingston off the mat and attempted a delayed vertical suplex but Kingston blocked it and hit the SOS finisher for a nearfall. Kingston charged into a corner only for Cesaro to get a boot up and block the Trouble In Paradise moments later. When blocking the move, Cesaro grabbed Kingston's leg and started an extended giant swing. Cesaro swung Kingston around over-and-over in a lengthy spot. Cesaro hit the ropes and used a Stan Hansen lariat clothesline for a nearfall. Kingston blocked the neutralizer with a flip into a pin attempt. They locked arms and bridged up before Kingston hit Trouble In Paradise for the pin. (Words really cannot describe the great wrestling here so check out the match if possible.)
Afterwards, a video package focused on the recent history and feud between Paul Heyman and CM Punk in a hard sell for the handicap match at Night of Champions with Punk vs. Heyman & Curtis Axel. Also, the announcers plugged the tag team turmoil match for the Night of Champions pre-show (called the "kickoff") in which the winners get a shot at the tag team champions (The Shield's Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) later that night on the pay-per-view. Likewise, Tons of Funk danced down to ringside to provide guest commentary and insight for the next match. They discussed the upcoming NOC pre-show bout during the next match. Brodus Clay said "ya dig" several times at the end of his statements and he briefly bickered with Miz before they each put the other over. While Clay and Tensei did not exactly enhance the match on commentary, they were not a distraction either as it provided a way to extensively plug the tag team turmoil match.  
Darren Young & Titus O'Neil beat Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal. At the outset, Mahal got overpowered by O'Neil and Slater came out on the losing end of a slugfest with O'Neil. Before O'Neil put the boots to Mahal in a corner, Young handed him the whistle to blow in unison with his kicks. Young tagged in and came into the ring via an ax handle off the top rope. Slater tagged in and ran in to a roaring elbow by Young, who then grounded Slater with an armbar. Prime Time Players use a double team move as O'Neil suplexed Young on to a prone Slater. Mahal tried to make the save but got cut off and 3MB bail out of the ring before a commercial.
After the break, the Prime Time Players had the advantage and O'Neil used a delayed slam before he tagged out. Young used a northern lights suplex with a bridge before punching Mahal in a corner. Mahal bailed out of the ring and Slater distracted Young so Mahal could hit a running knee. 3MB got heat on Young but he got a nearfall with a roll up after Slater began to play to the crowd. Young used a backdrop and Mahal ran in to break up the tag attempt. Young hit a belly-to-belly overhead suplex and made the hot tag. O'Neil ran wild and hit a clothesline in the corner before he used a modified fallaway slam. Slater made the save for a nearfall. On the outside, Slater threw Young into the announce table only to get knocked off the ring apron by O'Neil. Mahal tried a roll up and missed a kick then O'Neil hit the Clash of the Titus (sitout spinebuster) for the pin.
Following the match, a video package highlighted the build for the WWE title match with Randy Orton defending against Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions. The highlights included Triple H ordering several beatdowns on Bryan. Besides the saga of Triple H and Stephanie trying to bury Bryan in storyline, the recap also focused on the drama with Big Show and the firing of Cody Rhodes. In addition, a plug for Smackdown announced a Cutting Edge interview segment with Edge hosting a confrontation between Bryan and Orton.
Big E Langston beat R-Truth. The story of the match, like most matches on this show featuring Big E, was Langston kept overpowering Truth. Truth got a headlock early on only to get knocked down by a few shoulder tackles. After a leapfrog into a drop down spot, Truth hit a dropkick and Langston bailed out of the ring. Truth did a dive over the ropes and seemed to overshoot his mark and almost landed on his head. He took a nasty bump and seemed somewhat shaken up momentarily though he continued the match. Back in the ring, Langston caught Truth after a crossbody and Langston used a few backbreakers before a splash. Langston applied the abdominal stretch before getting caught by charging into a corner as Truth got a boot up. Langston again charged towards Truth but got sent over the ropes to the floor which led to a Truth comeback. After a dropkick to the knee and a DDT for a nearfall, Truth missed an ax kick and Langston nailed him with a clothesline. Langston pulled the straps down and hit the Big Ending for the pin.

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