WWE Smackdown TV report

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They hyped up Edge being on the show, where he'll host The Cutting Edge with Bryan and Orton. Show then came out to read a pre-written apology straight from a piece of paper. He apologised to Triple H for not doing the simple job he was asked to do Monday (knock out Bryan) and for setting a poor example as a locker room leader. He read the words completely wooden to let everyone know they weren't his. He finished and Hunter's music hit.

Hunter thanked him for the apology, even if it wasn't sincere. He explained he wasn't picking on Show, he just wanted him to be a business man. He said in any other company, if you disregard the COO's request it's grounds for dismissal. Show cut in asking him not to do this. Hunter said Show wasn't fired, just suspended for the night without pay, which really hurts because he's broke. Before Show could get out of the ring The Shield's music hit and they came out from the crowd.

Show waited for his beating in the ring and fought them off after an initial three on one attack. He eventually got some distance and stood on the announcers' table for higher ground. Rollins grabbed Show's leg so that Reigns could attack with a chair. But Show punched the chair from his hands after the first swing and fought off Ambrose and Rollins. He then dove off the table with a spear to Reigns. Big Show got a lot of heat when he then rolled Reigns into the ring and stopped blind sides from both Ambrose and Rollins. He signalled for the WMD on Rollins but Reigns took Show out from behind with a chair before he could deliver it. Reigns kept attacking the back of Show, yelling at him stay down as his team mates got up. They said it was his own fault and then triple power bombed Show. They stood over him, all weary, to end the segment. Good story telling in the action. Show was finally allowed to fight back but the numbers in the end were too great for him.

Match Number One: Natalya, Naomi & Brie Vs. Fox, Aksana & Layla.

AJ came out for commentary. Hers was the only entrance. Whole thing was a mess. Natalya was about to put one of the non-Total Divas (Raw recap has called them Partial Divas, which I really like) in the sharpshooter so AJ just ran in for the DQ. She was surrounded by the Total Divas though. Natalya was about to put her in the Sharpshooter when Layla pulled AJ from the ring. Timing, performance, execution and writing was all off here.

Winners: Total Divas, DQ.

Vickie introduced us to Dancing with the WWE Superstars. Vickie introduced R-Truth first, who rapped his way to the ring. Next out was Fandango with Summer Rae. The Miz' music hit when she asked if they were ready. He came out in disco attire and an afro. He introduced himself as Mizco Inferno. He took a flamboyant pink jacket from someone in the front row and Vickie said he could compete. Khali then threw his hat into the ring, saying “Vickie, I want to dance!”. They all danced, Miz twerked, I died a little inside. Miz won by crowd applause. Fandango called the other three a disgrace to the art of dance, then tried to cheapshot Truth. Truth cut him off and with Miz threw Fandango from the ring before dancing together.

Los Matadores are coming.

Cole told us Vickie had informed him to throw to an interview by their new colleague, RyBack. He said he had many skills people weren't aware of, and thanked Vickie for the chance to show off his interviewing abilities. Just the first line from him mouth was the least laboured of his career. He was so much better here, being less bombastic. He then introduced Archibald Peck who called himself Robert Evans. RyBack said he looked like he was dressed to compete and asked for his measurements. Evans said he was six foot four, one eighty five pounds. RyBack lead him down a road about having dreams of competing at WrestleMania, competing against someone the calibre of himself. RyBack said that everyone has dreams and his is to beat the hell out of people like Evans. RyBack then floored him. Best RyBack spot maybe ever.

Ricardo came into Vickie's office after being summoned. She said he was banned from RVD's corner at Night of Champions for fear of his safety. They argued in Spanish until Vickie stopped him and said fine, if he wants to be in RVD's corner, then RVD can be in his corner tonight when he takes on ADR. I thought she didn't like Del Rio.

Match Number Two: Damien Sandow Vs. Santino.

Sandow cut a brief promo on Canada before the match. Crowd were happy to see Santino back. Needless to say this wasn't on par with the Cesaro match. Sandow started strong, hitting the elbow of disdain. Santino did deadlift a back drop driver out of an abdominal stretch though, strong dude. He then made his comeback and pulled out the cobra. Sandow hit a forearm but went shoulder first into the steel post when Santino dodged a shoulder charge, SmackDown's favourite spot. Santino hit the cobra for the pinfall.

Winner: Santino, Pinfall.

Heyman and Axel came out for an interview conducted in ring by Cole. Heyman started red eyed and close to tears. Cole asked what Axel and Heyman would do to stop Punk from going through with his plans at Night of Champions. Axel said Punk won't be getting to Paul, because Punk can't beat Axel. Heyman said he was an advocate for peace, not a fighter. He called for a public boycott of Night of Champions. He asked if the people didn't have something better to spend their money on, an education, clothing etc. He said if you buy Night of Champions you will see Punk get his hands on Paul. With all due respect to Axel, he taught Punk how to work around the system, so Punk will find a way around Axel. Not because he's better, but because he was Heyman's son. He said Punk would slaughter him to the point that this will be the last time you will ever get to see Paul Heyman on TV. He said if this was his last chance to say it publicly, he will always love Punk, but will never forgive the crowd. He left and the crowd quickly organised a na-na nah nah, goodbye chant. Heyman is on his own level.

Match Number Three: Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs. Ricardo w/ RVD, Non-Title Match.

Del Rio attacked Ricardo at the bell. He mocked RVD with thumbs, so the camera missed Ricardo hitting a dropkick before a schoolboy for two. Del Rio superkicked Ricardo before he got to his feet. Ricardo again came back quickly with a tornado DDT. RVD then directed him to the top rope but Del Rio crotched him before dropkicking RVD through the ropes. Del Rio brought Ricardo in with a inverted suplex off the top for the pinfall.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio, Pinfall.

Del Rio put the armbreaker on after the match. RVD broke it up and hit a Five Star Frogsplash, then posed with the belt.

Match Number Four: Dolph Ziggler Vs. Dean Ambrose (c), Non-Title Match.

Ziggler would get a chance at the US Championship that Ambrose holds at Night of Champions with a win here. Ziggler got a good reaction coming out whereas Ambrose came out alone during the break. Ambrose got on top until Dolph hit a dropkick and ten elbow drops. Ambrose again took over for an adbreak. They started trading sleeper attempts after Ambrose held the ropes to stop himself going down for a ZigZag. Dolph hit the fame asser though, which lead to a run in by Rollins and Reigns.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, DQ.

I assume that means he gets his title mat at Night of Champions. The Usos ran in to fight with the Shield during the three on one and cleared the ring. Vickie came out and said it looks like Dolph gets his title shot, but was making this a six man match right now.

Match Number Five: Dolph Ziggler & The Usos Vs. The Shield.

The Shield got the heat on Ziggler until he sent Ambrose from the ring and avoided a shoulder charge into the corner by Reigns, which was our weekly second shoulder to steel post spot of the week. He finally got the hot tag to Jimmy who ran wild on Seth. Ambrose broke up a two count off a Samoan Drop so Dolph took himself and Ambrose from the ring. Reigns speared Jay who had broken up a pin attempt on Jimmy. Jimmy superkicked Reigns then Rollins. He went up top for the splash but Rollins got the knees up for the pinfall.

Winners: The Shield, Pinfall.

There was a poor edit from the end of the Shield match to Edge's music hitting and coming to the ring.

He said Triple H was allowing him to host the Cutting Edge because it was good for business. That got a “good for business” chant. He said he was here for the fans but he won't forget he doesn't respect Hunter, who married his way into the job and got his goons to take out his best friend Christian. He then looked into the camera to address Christian and said when you come back it's not for one more match, it's to take them out. Edge knows how to talk. He then brought out Orton followed by Bryan.

Edge asked Orton how it feels to be a sell out for the first question. Orton said it was hardly a tough question, and called Edge washed up. Bryan tried to defend Edge, but was cut off so Edge could remind Orton that Edge has been champion more times than him. Again, Bryan seems to be playing second fiddle to everyone. Orton talked for a while about the business needing change after ten years of Cena and he is what's best for business. Edge asked Bryan if he thinks he should be the face of the business. Bryan didn't do the yes spot, instead saying he didn't care about business. Orton cut him off calling him naive but Bryan got to man up and tell him shut up.

Bryan said he'd listened for weeks about what's best for business. But the most important things in his life have nothing to do with what's best for business or balance sheets. He has love, satisfaction, passion and dreams. They're on no one's balance sheet. He'd never dreamed of being the face of a corporation, he'd dreamt of holding the title. And he will achieve it at Night of Champions.

Orton said if he wanted the title so bad he'd help him achieve his dream tonight. He blind sided Bryan, knocking him down with elbows. He eventually let up to make sure Edge wasn't getting involved, but when he went back down Bryan took the arm and put him in the yes lock. Orton eventually tapped to not much of a reaction. Referees eventually ran down to break the hold and the Show ended with Bryan yessing with the full crowd behind him. The image of the last ten seconds were good, but the body of the segment wasn't much to get excited about. Bryan did his best to be defiant about the corporation stuff, but his rousing speech was hardly a Braveheart moment. And Orton chewed a few of his lines when he was meant to be angry.

It will be interesting to see where things settle after Night of Champions, but I think I'm less excited by the show now than I was a few weeks ago. I'm sure it will still be worth seeing, but this was a tough show to sit through.

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