First batch of Night of Champions feedback

Thumbs Down

Best Match: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
Worst Match: AJ Lee vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya
This was, in my opinion, a bad show. I found it absolutely ridiculous that they did two commercials during the Tag Team Turmoil match on the pre-show. It got even worse when the match was over and they cut away from the arena with over two minutes to go so they just displayed a clock on the screen. The very first match of the tag team turmoil was a new level of ugly, but luckily it didn't last long.
Thirty minutes into the show, with a prolonged open promo by Triple H and an unannounced Curtis Axel match, this was basically another RAW. The matches were NOT good at all tonight. I felt that there was a lot of clumsy moments in many of the bouts. The RVD finish was total bullshit, and I felt offended for buying the PPV. The Daniel Bryan win was obviously happening as every match was won by a heel (except for The Miz, who's more of a heel than Fandango nowadays anyway!). I don't understand why the announcers didn't mention the fast count, or why it was even there. It made a sad night of heel wins end bad. The crowd was so dead during the show that it made me fall asleep in front of the TV. Orton and Bryan had a good match, but it wasn't good enough to save the show or make me give it a Thumbs in the Middle. I'm curious to see how they will explain Ryback helping Paul Heyman after Heyman and Maddox screwed him out of CM Punk's title in Hell in a Cell last time around these three were together. That interference made no sense, but I guess we're getting an explanation tomorrow. Finally, I fully agree with Dave - there was a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT of advertisements during this show. Definitely let down.
Eddie T.

Thumbs in the middle. Fine but not great. The key matches could have been better if they decided to just cut on video packages.The USA & Tag title matches were killed in those spots.
Best Match: Bryan vs. Orton. Kind of a great match, but not a killer match. The first referee bump signaled the end for me. The quick count was just an easy way out for it. A reverse decision or a help up title is next. Either way I think that the next PPV will be a multiple person tag match and the blowout of this feud will be at Hell in a Cell. Maybe tomorrow Dusty issue a WarGames challenge or something.
Worst Match: Miz vs. Fandango. Random. Boring. Pointless.

Pre show
Their website feed is a mess. Tried it for like 7 minutes and couldn't see anything. Decided to Google it and the first random page that I got worked. No wonder why nobody buys their PPVs via the website.
Axel vs. Kingston **1/4
Divas *
RVD vs. ADR ***1/4
Fandango vs. Miz DUD
Axel & Heyman vs Punk ***1/2
Ambrose vs. Ziggler *3/4
Shield vs. PTP **
Bryan vs. Orton ****

Leonardo II Mendez
San Sebastian, PR

Night of Champions Review
rating--- Thumbs in the middle
Best match-- Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
worst match-- Del Rio vs RVD
I enjoyed the pre show. I thought it was treated much like an NFL pre game show, some good analysis. The gauntlet match was pretty fun.
Good "champion" vignette to open the show.
The Nattie Neidhart double sharpshooter was a good spot.
$50 to see a DQ finish in the RVD/Del Rio match was super weak.
Fandango/Miz should have been on Raw, didn't need to see that on PPV either.
I did like JBL's Detroit sports history during commentary.
Punk was extremely over in Detroit (and everywhere). Everything Heyman touches is gold right now. His facials are great and so were Punk's.  Ryback deadlifting Heyman to the back was impressive. Ryback was booked strong there and I hope he and Heyman join forces officially tomorrow on tv.
How does Dolph get a US title shot? Didn't he job on Raw 3 weeks straight? what makes him #1 contender?
In the main event, sure seemed like a fast count from ref Scott Armstrong. Maybe Triple H will open Raw tomorrow and say he was concussed and had no business ofccicating after eh got knocked out? I could see them taking the belt off Daniel Bryan tomorrow, but I hope not! (big Bryan Danielson mark here)
Dan Petrucci

Hi Dave & Bryan,
Although I thought SummerSlam was a major home run for WWE last month and was so much fun to watch Daniel Bryan win and have it taken away from him logically, tonight it was the complete opposite. Night of Champions was just awful - from top to bottom. So many things about this 'fast count' angle are just plain stupid. The ref goes down, a replacement ref comes out, but then later the original ref is ok again and resumes reffing the match? Then a super fast count - Daniel Bryan (the mega face) doesn't notice? Randy Orton, as champion, doesn't protest that at all? The announcers don't act at all surprised by any of this? JBL was a World Champion and HE didn't notice Orton getting screwed for the title?
Maybe I'm looking for logic where there isn't supposed to be any. Why didn't they just bring out a Scott Armstrong look-alike and recreate the twin referee angle from 20+ years ago? At least that would have been something to get people questioning things...
It's not even worth commenting on the rest of the trash the WWE served up tonight, except to say at least we won't have to be subjected to any more crappy Ryback backstage interviews.
Thank God I don't have to pay to watch RAW tomorrow night to see all of this 'ref' storyline unfold; because I wouldn't.
Blair Matthews

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