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Thumbs Up
Best: Bryan vs. Orton
Worst: Miz vs. Fandango
Sounds like it wasn't that great on TV, but in the arena it seemed like an easy thumbs up - where I was everyone sounded very loud and into everything, chanting "this is awesome" during tag team turmoil of all things (Uso's offense) and Punk clobbering Heyman with the kendo stick. The only thing they seemed to actively dislike was Miz vs. Fandango (though I'm not sure if this was picked up on TV, but 85% of the arena was actually doing the dance when the song came on... then they kind of get tired of it by the time Fandango actually gets down to the ring) though Ambrose vs. Ziggler also ended up slotted as a cool-down match from the incredible crowd reaction from Punk's match. Even the opening HHH segment seemed to get a lot of noise from the crowd, but it dragged on and died the moment Axel began talking.  RVD vs. Del Rio was well received and seemed very good live, people did feel screwed by both the ending of that and the Heyman/Punk match, but the general consensus I got outside the building after the show - with people walking around the streets yelling YES! - was it was all worth it for Bryan/Orton.
Stephen Gray

Thumbs Down

Best Match: Randy Orton (C) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship
Worst Match: Divas Fatal Four Way Championship Match

1) The pre-show was good, I watched it all and I found it very enjoyable, but the match itself was at least 2-3 minutes short and all seemed crammed in a mess, but still a decent match. (**)

- The open of the show seemed like a typical RAW episode, and I don't know why was added at all but it did add something to the PPV.

1) Curtis Axel vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship
- This was a very solid match, they worked very hard even though the crowd was droozy during the match and they both hit a nice spot of moves, and they did well with Axel, giving him a long win, they booked him very well in this PPV I must admit. They both looked good, but the last five minutes were very good. (**1/2)

2) AJ Lee vs Natalya vs Brie Bella vs Naomi for the Divas Championship - Fatal 4 Way Match
- This was a mess, they tried, but why did the Total Divas join up regardless of heels or faces? Not much to say but it didn't click. i loved JBL's comment why the referee wasn't counting when Bella was on top of Naomi, and I completely agree with him, those little things are annoying. (*)

3) Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship
- The crowd was mild for this match but they were basically dead. They did a few nice moves and was a solid match, but wasn't that good. The post-match stuff was really good, more enjoyable than the actual match. (**1/2)

4) The Miz vs Fandango
- Don't know why this match got added because all matches had time constraints because of this including the main event, but this was a average matchup, they worked hard and did the best they could and it showed, and they had some nice spot of moves. At least WWE acknowledges the feud even though the faces have been booked so weak. (*1/2)

5) CM Punk vs Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman - Handicap Match
- Axel actually got a lot of offense in so he did good and he has upped his credibility but the match seemed to short, it went 15 minutes yet it looked like it went 10, and Ryback is a nice feature to add in, but why not give that spot to Matt Morgan who was reported to sign with WWE in the next month? Makes no sense to me but they want to keep that feud going and this was a solid way of doing it. (**1/2)

6) Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship
- Match was a little short, only coming in at 9 minutes, and should of had at least 3-4 more minutes, but the crowd was somewhat average for the match, the usual pop for some moves, and I loved the visuals of both top rope moves. The match was solid, but my expectations were obviously higher, but still was enjoyable. (**1/4)

7) Prime Time Players vs The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championships
- Solid match up, very fast paced, yet again, short at 7 minutes but it was very enjoyable and Prime Time Players had a lot of offense but a good match. That Titus tackle on Rollins was amazing, and a good ending. Lots of time constraints since Miz vs Fandango was added. (**1/4)

8) Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship
- Very good match up, and easily the best thing on the show, the referee spot I have no idea why it even happened if nothing was going to happen inbetween that period, but they worked well and fast and delivered a very good 18 minute match. The ending was somewhat unnecessary as why did the referee do that? But I suspect that to be talked about on RAW tomorrow, but this was very anti-climatic and why did they give the belt back on Bryan? I just don't understand why they'd do that so early when the plan was for them to headline the next two PPVs. (***)

- Disappointing PPV as WWE had so much to work with but they didn't capatilize on what they were given, especially the main event booking which was Anti-Climatic. Still the matches were somewhat average, but nothing stood out, and was easily worst PPV of the year. The crowd was disappointing also, they were good for some matches but altogether were basically dead. The announcers were very solid and they helped the show and did the best they could, but the PPV couldn't be saved.

Antonio Focarlle
from Canberra, Australia, Thanks!

Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Orton vs Bryan
Worst Match: Divas 4 way
This show felt like I paid $55 to watch a commercial free Raw, and like when I watch Raw, I was falling asleep halfway through the show. The wrestling was fine but nothing blew me away. I definitely didn't need that 15 minute HHH promo to start the show and would have much rather seen more time to Bryan-Orton and Ziggler-Ambrose. I didn't like the sorta fast count in the main event, but I'll keep watching to see where they go from here. 
Mike Ritschel
Somerset, NJ

the kind of ppv that makes you wonder why you don't steal the b and c ppvs like everyone else. I only bought it for the main event.
thumbs . . down?
Best Match: the only match. bryan orton.
Worst Match: miz fandango.
the show was dull. the wrestling was like a very good RAW. I'm kind of sick of CM Punk, and I'm annoyed that it was Ryback, not that i mind Ryback, actually I like the idea of Heyman-Ryback, but I paid money and got a RAW angle. a Ryback run-in is a TV angle.
The biggest positive is that they treated Daniel Bryan like he is this top guy soon to be legend, that 'Daniel Bryan the HOFamer' is inevitable, but it feels wonky, like Sunday Night Bryan, (to the ppv buying DB nerds) is a different character than Monday Night Bryan.
Why can't tomorrow night Lawler have a list of Bryan's record this summer? Can't the WWE plant a 'tweet' listing how few people have defeated Cena and Orton back to back? Can we start treating his clean wrestling record as extraordinary tomorrow night? Can we hear that while Punk is mired in a blood feud, Daniel Bryan has become the best in the world?
No. We'll get him yelling at Stephanie, and getting worked by the geniuses who write themselves geniuses.
Monday Night Dan: he yells at women, and beat up by men.
 Nate York

Night Of Champions Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Worst Match: Fandango vs The Miz
The show was fun tonight with the main event being really great. I'm not sure if the fast count was planned and I was worried it was going to lead to a storyline of the result being overturned. But the match itself was very good. Seeing Bryan get the title is pretty special, considering his first world title win was a MITB cash-in over Big Show and last month's great match lead to Orton cashing in, so there has never really been a triumphant Bryan title win.
Everything else was good. I thought Curtis Axel did his best work to date, and that includes both matches. And Heyman ruled as a performer tonight.
The Fandango vs Miz match was unnecessary. I enjoyed ADR vs RVD as well as the Shield matches. But most important is the Bryan title win which hopefully creates good momentum with a good HITC match next month, plus whatever happens at Battleground.
Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

Hey Dave:

Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: Orton vs Bryan
Worst Match: Miz vs Fandango

I thought this was a pretty lackluster PPV, without a real standout match.  The main event was fine, and easily the best thing on the card, but I expected a better match.  The ref bump was weird.  I'm sure they will follow up tomorrow, but it felt like they set up an angle without setting up an angle, if you know what I mean.  And I can't help but feeling that the title change was rushed.  If Bryan went through all that at SummerSlam only to win the title a month later, what was the point?

The Punk match was fine, but didn't really pick up until Axel was eliminated.  Axel just doesn't belong in that spot.  If only they'd put Cesaro with Heyman. The beating was great, Heyman sold it like a champ, and I loved the camera angle they got for the Rybeck run in.  But I don't relish the thought of another Punk/Rybeck match.

Really, the most notable thing about the rest of the show is that there wasn't anything else notable.  I was surprised that both Shield matches seemed dead despite some good action.  Ziggler and Ambrose couldn't get the crowd involved, no matter what they did.  The tag match was a little better; the Prime Time Players seem to have gotten over despite the phantom face turn.  The World Heavyweight match was fine, despite the inane finish.  And Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel might have been the second best match on the card.  Sure wouldn't have guessed that.

Finally, I have to make special mention of the Miz/Fandango match.  That thing had no business being on a PPV, and it felt like it killed what had been a pretty hot crowd.  Miz has actually taken over for the Divas as the part of the show the announcers and the crowd crap all over, which I never would have thought possible.  Has to be the least successful face turn ever.  I did get a kick out of how seriously Summer Rae was taking things at ringside, as if a match against the Miz was a huge moment in her man's career.  She was literally the only person watching this match that cared.
Ken Raining

WWE Night of Champions: Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Bryan vs. Orton
Worst Match: Divas 4 Way
Considering they have time on the kick off show you would think they didn't have to rush through the turmoil match, but they did.  I got the result I expected as far as the PTP winning.  Match was okay.  Long winded open to the show with Triple H and Heyman.  Was not getting off to a good start.  Axel is wrestling twice.  I like how Triple H said the first person he saw would get the I-C match and wouldn't you know it was the guy that it was easily predictable in Kofi plus he was already in gear.  Kofi has the goods, too bad he can never get anywhere.  Axel wins so he can just lose later.  Divas title match was the usual, but not horrible at least.  The sharp shooter spot was kind of cool.  AJ winning also as expected.  Going into the night I expected no title changes at all.  I expected Del Rio retaining which he did, but did not expect a DQ finish.  Hate DQ's on a ppv show.  I guess RVD will get another title shot.  Decent match until the finish.  How does Booker T. get so many votes over Ric Flair for Best World Champion?  I like Booker, but this is ridiculous.  Fandango vs. Miz was as dull as it is on regular TV.  Fandango is a lost cause losing every time and Miz needs to go away for a while and come back as a heel.  Punk vs. Axel and Heyman kind of went how I thought.  I figured he would beat Axel, but thought Heyman would escape before harm came to him.  Guessed Big E. would be the new Heyman guy, but got Ryback instead.  I liked Ambrose vs. Ziggler, even though they put it on late.  Ambrose retains.  So far everyone retains as expected.  Sheild vs. PTP is next.  Not a bad match.  Shield also retains.  I feel like Cody & Goldust could team up against the Shield as part of the Rhodes vs. McMahon storyline perhaps.  We shall see.  Wow Hogan wins the poll big time.  I thought Austin was going to run away with it.  Last match was really good. I love Bryan.  He is awesome.  I was surprised at the outcome.  Thought Bryan would get screwed again.  I saw that fast count and couldn't believe no one mentioned it, but it has to come into play tomorrow.  I can't see them doing a fast count for no reason.  If it wasn't for this match I would have probably said thumbs down to the show. 
Robb Block

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