WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 16, 2013
Cleveland, OH

Robert McCarron

Daniel Bryan Loses WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan lost the WWE Championship to VACANT, as Triple H came out and stripped him of his newly won championship. Hey, at least he got his own side plates on the title belt this time. Daniel Bryan came out first, celebrating his victory. He was quickly followed by Triple H, who brought out last night's title match referee, Scott Armstrong. Hunter called Bryan's victory tainted because Scott Armstrong's three count was a fast count. Bryan had a look on his face like he knew he was about to be screwed, because somehow he must have thought Trips would have forgotten his anti-Bryan efforts. Hunter showed video of the fast count, and Scott said he made a mistake while admitting it was a fast count. Hunter begged for a reason why Scott would make this mistake, and Scott looked to Bryan and whispered, "They got us, Daniel." Scott played it like he was in on it with Bryan, while Bryan had no idea what was going on. Hunter quickly vacated the title and said he was ashamed of Bryan. So HHH and Armstrong conspired for the fast count. Hunter said there will "possibly be a rematch in the future." Bryan refused to hand the belt over. Orton came out, and as Triple H and Bryan were angling over the belt, Orton hit an RKO on Bryan. In 2013, Bryan loses the belt and gets laid out. If it were 1997 and he were a real top guy, Bryan would have still lost the belt but would be the last man standing.

Hunter left with the belt while Orton stood over a laid out Daniel Bryan. We have no champion, which means Alberto Del Rio is the top title holder in WWE currently. Yikes.

Backstage, Randy Orton wanted his belt back. Steph and Hunter yelled at him, saying he deserved to lose. Steph wanted the sick, bastard Randy Orton back. Until then, Steph may need to find a new face of the WWE. Bad news for someone tonight...

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose
Ziggler beat Ambrose after the Zig Zag, which Dolph hit after getting out of the Headlock Driver. Building up for more between these two, of course, so we'll see where it goes. Dolph did an interview on WWE App before the match saying he was going to feed off of the crowd to beat Ambrose.

Backstage, Stephanie and Triple H met with an awaiting Big Show. Steph told him to stay out of trouble, and await instruction. Bryan vs Roman Reigns was made for later.

Fandango vs R-Truth
Fandango walked out ag... oh wait, no he didn't. Fandango actually won this match, pinning Truth with the top rope leg drop.

Virgil Runnels Addresses The McMahons
Dusty came out and said he isn't here as the Dream, but Virgil Runnels, wanting to address the McMahons on his son's firing. He said the McMahons have never had to walk down that bad road, but Virgil knew all about the bad road. He is proud of his two sons, and loving his two sons is what is best for business. He mentioned that he wants his son to have a chance to earn his job back, and invited Stephanie out to make a proposal he has heard about on the Twitter. Stephanie presented Virgil with a present for Cody on his nuptials. It was a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card. Stephanie then offered Cody his job back, and Dusty accepted and started to leave. BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Stephanie stopped him, and said "or... we could give that job to your other son." There's only one spot, and Stephanie wanted Dusty to choose which son could get the job back with WWE. Dusty refused to pick a son for the job, claiming picking one over the other was like picking a favorite, and he wouldn't do it. He told Steph to go to hell. This brought out the Shield.

Stephanie stopped the Shield from attacking, instead bringing out The Big Show. Stephanie gave the choice, again, to Dusty, on how he'd like to die, basically. She gave Dusty the choice of being dismantled by The Shield or knocked out by Big Show. Dusty refused again to play along, so Stephanie told Show to knock him out. Big Show cried some more, refusing. Steph told the Shield to attack, but Big Show stopped them. Knowing the Shield would kill Dusty dead, Show did what he thought would be the right thing and punched him out. Before doing so, he hugged Dusty and said he was sorry. Big Show cried over the fallen Dusty as paramedics were called to the ring.

After a break, Dusty was taken away from the building in an ambulance. Big Show went in the bus with him.

Total Divas vs Non Total Divas
Cameron, Naomi, and Brie Bella beat Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Layla El. Brie pinned Aksana with the X-Factor. AJ and Natalya, sort of, were on commentary. Natalya's head set didn't work at first, so AJ took full advantage of the screen time. AJ compared Natalya's talking to a cat being slammed against the wall. Natalya and AJ stared each other down after the match, with AJ holding up the Divas belt in Nattie's face.

Rob Van Dam vs Damien Sandow
RVD pinned Damien after the 5 Star Frog Splash in a quick match. Michael Cole mentioned how Damien blew an opportunity to cash in last night after Del Rio was taken out by the Van Terminator.

Backstage, Triple H fired Scott Armstrong.

Randy Orton vs The Miz
Double count out finish. Miz showed more intensity in this match than any match of his I can recall. Miz' family was at ringside, and they were used as props when Randy beat Miz to a pulp right in front of them. He also hit his draping DDT from the dasher boards to the floor while Miz' mother cried nearby. Miz' dad, if real, did a horrible job of pretending to care. Orton got the better of the fight, finishing Miz off with a stomp to his head while a steel chair surrounded it. Officials and emergency staff tried to get Orton to leave, while Miz was left in pain from the steel chair attack. Miz' mom at ringside was crying.

The New Paul Heyman Guy
The surviving Paul Heyman came out, in a wheelchair, assisted by Curtis Axel and The Ryback. Before speaking, however, Axel left the stage which left Ryback and Paul alone. Geek. Paul was clean shaven, calling himself the best in the world. Paul said he owed his life to The Ryback. Ryback called CM Punk a bully, and The Ryback cannot stand bullies. Ryback got on his knee, and told Paul that he never has to worry about Punk again. Paul then kissed Ryback's cheek, which lead Michael Cole to say "This is one of the strangest nights I can remember."

#1 Contender 3-Team Elimination Match
Usos are the new #1 Contenders for the tag titles when Jey Uso pinned Jack Swagger with the top rope splash. This was a triple threat match between Tons of Funk, Usos, and Real Americans. However, the rules were that anyone can be tagged in, whether it was your partner or not. This played into the first finish, as Cesaro snuck in a tag from one of the Usos in order to gain a quick rollup on an unsuspecting Tensai for the first elimination. The second fall saw Swagger throw Jimmy Uso from the top rope, but Swagger was slow to get up from his landing which allowed a spry Jey to hit a quick splash for the win.

Miz Update: Miz' neck is not broken from Orton's attack. He does have a damaged thorax, however. Whatevs.

Dusty Update: He's not dead, and vital signs are good.

In a video vignette, Bray Wyatt spoke of the importance of patience. He also told his dead sister not to worry, that Bray will put all the animals down.

Jerry Lawler called this the weirdest night he's been involved with. Cole called it exhausting. I'll say...

Cody Rhodes called the McMahons "cowards" on twitter.

Backstage, a bunch of wrestlers, including RVD and Brie Bella, urged Daniel Bryan on in his main event match next.

After the entrances for the next match, Randy Orton came out to watch the match from ringside with the Shield.

Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns
Daniel Bryan won via DQ when Randy Orton interfered as Bryan had Reigns in the Yes! Lock. This match began at 10:40 and ended close to 11. Reigns did a hell of a job, as did Bryan, of course. Right before the breakdown ending, Bryan hit a dropkick through the ropes to Seth Rollins that about took off his head. He did the same to Ambrose, before setting his sights on finishing Reigns. Orton, however, was still around to cause the havoc and DQ ending.

After the DQ, Bryan tried to lock in the Yes! Lock on Orton but Ambrose and Rollins ran in to stop it. Bryan looked to be headed to certain doom again when we got the next chapter of this story. The babyface roster of the WWE, after weeks of being silenced in fear of Triple H, ran in to stop the attack on Daniel Bryan. Lawler called it an uprising. The Superstars cleared the ring of Orton and the Shield, with Daniel Bryan hitting the Baisuke knee on Rollins being the nail in the coffin. The babyface stars held Bryan upon their shoulders ala Sting at Starrcade '97. They, along with the crowd, chanted "YES!" loudly as the show ended.

Next week, we'll find out how Triple H will react to this defiance from the WWE Superstars. We'll find out what will become of the WWE Championship. We'll also see if the Rhodes family will have anything in store for WWE, or are they all done for good? Tune in next week!

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