Smackdown spoilers from Cincinnati

For Main Event tomorrow:

Curtis Axel b Dolph Ziggler.  Ryback, who was at ringside with Paul Heyman, interfered and led to Axel winning.

They announced on main event that the vacant WWE title will be decided with Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton at Battleground, to the shock of nobody.

Kofi Kingston b Fandango with Trouble in Paradise.

Damien Sandow b Justin Gabriel

Smackdown opened with Vickie Guerrero coming out.  She first called out Daniel Bryan about the WWE title match at Battleground.  Bryan said he would rather be WWE champion for one day than a corporate suck-up.  Vickie said that she is giving him a forum to come clean about his conspiracy with Scott Armstrong.  Bryan said that she knows and HHH know sthat he did nothing wrong.  Vickie again demanded the truth.  he said the truth was he kneed Orton in the face and the ref could have counted to 20 and he should be champion.  Vickie said she should fire him right now and he'll never get the title.  Bryan said that she has no power.  She announced that Bryan got help from ten guys on Monday so there was going to be a gauntlet match where The Shield got ahold of all 11, oen by one, and that Bryan would go in last.

A.J. Lee b Naomi with the black widow

Santino Marella b Jack Swagger with a rollup

Ryback faces a local guy who they called Nick from Cincinnati.  If anyone knows who this was, let us know.  Paul Heyman said that he was the best in the world and he beat Punk.  Ryback said he hates bullies like C.M. Punk and Nick from Cincinnati.

Ryback b Nick from Cincinnati

Randy Orton came out for an interview saying Bryan and Scott Armstrong conspired to steal the ttle from him.  He put all the blame on himself, saying for two years, the company wanted him to be just like John Cena and he locked away the Viper because he didn't think the company wanted it.  He said that he made an example out of The Miz and will do it to anyone in his path.

The Shield b Darren Young

The Shield b Titus O'Neil

The Shield b Dolph Ziggler when Reigns speared Ziggler

Reigns was injured.

RVD vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns saw HHH come out and call the match off.  Fans hated this.  HHH told everyone to go to the back and yelled at Vickie.  Vickie said she thought the Gauntlet was best for business.  HHH said what's best for business is Bryan & Usos vs. The Shield.

HHH told Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel that they are talented and told them he'd get them some competition.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan b Ryder & Gabriel.  Bray Wyatt came in and laid out Ryder after the match.

HHH told RVD that he's getting a title shot at Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio b R-Truth via armbar

Daniel Bryan & Usos b  The Shield when Bryan pinned Ambrose with the Busaiku knee.  After the match, Orton came out to attack Bryan but Bryan cleaned house on him.

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