WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | @lariatrope
Airdate: September 18, 2013
WWE Main Event from Cincinnati featured an "exclusive" sit down interview with Triple H, who announced a match to decide the vacant WWE championship. Ryback got involved in the finish of a match involving fellow Paul Heyman charge Curtis Axel that gave Axel a win against Dolph Ziggler. Also, Fandango and Summer Rae got to dance before losing a match to Kofi Kingston. In addition, the self-proclaimed "uncrowned" world champion Damien Sandow won a quick match over Justin Gabriel.
In selling injuries from the beating by Randy Orton on Raw, The Miz did not return to the broadcast booth after teasing last week he would be back. Instead, Alex Riley returned to Main Event and joined Josh Matthews for commentary on a show that opened with the entrance of Dolph Ziggler. The Ryback pushed Paul Heyman to the ring in a wheelchair during the entrance of Curtis Axel.
Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman & Ryback) beat Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. They exchanged headlocks at the outset with Axel applying the hold only for Ziggler to use an armdrag to reverse and apply his own headlock. Ziggler did his contemporary version of the Fargo strut. Axel regained the advantage and dropped several forearms smashes then gave Ziggler an Irish whip into the corner. Axel used a double axe handle forearm smash off the second rope. Meanwhile on commentary, the announcers talked about the status of the vacant WWE title whilst they also discussed the fallout from Night of Champions for the likes of Paul Heyman and company.
Paul Heyman sat in his wheelchair at ringside being guarded by Ryback and watched as Ziggler did a flip over the turnbuckles after being whipped in the corner. He crashed to the floor and lay prone before the first commercial. After the break, Axel had Ziggler grounded with a chinlock. Ziggler countered with a jawbreaker but he missed a splash in the corner and Axel pummeled him. Axel used a backbreaker then got an armbar that Ziggler broke with punches. Ziggler bounced off the ropes, Axel tossed him in the air and Ziggler went splat. Axel cut off Ziggler's comeback and took control until he missed a spear in the corner and hit the ringpost, which allowed for a Ziggler comeback.
Ziggler ran wild and hit a Stinger splash before punching Axel in a corner and then moments later hit a swinging neckbreaker and a flying clothesline. Axel blocked the famouser with a side suplex. Ziggler later countered into a backslide and hit the famouser for a nearfall. Axel blocked the zig zag finisher and Ziggler reversed out of the Perfectplex. Ziggler flipped into hitting a DDT before trying to climb to the top rope only to get distracted by Ryback. Ziggler kicked Ryback away but Axel knocked him off the apron from behind. Then, Ryback clotheslined him on the floor at ringside. Axel rolled him back in the ring and used the hangman's facebuster for the pin.
Afterwards, Triple H appeared in an "exclusive" sit down interview conducted by Michael Cole. Triple H put over his theory of the now somewhat infamous fast count in the last WWE title match. In putting over his conspiracy theory, Triple H brought up Pete Rose, member of the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. Also noteworthy in the interview, Triple H announced a match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the vacant WWE title at the Battleground pay-per-view.
Kofi Kingston beat Fandango (with Summer Rae). Not only did Fandango dance to the ring with Summer Rae but he also danced after the bell sounded. Early on, Fandango began to work over an arm but Kingston rolled, flipped and reversed his way free. Shortly thereafter, Fandango did a monkey flip but Kingston landed on his feet and gave Fandango a monkey flip. Fandango bailed out of the ring and when back in the ring, Kingston did two leapfrogs into a jumping back elbow. After an attempt at the trouble in paradise finisher, Fandango bailed out of the ring again and attempted to regain the advantage after sidestepping a baseball slide. Fandango threw Kingston into the ring but he simply rolled in and taunted him. Fandango charged into the ring then got thrown back out over the top rope. Kingston did a dive (tope) before a commercial break.
After the break, Kingston had the advantage until a distraction by Summer Rae allowed Fandango to trip Kingston on the top turnbuckle and he fell to the floor. Fandango then grounded Kingston and blocked a sunset flip attempt. Fandango used an Irish whip and a snap suplex before applying a chinlock. Kingston flipped out of a side suplex and countered by hitting that same move. Both were down for a double count and Kingston began a comeback. He ran wild and hit a jumping clothesline before the boom drop. Fandango ducked the trouble in paradise and Kingston reversed an Irish whip before he hit a springboard clothesline off the top rope. Fandango hit a paylay kick and a brief slugfest developed before Kingston landed a series of leg kicks then a dropkick. After the SOS finisher for a nearfall, Fandango reversed an Irish whip only to get caught charging into the corner. Kingston hit the trouble in paradise for the pin.
Following the match, the "Raw Rebound" recapped the angle from Raw with Dusty Rhodes being punched out in the now weekly Big Show tearjerker segment. Apparently, to blame for the drama is Triple H and wife Stephanie McMahon. Likewise, an ad aired that plugged the new Triple H "Thy Kingdom Come" home video release. In it, Triple H appears to be the greatest wrestler that ever lived or something like that.
Damien Sandow beat Justin Gabriel. They started with chain wrestling early on before Gabriel landed a dropkick. Gabriel got two quick nearfalls with a backslide and a crucifix. Sandow threw Gabriel through the ropes and out to ringside, which allowed him to gain the advantage. Sandow hit the elbow of disdain but missed a leaping knee drop, and Gabriel made a comeback. Gabriel seemed to limit his flying and he seemed to be moving slower than usual although he did use a springboard crossbody. Gabriel climbed to the top for the 450 but Sandow rolled out of the way before Gabriel could jump and Sandow eventually hit the silencer (full nelson slam) for the pin. 
After the match, Sandow cut a promo and announced himself as still being the holder of the Money In the Bank briefcase. Therefore, he called himself the uncrowned world champion and held up his briefcase for all to see as the show came to a close.     

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