WWE Superstars TV Report: SANTINO vs. JTG, Kofi vs. Drew

James Cox

The show opens up with Santino Marella coming out! I have to say it’s great to see him. A few months away and I actually smiled as he came out doing his ridiculous power walk. He’s lost weight. Out next is JTG, who I think he gets one outing per month on Superstars -- the only time he appears on any WWE content for another 30 days. Alex Riley is sporting the same awful red shirt he wore last week and again in his role on the panel on Sunday Night at Night of Champions.

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Santino v JTG

Santino vs. JTG

They lock up and look to test each other’s strength. Marella puts JTG into a headlock and then whips him into the ropes and they collide in the middle of the ring and posture to the crowd. They do the same again and this time Santino threatens JTG with some kicks. JTG backs off and cowers so that Marella stops and then he takes the chance to take a cheap shot. JTG whips Marella but Santino dodges him and then does his goofy power walk to the delight of the crowd and the disgust of JTG. Santino hits him with a reverse atomic drop, JTG slaps him and this becomes all about comedy as JTG cowers behind the ref and Santino threatens the cobra.

JTG starts to dominate, punching Santino in the corner and beating him down. He chokes him out on the middle rope and then puts him in rear choke hold in the middle of the ring. He tries for a pin but only gets 2. JTG goes to the second turnbuckle, tries to hit him with a splash but takes too long and Santino rolls out the way. Marella then powers up using his patented hip toss and diving headbutt as he pulls out the cobra sock. JTG dodges and locks in a sleeper hold. Santino sells but the Cobra stays alive so that he can power out. He finally does hit the Cobra and pins JTG in 4:25.

This was a fun, short squash match that the crowd really enjoyed. Santino is looking really small, he must have lost 15-20lbs.

The Raw Rebound is next – the wonderful Bray Wyatt promo is first. Boy, has he found his feet with this character. We then get the Scott Armstrong firing and the Daniel Bryan title stripping from Monday. Included in all this is a video package re-telling the Dusty Rhodes segment from Raw.

Out next on Superstars is Kofi Kingston. Rumour has it Vince isn’t happy with his tights. If I were Vince, I’d be more concerned with the weight and tone loss since his injury and the fact that he looks much less committed and impressive in the ring. 3MB come out next and thankfully its Drew in competition tonight; I feared it might be Jinder. 3MB are becoming regulars on this show.

Kofi Kingston v Drew McIntyre

Kofi vs. Drew

As Slater and Mahal leave the apron, they lock up and Kofi immediately gets locked in an arm bar by Drew who then takes him down to the mat. Drew looks so much bigger and stronger the Kofi here. He whips Kofi into the corner, chases him and gets caught in a hurricanrana. He regains control putting him a headlock and then shoulder barges him out of an Irish whip. They botch the next move so they run the ropes again and Kofi hits him with a clothesline and then a neat drop kick. As Drew gets to his feet, Kofi mounts his shoulders and lands him with strikes. Drew escapes and rolls out the ring to get advice from Heath and Jinder, taking a breather. We go to a commercial break.

After the break, Kofi is whipped into the corner and is kicked and pushed up on to the turnbuckle where he is flipped off onto the mat. Alex Riley puts over Drew, saying he’s a star in the making while McIntyre beats him down. Dawson compares 3MB to The Fabulous Freebirds. Seriously. Drew puts Kingston in a rear choke hold but Kofi battles out and puts Drew into a small package out of nowhere for a 2 count. Angry, Drew gets up and lands a stiff clothesline on Kofi.

Drew kicks and punches Kofi in the corner, goes outside and continues to punish him. The crowd get behind Kofi as Drew sets him up and splashes him in the corner. He then climbs to the top rope and lands a flying clothesline. He gets another near fall and continues to get mad. He climbs the ropes again and this time poses to the crowd to a rain of boos. When he turns around, Kofi nails him with a frankensteiner which gets a nice pop.

The finish sees Kofi power up, hit a drop kick and the Boom Drop. He sets up for the Trouble in Paradise but Heath distracts Kofi and 3MB drag McIntyre outside to converse. As they do so, Kofi hits a baseball slide on Heath and Jinder, throws Drew back in the ring and this time hits the Trouble in Paradise for the pin in 9:35. This was a good TV match but nothing more. Normally 3MB are better heels than they showed here.

For the second week running, we’re given a decidedly average edition of Superstars. We end with the close of the Roman Reigns v Daniel Bryan match from Raw with the babyface faction of the locker room coming out in support of Bryan.

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