WWE house show report 9-20 Lexington, KY

Here's the results.

Zack Ryder beat Damien Sandow. Maybe it was because Sandow came out first, but he got fantastic heat with a couple minutes of promo time.

The Funkadactyls beat AJ and Layla. This was originally voted as a dance contest, but AJ refused to participate and then they blindsided the Funkadactyles. Either Layla decided to fall off the turnbuckle to draw heat pre-match, or she fell right on her head.

Sami Zayn defeated Jack Swagger. Probably the best match technically, but Zayn didn't get a great reaction since he was new. Sparing ole cahnts.

Wyatt Family over the Usos and Kofi Kingston. Bray sat out the first few minutes in his rocking chair. Fans were really into the Wyatts, giving them a good babyface reaction.

Rob Van Dam beat Alberto Del Rio by DQ when ADR wouldn't release the armbreaker. RVD laid out ADR with a kick and Sandow teased a cash in, only for RVD to send him out of the ring as well.

Intermission occurred. Justin Roberts hyped the Punk-Axel match as no DQ for the IC belt.

After intermission, Ryback did an extended comedy squash with Santino, winning with the Shell Shock. Santino broke a bear hug with double wet willies in the greatest moment in this great sport's history.

CM Punk beat Curtis Axel with the GTS in a good match. Punk was the most over person this night. Axel might have been the most over heel too; cutting a promo before where he refused to allow the no-DQ stip or to put his belt on the line probably helped some.

Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton in the best match. Orton got a big face reaction here as well. Other than the Yes chants, Bryan didn't get as much support as you'd hope for the top babyface until the finish.

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