WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 23, 2013
Rosemont, IL

Robert McCarron

Before the opening intro video, Vince McMahon narrated a short piece about the death of Angelo Savoldi.

Triple H Addresses The Protesters
The show began with several babyface stars on the stage, all of which were involved in helping out Daniel Bryan in last week's show closing brawl. Justin Roberts then introduced "The owner and COO" of WWE, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Contrary to rumors of punishment, Steph and HHH wanted to thank the protesters for finally being men last week. Trips said he knew they weren't doing it because of Bryan, but rather for themselves. RVD spoke up and said they were fighting for Bryan, and that HHH screwed him over like he'd screw any of them over. HHH said he never knew a Superstar would fight for a champion rather than fighting to be champion. He then proceeded to try and turn all the babyfaces against Daniel Bryan, and booked Bryan and all of the babyfaces vs The Shield in an 11-on-3 Handicap match.

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio submitted Kofi with the armbreaker after a lengthy opening match. Kofi, who is one of the stars in the handicap main event, has to work double duty apparently. RVD vs Del Rio was promoted for Battleground.

Backstage, the Chicago crowd welcomed The Miz to a chorus of boos. A video recap of Orton's beatdown of Miz was aired. Before Miz could speak to Renee Young, Triple H showed up. HHH said that he is responsible for Miz' wellbeing, so he cannot allow Miz to get involved with Randy Orton because Orton would beat him up too badly. So, instead, Triple H booked Miz interviewing Big Show for MizTV.

Chicago Loves The Wyatts
Luke Harper & ROWAN beat the Primetime Players, who are also working double duty tonight. Luke pinned Titus with the whirlwind clothesline, which JBL called "good for business." Bray got in the ring afterwards to put Darren Young down with Sister Abigail. Slow paced heel on face beatdown for most of this one, but Titus showed fire and the crowd was into the finish.

Miz is sad he was beaten in front of mommy
Miz came out for MizTV, and played pissed off bad ass. Unfortunately, he didn't do it well. Big Show was Miz' guest, and Miz asked him about knocking out Virgil Runnels last week. Miz told Big Show it is time to step up to the McMahons. Stephanie came out, smiling and carefree. Oh, and she also came out with notes on her hand. Like, actually written on her hand. She talked down to Miz, and said he isn't a major player in WWE. She said he peaked too early, and referred to him as a media guy and utility player. Stephanie and Hunter have never been better. They're so great these last few weeks. Stephanie finished by telling Big Show to knock Miz out, which he did... quickly.

WWE Poll: RVD, R-Truth, or Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton. RVD won handily with over 50% of the vote

Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam
Another double count out. RVD was going for the frog splash when Orton tripped him up, followed by booting him to the floor. Orton beat RVD up all around ringside, continuing his push towards his ruthless monster persona. RVD was finished off with a draping DDT from the top rope in the corner of the ring. Orton looked like he landed on his head in one instance during this segment. RVD, meanwhile, looked so tired towards the end of the match, and after the beatdown he sold like death. So, I suppose the story is that all of the men in the main event are getting killed, which will likely leave Bryan by himself against the Shield.

Los Matadores debut next Monday

WWE App: During commercial, Alberto Del Rio attacked the helpless RVD. He locked in the armbreaker before leaving, smiling at his handiwork.

Backstage, Randy Orton bullied the Bellas. He told Brie that she could upgrade to a real man when Orton disposes of Daniel Bryan.

Backstage, AJ Lee came into Stephanie's office. Stephanie gifted her with the new Triple H DVD, and then bullied AJ a bit.

Santino vs Fandango
Thank God, Fandango won this match. Summer Rae provided a brief distraction as Santino was going for the Cobra puppet, which allowed Fandango to get the advantage towards the victory.

CM Punk vs The Ryback made for Battleground

CM Punk in Chicago
Punk returned, clad in a Blackhawks jersey, to a monstrous reaction. He compared himself to the Blackhawks, and even though he is down big right now, he will come back and fight because that is the Chicago way. Paul Heyman interrupted, singing, calling himself the best in the world. Heyman has a motorized scooter now. Awesome. Heyman was jolly, rubbing Punk's loss in his face in a variety of ways. Punk said he would keep coming after Heyman, asking Paul if his two goons could get to Punk faster than Punk can get to Heyman. Heyman tried to back out on his scooter, but he faked as if it wouldn't work. So Punk ran at him, but Axel and Ryback cut him off out of nowhere. The two beat him up for a bit until Punk made a brief comeback. In the end, however, the gang up was too much for Punk. Ryback finished Punk with a gorilla press slam on top of a loading cabinet through a table set up below on the floor near the stage. The Ryback told Punk that that is what happens to bullies.

Back from break, Punk was walking off under his own power as the Bellas made thier entrance for a ten diva tag match.

Total Divas vs Not Total Divas
AJ Lee, Layla, Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Tamina vs Natalya, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Naomi, and Cameron. Where is Kaitlyn these days? Did I miss something with her? Brie Bella pinned AJ with the X Factor giving the Total Divas the win. All the E! girls celebrated after the win. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler spent much of this match making corrections for previous errors during commentary. Seriously.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose and the Shield discussed their main event later. Dean did almost all of the talking, and said they were the hunters and would win tonight.

Daniel Bryan's first appearance
Daniel came out to mock the idea that he asked Scott Armstrong to help him in his victory at Night of Champions. He said at Battleground, he'll regain what is his. Promo kind of sucked, but whatevs.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust pulled a Matt Hardy and ran through the crowd to attack the Shield as they made their entrance for the main event. Security, led by Keith Lipinski, escorted the Rhodes' out of the ringside area.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler for the US Title on Smackdown

Shield vs Good Guys - Elimination Match
All the babyfaces made it to the match. RVD came out with some tape on his ribs and elbow, but showed almost no ill effects otherwise in the short time he was in the match.

1st elimination: Dean Ambrose pinned RVD after the Headlock Driver
2nd elimination: Dean Ambrose pinned Kofi Kingston after the Headlock Driver
3rd elimination: Roman Reigns pinned Titus O'Neil after a spear
4th elimination: Roman Reigns pinned Justin Gabriel after a spear
5th elimination: Roman Reigns pinned Zack Ryder after a spear
6th elimination: Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns after a splash
- This was the first time Roman has been pinned in WWE, Cole noted
7th elimination: Seth Rollins pinned Darren Young after a flying knee
8th elimination: Dolph Ziggler pinned Dean Ambrose after a ZigZag

At this point, the babyfaces decided to gang up on the remaining Shield member in a 5 on 1 attack. Ambrose and Reigns came back in to try and save, but the Usos took them out. As the match went on, we had Bryan and Rollins alone in the ring...

9th elimination: Daniel Bryan pinned Seth Rollins after the Baisuke knee

Daniel Bryan was clearly promoted as a locker room leader, and he led the crowd in a giant Yes! chant to close the show.

To be more clear, all of the babyfaces in this match and on the stage to start the show were: Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, RVD, Justin Gabriel, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Darren Young, and Titus O'Neil.

I have little recollection of anything that happened on this show, and it just ended. Until next week, bye~!

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