Non-Raw notes from Chicago

By John Pinkus

Opened with Zach Ryder and Justin Gabriel vs Big E. Langston & Damien Sandow, Big Ending finish on Gabriel or Ryder, doesn't really matter.  
Tons of Funk vs Real Americans, the Real Americans won.  Sadly only appearance of Cesaro all night. 
Dark Match:
CM Punk vs The Ryback, Curtis Axel, and Paul Heyman; Chicago Street Fight w/o ref.
The heels surrounded the ring, and it looked like doom for Mr. Punk until Lawler handed him a Kendo stick to whack this whacky trio.
Heyman got hit a few times before he literally crawled back up the ramp.
The Ryback was knocked out of the ring, and Punk GTS'd Axel, then counted the pin himself.
Once the dust settled, Punk cut a promo talking about how everybody is still here, which was true, and how Chicago fans support their teams.
A fan threw him a White Sox jacket, which he smirked at before throwing back. Another fan threw him a Blackhawks jersey; that I guess he is going to keep, since he ripped off its tags. The show ended with Punk doing the large loop of the arena giving high fives to all the fans; this took about ten minutes.
Biggest Reaction:
1) Punk, obviously
2) Daniel Bryan
3) Goldust and Cody 
4) Santino
5) Wyatt's entrance
Finally, for the first hour of the show, Colt Cabana was watching the Titan Tron near the spot Punk would later be killed.
Get Em' Next Year Cubbies,
John Pinkus

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