WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | @lariatrope 
Airdate: September 25, 2013
WWE Main Event from Milwaukee featured the Usos remaining a strongly pushed tag team with a win over Big E Langston and Fandango. Likewise, Big Show knocked out Damien Sandow and Justin Gabriel got more offense than usual but still dropped a match to Curtis Axel as Paul Heyman looked on. In another sit down interview segment much like last week, Triple H defended the actions of his wife Stephanie then buried Miz and basically called him a bigmouth to further current storylines. With Miz selling an injury for a second straight week, Alex Riley once again joined Josh Matthews on commentary.  
Jimmy & Jey Uso beat Big E Langston & Fandango (with Summer Rae). Fandango danced around at the outset before locking up with Jey. Quickly, Jey gained the advantage and Fandango tagged Langston. After Big E no sold some punches, he gained the advantage. Fandango tagged back in to start a pattern of him tagging in only when the babyface was prone and the advantage suited him. Jey made a comeback on Fandango and tagged Jimmy. When Uso went for a splash in the corner, Langston pulled Fandango out of the ring to make the save. Jey dove off the apron but got caught in mid-air by Langston. Jimmy then did a dive over the ropes onto them before the first commercial.
Following the break, Jimmy Uso grounded Fandango, who fought free and bailed out of the ring after dodging a kick. Langston tagged in and no sold chops from Jimmy before hitting a lariat clothesline and a bouncing off the ropes into a splash. When Fandango tagged back in he grounded Jimmy with a headlock and the heels proceeded to get heat on him. At one point, Fandango cheated behind the referee's back and choked Jimmy. With Langston on offense, Fandango took advantage of the situation and made a blind tag. Moments later, Fandango climbed to the top turnbuckle and got crotched when Jimmy shook the ropes and Fandango fell to the floor. Langston tagged in as Jimmy made the hot tag to Jey and the fresh Uso ran wild and eventually hit a Rikishi splash in the corner. Fandango sold his leg on the outside and Summer Rae consoled him. Big E pulled the straps down and went for the Big Ending. Jey slipped out of the finisher and knocked down Langston before tagging out. Jimmy went to the top and hit the Superfly splash for the pin.
Triple H buried Miz in a sit down interview. Michael Cole sat down with HHH and they discussed recent developments that mainly focused on Miz. HHH defended his wife Stephanie McMahon forcing Big Show to knock out Miz on Monday. Furthermore, HHH said Miz ran his mouth and called him a smartass. Cole called out HHH on also have been a smartass himself during his run in DX. HHH said the difference between himself and Miz was he could back up his words while Miz could not. The segment really buried Miz. Back in the arena, the entrance of Big Show followed the interview and a recap aired of Show being forced by Stephanie to give Miz the KO punch On Raw.
Big Show beat Damien Sandow. Show overpowered Sandow throughout the match. Sandow bailed out of the ring early on. Big Show still used his size to overwhelm Sandow and chopped him in the corner several times. Sandow bailed out again then used a thumb to the eye to briefly change the momentum. Show cut off him with a chop after Sandow jumped off the second rope. Show missed an elbow drop which allowed Sandow to take control. He kicked at Show and grounded him until Show got to his feet and used a side suplex to reverse a chinlock. Shortly thereafter, Show hit the KO punch for the pin.
Sandow handcuffed his Money In the Bank briefcase to a turnbuckle before the match began. After the conclusion of the match, Show broke the handcuffs and teased stealing the briefcase. However, he simply laid the briefcase on a prone Sandow and left the ring. Sandow sold the knockout but raised a finger in the air to acknowledge an announcement by Tony Chimel of him still being the holder of the briefcase.
The "Raw Rebound" featured the homecoming of CM Punk. Highlights recapped the hometown promo by Punk on Monday that led to Heyman riding out on a mobility scooter. In a setup to an ambush, the scooter stalled out and Punk looked to attack Heyman. Ryback and Curtis Axel jumped Punk and he fought back but was outnumbered. In the final moment of the angle, Ryback military press slammed Punk off of a platform through the corner of a table down to the concrete floor. Punk vs. Ryback is now official for Battleground.
Afterwards, an ad for a new free mobile app plugged a car racing game called "John Cena's Fastlane". Also, a Smackdown tease plugged Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler for the US title as Friday's main event (which was taped this past Tuesday after the taping of this program). 
Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) beat Justin Gabriel in a non-title match. Heyman came to ringside under his own power without a wheelchair or a motorized scooter. They exchanged hammerlocks early on then started running the ropes. Axel did a leapfrog and hit a dropkick. Gabriel reversed out of a headlock and hit a shoulder tackle before doing a handspring into an arm drag. Gabriel used a la magistral cradle for a nearfall and began to work the arm then Axel punched free. Heyman sneered at ringside as the crowd began chanting  for CM Punk. Axel started to berate Gabriel and began shoving him. Gabriel countered with a punch that sent Axel out through the ropes to the floor. At ringside, Heyman gave Axel a pep talk and they sidestepped out of harms way when Gabriel went for a baseball slide. Axel clotheslined Gabriel on the floor before the final commercial break.
After commercials, Axel grounded Gabriel then cut off a short attempt at a comeback. Axel used an ax handle smash off the second rope. Moments later, Gabriel made a comeback and hit a splash in the corner and a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Axel rolled out of the ring during an attempted springboard moonsault and Gabriel landed on his feet. Gabriel used a corkscrew plancha to the outside. Back in the ring, Axel used a draping neckbreaker and a Saito suplex. Gabriel blocked a neckbreaker and hit a roundhouse kick then landed a springboard moonsault. After climbing to the top rope, Gabriel had to jump down when Axel got out of range. Gabriel used a modified Dangan bomb for a nearfall. Axel snapped Gabriel's arm on the ropes and eventually hit the hangman's facebuster for the pin.
In mid-ring, Axel held up the IC title as he and Heyman mugged for the hard camera while Josh Matthews plugged Smackdown as the show came to a close.  

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