Stephen Lyon talks the new HHH videotape

by Stephen Lyon

Just a few thoughts, as I just finished watching the documentary portion of the new Triple H DVD. Amazing production. Probably the best DVD documentary on a wrestlers' career that WWE have ever produced. Very comprehensive. This is an absolute must-see. I'd love to see you review it in the Observer newsletter, or give your thoughts on it with Bryan in some sort of audio. Lots of talking points. Really details his early life and career, his training and how he broke in. Some great early match footage from before WCW.  

Tons of behind the scenes WWF footage. Lots of potential talking points. Some interesting handling of history, particularly how they skirted around the circumstances of Triple H's first WWF title win in 1999, and basically hinted - though not outright said - that Steve Austin refused to drop the title to him. Foley referred to the circumstances of himself winning the title at Summerslam in the 3 way with Austin & Triple H as 'strange'. Triple H called it 'it was what it was... I guess everything worked out for the best in the end... more people saw me win the title the next night anyway'. At times there is a tendency for the DVD to go overboard on the 'Saint Triple H' stuff. They devote 15 minutes to explaining the real life relationship and marriage of Triple H and Stephanie, which I actually thought was one of the highlights of the documentary. Undertaker is one of the talking heads throughout and is really great in the role. Triple H acknowledges that by marrying Stephanie, there was a chance that there would always be an asterisk next to his career with some, and a question of how great he really was and how much was handed to him unjustly. To his credit, Triple H and Randy Orton did acknowledge that their Wrestlemania 25 match in 2009 was a disappointment, going on last after Taker vs Michaels and being unable to follow it. There's also footage from after the WM28 Undertaker vs HHH 'End of an Era' match, where a very emotional Vince, in tears, hugs Triple H backstage.

The DVD also shows there is no such thing as kayfabe in Triple H's world, well... until it suits him. The same guy who did that Grantland interview complaining about the 'dirt sheets' exposing the business includes footage of himself embracing and chatting with Brock Lesnar before their WM29 match, amongst many other examples of this, such as going through matches with wrestlers in the ring before shows. There is a lengthy section at the end, with lots of footage, of Triple H becoming part of the corporate WWE world and how he handles it, and also a focus on his work with the NXT brand. Vince in a talking head piece is in tears again at the end, saying Triple H  is 'one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me... and the business. He's a good man".

Definite must-see documentary.


Stephen Lyon,

St Helens, England, U.K.

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