WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 30, 2013
Biloxi, MS

Robert McCarron

Welcome to the last WWE Raw of September, 2013. This episode is the WWE & Susan G Komen For the Cure partnership episode. The ropes were white and pink in support of breast cancer research. The Breaking Bad Spoiler Free Edition of the Raw report is next~!

CM Punk Opens Raw
CM Punk came out to talk about predictability. Getting attacked last week was predictable, but the end of the story of Punk putting Heyman out of his misery is also predictable. Brad Maddox interrupted and said that Punk will get his shot at revenge at Battleground, and then he was about to give a match to Punk for tonight when Big E returned. Big E strolled to the ring, seemingly completely separate from AJ Lee now, and attacked Punk. The two brawled in the ring while Maddox just stood nearby and watched. Eventually Maddox called for a referee and we had our first match of the evening...

CM Punk beat Big E with the GTS. Big E had control for much of the match, but the story was that Punk can hit the GTS and control a man much larger than he is. Welcome back to Raw, Mr. Langston.

FANDANGO vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi pinned Fandango after Trouble in Paradise in a match. A match which was just kind of there. A bit surprised Kofi won, but it doesn't matter. While celebrating his win, the Wyatt music hit and...

The Wyatt Family came out. Bray spoke about spending his life trying to figure out why he was here, but said he knows now that all must fall. One by one. Kofi stood in the ring with a chair preparing for the worst. Bray ended with "Follow the buzzards" and we cut to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow is the Battleground Kickoff match.

Backstage, Randy Orton congratulated Brie Bella on her engagement. He was bullying her, saying that she should schedule her wedding soon because Bryan won't be able to walk much longer.

Backstage, Renee Young asked Paul Heyman about Punk being obsessed with him. Paul said that Punk will never be able to intimidate him anymore. Punk won't ever get the chance to get his hands on Heyman. He's a nobody now, Paul said.

3MB vs Los Matadores
Los Matadores are Fernando and Diego (Epico and Primo). They debuted El Torito, a mini wearing a brown full body suit and a bull mask. At first I thought this was going to be played as full comedy, but after an initial entrance gimmick with El Torito, they strolled down to brass dance music. El Torito is going to be the star of the group, and the only reason people will care.

After the entrance, the two had to wrestle. Jinder and Heath were in for 3MB. It took Cole all of 20 seconds to completely forget which matador was which. By the way, WWE.com still has Primo and Epico on the Superstars page. Evan Bourne is still on there, too, for those wondering. Anyway, Los Matadores won after pinning Heath with a double samoan drop. A fun debut, cool entrance, but no one will remember the match. Nor should they.

McMahon-Rhodes Family Summit
HHH and Stephanie made their entrance first, and they claimed that the Rhodes family was ensured of their safety tonight. Dusty, Cody, and Dustin came out. Goldust came out in a suit, but still applied the facepaint for the night. Stephanie was slightly dancing to Dusty's entrance music. Subtle but great. Hunter and Steph noticed that the Rhodes family looked angry, and wondered why they were so upset when they had been given chance after chance to reclaim Cody's job. "Out of the goodness of our hearts," Hunter and Steph said they had another opportunity for the Rhodes' to get their jobs back. All Cody and Dustin have to do is beat Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns at Battleground. If the Rhodes family loses, however, they will never get their jobs back and Dusty will be fired as NXT trainer. After Triple H and Stephanie left the ring, the Shield ran in and attacked Cody and Goldust. Dusty tried to help and he got knocked out, too. The Shield left the Rhodes family lying as the crowd booed, mildly.

R-Truth vs Curtis Axel
Truth pinned Axel after the Lie Detector. During the match, CM Punk's music hit. As Axel was looking toward the stage, Truth snuck in his finisher for the pin. Heyman knew he was played by Punk, and smirked.

Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox
Brie Bella pinned Alicia after the X-Factor. I think the Bellas are supposed to be good girls now. You know, like fan favorites. So, that's something. AJ Lee and Tamina, now associates, were watching the match backstage. This crowd completely died during this bout. Not that they were the best crowd to begin with, because they weren't. Brie vs AJ is the title match for Sunday.

Backstage, Paul Heyman said he has a whole new outlook on life now that Ryback saved his life. He told Curtis Axel that he was going to go out into the ring and propose to Ryback. Axel looked confused.

Backstage, a suited up Big Show said he was a good person who is being forced to do evil against his will. After rambling, he finally said he wasn't going to take it anymore. He said he was going to go look for Triple H and knock him out. Biggest reaction of the night so far.

Big Show demanded that Brad Maddox tell him where HHH is. Brad was sent off to find him.

Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio tapped Ryder. This was no squash. Del Rio still won, but this was competitive for the most part. Ryder even got his Broski Boot in. In the end, though, the World champion won with his cross armbreaker. The world title match between RVD and ADR is now a Hardcore Rules match.

Paul Heyman Proposes to The Ryback?
Heyman and The Ryback entered the ring, with Heyman saying that The Ryback has given Paul new vigor in life. Paul got on one knee and asked The Ryback to become a Paul Heyman guy. Before Ryback could answer, CM Punk's music played.  Ryback and Paul awaited Punk's arrival. Eventually, Punk was shown arriving through the crowd and jumped over the dasher boards. Suddenly, Punk fell to the ground, appearing to blow out his knee during the landing. After a minute of playing up the injury, suckering Paul Heyman into getting closer to see how injured Punk was, Punk grabbed a kendo stick and attacked Paul in the leg. Ryback ran in and got dented with the kendo stick. Axel ran out and got the worst punishment. Axel took several shots and a GTS as Punk celebrated his mind game victory over Heyman and his two Paul Heyman guys.

Shield vs Ziggler & The Usos
The Shield won a six man tag when Roman Reigns pinned Dolph Ziggler after a spear. Fast paced match, especially in the end, as usual. A fun match, with the story being that The Shield is a finely tuned machine that very well could officially end the careers of every Rhodes family member.

Backstage, Big Show was waiting for Triple H in his office. Instead of HHH, several security personnel walked in. Big Show acted a bit worried, like a scared guy getting caught by police. Stephanie walked in, putting words in Big Show's mouth about being a scared family man who isn't thinking clearly. Steph sent security away, and completely emasculated Big Show. Show started to cry as the segment ended, until he saw a poster for the new HHH DVD. Show punched the poster, putting a hole in the wall.

Backstage, RVD and Renee Young cut to a YouTube video of RVD's Top 10 Hardcore moments.

Big Show vs Shield on Smackdown this week.

Antonio Cesaro vs Santino
Santino pinned Antonio with a... well, I don't know. He just basically fell over Cesaro and somehow had a cover. They are now building Cesaro matches around the Giant Swing, so at least he finally has a unique gimmick to make his matches more interesting to the general audience. Can only be a positive for him at this point. What can't be a positive for him, however, is that he lost to Santino out of nowhere.

Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan Face Off
Orton and Bryan exchanged words for several minutes until Randy Orton brought up Brie Bella. This put Bryan over the edge and Bryan attacked. The two brawled outside the ring, with Orton eventually gaining control. Orton had Bryan beaten up well enough to get him in position for a draping DDT from the ring apron to the floor. While Orton set up Bryan, Brie Bella rushed out. Orton hit the DDT on Bryan with Bella watching. She was screaming at Orton to stop, but Orton ignored it and set up Bryan for an RKO on the announce table. With Brie crying in horror, Orton hit the RKO and smiled at Brie as she screamed for him to stop.

The show ended there, leaving us to think about how healthy Bryan will be this Sunday when he again tries for the WWE Championship. Next week on Raw, we will have the aftermath of Battleground as nothing specific was announced tonight for the show. Until then, bye~!

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