WWE Smackdown TV report - Final matches made for PPV, Show vs. Shield & Orton

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The Big Show made his way to the ring after a recap of Raw's main event angle. He said he's done some bad things to some good people. He has no alternative, because when you're a giant, there aren't a lot of job opportunities out there. He said what he's done was unforgivable, so he won't ask for the people's forgiveness, just some understanding. Problem was the crowd were all sympathetic to him, but his promo was written for them to be booing him. He told them they don't understand, that his rage from frustration is building. If he had hit Hunter he would have been fired, but he's still being punished tonight in a three on one match with the Shield. His last line was great, saying that tonight he gets to release some of his frustration and that if he's going down he's taking the Shield with him. It was the first part of the promo that actually let the fans get behind him, or that had any genuine motivation behind it.

Hunter came out to the stage and said he was ashamed of the Big Show too. Ashamed of the man he has become and for speaking ill about Triple H in front of people. He said all of Show's financial problems were on Show. He then revealed he'd bought Show's mortgage, so Show no longer owes the bank a dime, he owes Triple H. He said now Big Show's problems are Hunter's problems, so he better get his emotions in check or Hunter will take the house. He then rebooked the main event to include Orton on the Shield's team. He ended the segment by waving the mortgage saying as far as the personal threat to knock him out, no harm done, they're cool.

Match Number One: Fandango w/ Summer Rae Vs. RVD w/ Ricardo.

The ropes were white and pink, and RVD, Ricardo and Fandango all had pink versions of their shirts on in support.

They were having a normal SmackDown opener until RVD had Fandango set for the frog splash. Summer then just grabbed his leg and crotched him right in front of the ref for the dq. It was so nonchalant. Just crotched him and applauded herself, as her wrestler loses another match.

Winner: RVD, DQ.

Fandango attacked RVD after the DQ and gave him a falcon arrow. He then looked under the ring, but found nothing. He was distracted by Ricardo when he looked on another side, so RVD kicked him through the ropes and took over. He quickly found a trashcan for an ECW chant. Ricardo held the trashcan in front of Fandango who was limp in the corner, and RVD hit the Van Terminator and posed with the trashcan to end the segment. The angle was fine and made sense, having the match before it didn't.

Match Number Two: RyBack w/ Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel Vs. R-Truth.

In a shock, R-Truth got an intro and RyBack didn't. Truth rapped his way to the ring in a pink shirt. Ok just assume from now that everyone is in pink.

They announced Truth would face Axel for the IC title at Battle Ground after his win on Raw. The crowd chanted for Punk as Truth got some offence in early. He basically made his comeback to open the match, was stopped with the meat hook and pinned with a Shellshock.

Winner: RyBack, Pinfall.

Axel stayed behind in the ring after RyBack left to get in a cheapshot and rub Truth's face in his title.

Renee Young had Alberto Del Rio backstage, asking about his first hardcore match in WWE at the PPV. He said he'd put RVD in a trash can and send him to the dump where he belongs. Renee asked about his match tonight and whether he was worried that facing Ziggler could leave him less than a hundred percent for the PPV. A stage hand came in before Del Rio could answer to hand him the broken trash can from the opening match, saying it was a present from RVD. Del Rio inspected it and seemed off put by it. He finally threw it down and walked away.

Match Number Three: Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs. Dolpph Ziggler, Non-Title Match.

Damien Sandow was sitting on commentary pondering about how whoever wins on Sunday would be in a pretty good position for him to cash in against. But when goaded by Cole he wouldn't actually commit and said he'd do it in a respectable way.

They showed the Top 10 Extreme RVD clips as Del Rio was in the ring. It was a pretty high paced match with Del Rio taking control when he sent Dolph's shoulder into the ring post. Del Rio sold his head after Ziggler dropkicked him, as he was standing on the outside of the middle rope, to the floor outside. Ziggler then gave him an X-Factor off the top rope and JBL got Sandow to think about cashing in.

Sandow backed out when both got to their feet and started trading blows. Ziggler then continued his comeback, but had his fame asser turned into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. They kept trading near falls, with Dolph coming back again from a top rope sunset flip bomb. He then got the sleeper on but Del Rio dove into the ropes to break it. He then grazed a middle rope foot stomp and a superkick for another near fall.

Another series of counters led to Dolph finally hitting the fame asser after rolling through on an armbar for another near fall. These guys are working their arses off tonight. Del Rio ended up getting the clean submission with his arm bar after blocking Ziggler's high jumping DDT. Really good match for SmackDown.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio, Submission.

Los Matadores got another video package, hyping that their myth was about to be reality.

Match Number Four: Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal Vs. Los Matadores w/ El Torito.

Slater and Mahal had a video with Renee after losing on Raw demanding this match. They blamed the surprise of Torito as the reason they lost. They pondered getting a cage or rope for him.

Los Matadores were a fun break from the usual on the show. Though I can't see them feuding with the Shield, so I don't know how where they go. Mahal eventually got the heat on one of them after hit hid in the ropes so that the ref held the matador back, then attacked him. The matador made a comeback with a headstand in the corner, then fell down into a head scissors when Slater approached. The match then ended with Los Matadores hitting their double team Samoan Drop on Mahal for the pin. 3MB tried to attack afterwards, but were dodged, then dove on by Torito.

Winners: Los Matadores, Pinfall.

Renee interview Heyman, RyBack and Axel backstage. Heyman called Truth's dream of being IC champion “fiction”. He said Punk was going down in a blaze of glory when he takes on RyBack. Paul said Punk would be detered from ever seeking revenge on Heyman after he's Shellshocked. Heyman moved his mouth and over-pronunciated far more than Ryback ever did, and it was great.

They had an inset to support Susan G. Komen.

Match Number Five: Aksana Vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella.

Brie was angry. Her aggression ended up letting Aksana take over for a brief moment. Aksana has a new haircut, just shoulder length all the way round, and she had a hard time keeping it out of her face. Brie ended up getting the win by cutting Aksana off with a kick to the gut and the x factor.

Winner: Brie Bella, Pinfall.

AJ came out to the stage with her title and Tamina after the match. She said she had something special in store for her. She said she'd do to Brie what Orton did to Bryan on Raw. She said that Brie and Bryan could leave the business together and have little goat faced babies.

Match Number Six: Big E. Langston Vs. Kofi Kingston.

Big E. started by flying around the ring and man-handling Kofi. Kofi stopped him with a pendulum kick, but his follow up cross body was caught. When Big E. tried to throw him again Kofi rolled through and ended up pinning Big E. Nice short energetic match.

Winner: Kofi Kingston, Pinfall.

Kofi high tailed it out of there leaving Big E. to pace in frustration. The lights went out and Bray came from the top of the ramp. Kofi stood ready to fight, but then Bray revealed that his family were behind Kofi. He cut a promo promising that the first to fall would be Sunday and told us to follow the buzzards.

They came back from commercial to plug Bray taking on Kofi on Sunday. They then ran through the Rhodes saga and their match on the show.

Match Number Seven: The Shield & Randy Orton Vs. The Big Show, 4 on 1 Handicap Match.

Tag rules for the four men. Show worked on Ambrose who escaped by tagging in Rollins. Show then beat him up for a bit before throwing him back to his corner for the next man to tag in. Reigns was hesitant and quickly tagged in Orton after Show out muscled him. Orton didn't fair a lot better, getting the over hand chops to the chest.

Orton got out of dodge when Show elbowed Ambrose off the apron who was getting too close for his comfort. Orton was able to run out of danger and tag in Rollins. Rollins entered the ring with a flying knee off the top rope. That got Show down for the first time. He then got Reigns in who quickly got Orton in, never allowing Show back up.

Show nearly hit a chokeslam from nowhere on Orton, but Randy countered with a DDT. Show then made a brief comeback on Reigns before the match broke down and all four guys just beat on Show. He threw them all off and started hitting headbutts. Ambrose charged at him with a chair but Show punched it, laying him out. Big “yes” chants as Show was being overwhelmed.

No Contest? DQ?

Show caught Rollins around the neck for a chokeslam as he jumped off the rope, but before he could hit the chokelsam Orton hit him in the back with the chair. Show no sold it and grabbed him by the neck too. But with his arms to each side as he held them, Reigns was able to hit a spear to put him down. Orton had the tag champs hold Show up and he brought him down with an RKO.

With Show out on his back and Orton getting the chair to place round his neck a big Daniel Bryan chant broke out. Instead the Usos ran out. One took on Reigns and one took on Rollins, but while they went back and forth Orton was left in the ring with Show and the chair. He got the chair around his neck when Bryan hit the ring as Orton backed up for the knee drop. Bryan threw punch after punch, kick after kick. Crowd loved it. Bryan then put Orton in the yes lock. Ambrose quickly came in to break it up. Orton ran right away so Bryan gave Ambrose a headkick and the Busaiku knee to end the show celebrating in the ring as Orton was furious on the ramp.

I really liked the main event. It was well paced and told a pretty good story. The Alberto/Ziggler match earlier was a lot of fun and there was some good filler from Heyman and Los Matadores. Having said that, I have very little desire to see Sunday's throw away show, knowing Hell in a Cell is just around the corner. But then they couldn't really have done anything on this show to have put me in a different mindset.

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